21 August 2006

National Gallery goes with another inquiry into cancer

| Big Al
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The National Gallery has decided that it’s time to throw good money after bad and engage medical consultants to undertake yet another investigation of possible links between the building and a number of cancer cases among its personnel.

This comes despite the fact that an earlier professionally prepared report found no link between the building and apparent cancer cases amongst gallery staff.

The fact that the Community and Public Sector Union spokesperson David Hermolin is saying that the appointment is a positive step towards getting to the bottom of staff concerns suggests that this is indeed an expensive placebo – They’d be better of trying to find a link between cancer and being fat and stupid, sitting on your arse all day eating twinky bars and only heading out into the sunlight to suck back a Horizon mild…

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James-T-Kirk2:51 pm 23 Aug 06

Ari, Yes, you are probably correct. I seem to remember my Golder Retriever doing similar.

But when I discovered her digging, I wasn’t holding a shotgun, saying “talk about it and die!!!”

Bit heavy handed me thinks.

JTK, you’re acting exactly like my Labrador when I found him digging in my vegie patch this morning.

James-T-Kirk2:13 pm 23 Aug 06

-Tail between legs-

“I am sorry, but I can neither confirm, nor deny that I did anything at all.”

And I certainly can’t talk about it, lest JTK dies, and has to re-register as somebody else..

I only believe in posting long links when they point to pictures of hot chicks getting married.

awww sheeet whadd I miss

James-T-Kirk11:45 am 23 Aug 06

Dan’ I just checked it, and it only stuffs up firefox. IE doesn’t notice it..

James-T-Kirk11:43 am 23 Aug 06


[ED – do that deliberately one more time and you’re barred, discuss it here and you’re barred]

Isn’t it interesting, This should adversely affect front page formatting.
Perhaps, URL’s should be broken when they get a bit big.

Sorry, I couldn’t resist it.

Works wonders for the hair. No need ever to have a ‘perm’ again.

If you change the input voltage frequency, and open the door with the Faraday cage about 10 degrees, you can use the caged lightning to blow hot chicks’ clothes off. I think it would make a good lesbian wedding night opener (but only if both chicks were hot).

If two chicks stand next to one and a half million volts of caged lightning, does that mean they’re both hot?

The guys at Questacon stand next to one and a half million volts of caged lightning that jumps 90cm – they aint that concerned about some pissy little mobile station!

Still doesn’t explain why it’s the Gallery, about 100 metres down the street, where people complain, not the Science Centre.

Keeps the head nice and warm for a few minutes though, when stepping out into the winter night after a hard day’s work…

James-T-Kirk3:58 pm 22 Aug 06

I know what is causing the cancer.

Most people are not aware of the mobile phone tower that has been installed behind the circular facade of the National Science Centre. I know the fellow who made the fiberglass sheeting to cover the antennas.

That will do it.

Best not to tell people about the microwave door openers… A 10mW 10Ghz source less than 3 feet from peoples heads.

Anybody remember the relevant episode of Futurama? Calculaon to Bender:
“That was so bad it gave me cancer…”

There’s a lesson in that.

You skated without a helmet on? 😉

Naah – Im that tough the cancer checks on me 🙂
Tho to have been a skater I must have been brain injured at some stage

Danman, Have you been checked for cancer lately???

So its haunted?

I remember when i was a sk8r Boi – theres a nice smooth undecover carpark next to the gallery – haunted only by skegs and the occasional security guard

Thumper, you sure that it wasn’t the Aboriginal Embassy campers wheezing in the background on a cold Canberra morning?

No, it’s true: the building is full of cancer. Mel Gibson told me that cancer cells were injected into the concrete to kill everyone in the building – it’s all part of a Jewish global conspiracy to make artists die young and thereby keep the global art industry afloat. 🙂

What is it with people nowadays when they think that a building is killing them? We’ve had the paranoia surrounding the ABC Building in Brisbane, and now it’s the National Gallery of Australia! Whinging leftie wankers!

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