Naas Rd Crackdown

johnboy 29 August 2008 139

In the absence of the long and oft-promised dragway local fast car aficionados have for a long time been heading out to remote roads to indulge their high-speed fetishes.

The AFP have announced that they’ve rumbled the trick out on the Naas Road south of Tharwa.

    ACT Policing last night (Thursday, August 28) closed down a section of Naas Rd south of Tharwa and breath-tested more than 60 drivers in a clamp down on dangerous and irresponsible driver behaviour, including suspected street racing and burnouts.

    Around 9.30pm yesterday police tracked a large volume of vehicles south through Tuggeranong to Tharwa. The vehicles then gathered at Naas and Apollo Roads, south of Tharwa, where police believe dangerous driving activities took place on public roads.

    In a coordinated effort between Traffic Operations, Specialist Response and Security and general duties patrols from Tuggeranong, police created a stationary vehicle checkpoint and sealed off the route from the area.

    More than 60 vehicles were checked as they left the area, with 63 negative screening tests for alcohol recorded.

    A total of 11 vehicle defect notices and eight Traffic Infringement Notices were issued. Police investigations into the incident are continuing today.

    Traffic Operations Acting Superintendent Peter Davis said that last night’s police operation was part of an on-going effort to reduce antisocial driver behaviour on ACT roads.

    “Police are able to target these drivers with the assistance of the public and using unmarked police vehicles. This group appeared to have arranged this ‘meet’ which was quickly shut down by police.”

    “We will continue to target illegal behaviour and we would encourage anyone who may see this type of behaviour to contact police on 131-444,” Acting Superintendent Davis said.

The next move will be fascinating.

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139 Responses to Naas Rd Crackdown
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General General 6:58 pm 03 Sep 08

Maybe some of these boy racers should google the name Troy Critchley and learn about what can go wrong.

p1 p1 9:20 am 03 Sep 08

if there were 300 of you guys out there why not start saving for and organising construction of a provately built dragway of your own?

If you got 500 people to join up at $1000 per person, you could just buy a block of land and build a bit of road on it….

HAEL - T6RX HAEL - T6RX 10:47 pm 02 Sep 08

tom tom, No one is saying it’s anyones fault… We’re not blaming anyone, and I’ve already stated on many occasions that we are all responsible for ourselves, and we know what we’re doing is illegal.

tom-tom tom-tom 7:18 pm 02 Sep 08

just a few thoughts for HAEL and allofus and mzclubby etc

a.) If you decide to deliberately flout the law and get caught, then thats your fault. Its not the fault of the cops who bust you and it’s not the fault of the govt for not giving you somewhere to do it. The responsibilty is all on you; you’re the ones who knowingly break the law.

b.) while you get some points for doing this somewhere that wont annoy so many people; you lose all those points when you think about what would happen if you hurt yourselves in such an isolated spot. doing burnouts will cause an accident at some point, i do understand that it’s less risky then many things we all do everyday but there is an element of risk involved. When this accident happens out in the middle of nowhere the ambulance crews that will be needed will not be able to work in canberra for that time. I’m not sure just how people would react if they had to wait for necessary medical treatment because some idiots out on Naas road couldn’t follow the law.

c.) if there were 300 of you guys out there why not start saving for and organising construction of a provately built dragway of your own?

d.) this argument that someone should build you a dragway or you’ll terrorise our streets verges on blackmail and wins you little support regardless of how factually (in)accurate it is.

HAEL - T6RX HAEL - T6RX 5:45 pm 02 Sep 08

I’m just trying to let the public know that we’re not trying to put them in danger nor are we trying to be a bother, thats why we’re willing to travel further away because the less people we offend/annoy the better. I’m not saying that it should be legal, but it’s better done far away than in the suburbs.

Aurelius Aurelius 5:38 pm 02 Sep 08

Hael, I’m just stating that the “not in residential area” claim means nothing. The concerns I would have at any illegal activities would apply if they’re conducted in Tharwa, Fyshwick, Holt or Forrest. I don’t see that conducting illegal activities of any sort in the wilderness somehow makes them okay. (A position that is independent of what you were actually doing out there, but reinforced by the fact I do not live in a “residential area”).

HAEL - T6RX HAEL - T6RX 5:13 pm 02 Sep 08

Trust me we were at it for a while, the cops can’t issue fines unless they have hard evidence. They didn’t even come to the spot that were at, they sealed the road off about 15 kms down the road (The road back into town) and checked everyones cars for defects, bald tyres etc.. They also do breath checks, but we dont drink and drive.

Aurelius, I don’t understand your argument about Fyshwick? Can you please re-phrase?

Aurelius Aurelius 4:37 pm 02 Sep 08

I find the ‘It’s not in residential areas’ to be a ludicrous defence.
If you were doing circle-work in Fyshwick and hit my car, the zoning of the land next to me wouldn’t make me less likely to be p|ssed at you.
You break the law in public areas, expect the consequences.
However, the fact the cops issued so few infringements makes me think they spoiled your party before anyone had the chance to break many laws.

The Brad The Brad 4:09 pm 02 Sep 08

Fair enough. If it’s safe, and you’re not annoying anyone, then I personally don’t care.
No yearly cash payment for you anymore.

johnboy johnboy 3:53 pm 02 Sep 08

You think the Government can’t deal with 300 determined law-breakers meeting in public?

The world is going to teach you guys a very harsh lesson.

Spread it out, keep it sly, you might have a chance.

This stuff though, just breathtakingly stupid.

HAEL - T6RX HAEL - T6RX 3:38 pm 02 Sep 08

johnboy said :

Guys you need to get something very important through your thick heads.

What you’re doing on public roads will never be tolerated by any government.

As long as it’s just guys revving off from traffic lights in pairs it will be policed lightly.

But 60 of you is too large a gathering.

Shouting “You can’t catch me copper” isn’t going to change that.

Do it on a racetrack or a private skid pan and no-one cares.

Do it on public roads and you will get hunted down.

Even if a Government and the public were of a mind to help you, the insurance companies would still force them to come down on you like a tonne of bricks.

60 of us? Too many? That’s how many cars there were… times that by 5 people in each car…
We’re only getting bigger and bigger and it’s not going to stop until we get what we were promised… Last election we were promised a drag strip… We were lied to…

We’re not idiots who sit there and say “you can’t catch me copper” We respect the police and the job they do, they have to do it, it’s their job. If we didn’t have respect for them don’t you think we would have started a riot on the one cop car who came out a few weeks ago?
2 police officers to about 300 of us…
We respect what’s in their job criteria.
We’re not rebels or hoons.

Yeah so the cops hunt us down? So what? I’m still here and I’m not going anywhere.

HAEL - T6RX HAEL - T6RX 3:23 pm 02 Sep 08

I’m sure if we had a set up like they have at Wakefield Park, that we wont be going out to these “meets” anymore, I can guarrantee that I wouldn’t. I would pay to enter my car for burnouts etc if we had this kind of set up close by…

Granny Granny 3:18 pm 02 Sep 08

I agree.

1. Identify appropriate land in remote location with least environmental impact. Distance will not be an issue since motorsport enthusiasts are guaranteed to have transport.
2. Compensate owners for previous dragway.
3. Allow them to rebuild. The project will not accrue neverending costs and blowouts to the taxpayer, since it will be managed by the original investors and have access to volunteer labour from the motorsport supporter base.

HAEL - T6RX HAEL - T6RX 3:18 pm 02 Sep 08

Me too 🙂

p1 p1 2:54 pm 02 Sep 08

I will promise to not do any more burnouts for a yearly cash payment :o)

HAEL - T6RX HAEL - T6RX 2:46 pm 02 Sep 08


They’re street cars! not drag cars! They pass noise standards according to our government…

As for the petrol, it’s not a contradiction… It’s here now, so I’m gonna use it! As do you.

So whats this about “I’ll pay you not to do burnouts” ? 😉

The Brad The Brad 2:38 pm 02 Sep 08

but it’s gonna run out anyway
Actually, it is. It is a finite resource.

so we may aswell use it while it’s still here!
So you do think it’s going to run out then. You just contradicted yourself.

they are able to make all cars run on water
And those cars are unlikely to be able to do burnouts.

Your(sic) not paying for me to go and do burnouts
I’ll pay you to not do burnouts near private property when people are trying to sleep.
I don’t think what you’re doing is dangerous, but it’s very loud, and by doing it near residential areas is selfish. Some of those people have babies, and you are keeping them awake. If you must do burnouts, do them during the day.

HAEL - T6RX HAEL - T6RX 2:29 pm 02 Sep 08

jessieduck said :

My point is that motorsport over uses the resources. Tires do not grow on trees (well maybe parts of them kind of do), spare parts can’t be thrown on the compost once they’ve been flogged to death, petrol is not going to be available forever so why are we burning through it like it’s not a concern?

When I buy a car I do hope to be able to afford a good, second-generation hybrid but, no, I can’t see me going from having no car to then buying myself a big SUV..

I have to dissagre with you, spare parts that have been flogged usually get recycled!!! The motors and parts can be either melted down and recycled (scrap metal, such as Easy Scap’s purpose) Or rebuilt!! So no they don’t get thrown on the “compost”

So petrol isn’t going to be around forever? True, but it’s gonna run out anyway so we may aswell use it while it’s still here!

You should be bitching to the government for that, they are able to make all cars run on water, but the government wont allow it because they wont be making money off it like they do on the taxes on petrol! We pay taxes on petrol too! So we should be allowed to use it how we want to. Your not paying for me to go and do burnouts so stop crying.

Spideydog Spideydog 1:51 pm 02 Sep 08

mzclubby said :

#102 police have tried many times to stop it and havent it dosent matter who tries we are never going to stop we arnt hurting people, we arn’t hurting the enviroment and the road surface, it’s a bit of rubber people you all want it your way no burnout/drag strip, people are even trying to shut down SUMMERNATS are you serious, learn to compromise we have by going out of the wayso we dont annoy the general public. It dosent matter what anyone says or how ever many people try to stop us its not going to happen there are worse things in the world besides a group of mates buring some rubber.

Sooo many like minded individuals have also spruked “we are not hurting anyone” until that one fateful night, that they actually did. Some are given the 2nd chance to change thier mind, others aren’t.

Selfish attitudes….so your not hurting anyone except yourselves eh ??

Have you considered your fellow gathering of friends. What if one of them is hurt or killed. Have you considered what affect it would have on them to have to witness a severely injured person or even watch someone die? Have you considered the affected family and friends?

Probably not, because you have the same flawed attitude of “It won’t happen to me…” It only happens to other people.

Have you ever had to knock on someones door at 3am and tell them that their son/daughter has been needlessly killed. It is the hardest and most heart breaking thing to do. 9 times out of 10, it will be a police officer that has to do it…and guess what, Police will continue to crack down on this behaviour so there is at least one less door to knock on and destroy the lives within.

Selfish horrible attitudes guys. But as I suspect, you will never learn until you are directly involved in hurting or killing someone. Only then does it give you the motivation to re-consider, but by then it is usually too late….that is why police do and will continue to target this behaviour.

You are not just hurting yourself, there are others around you and a whole lot of family and friends attached to all of you. Actions will have consequences, whether you think it will or not.

On the flip side…. I do agree that there needs to be a motorsport or “motor vehicle appreciation” complex (somewhere to not annoy residentail areas) But getting on here making threats and demands will harm your cause, not help…guaranteed Showing utter disrespect for the community and the law will not get what you demand from the “law makers” Would you do something for soemone that totally disrepected you and made demands….I think not.

p1 p1 12:41 pm 02 Sep 08

At least if someone is picking on the grammar, you know that they read your post.

I’ve done the job of fire crew for the burnouts at Summernats, and know exactly the sort of thing that can make it exciting. While I think that all risks need to be assessed in context and accepted or rejected by individual adults, making blanket claims that burnouts is hurting (potentially or otherwise) on one is meaningless.

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