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Never Mind the Airport, Where Are the Planes?

By ramblingted - 5 January 2009 21

One only really gets a proper appreciation of Canberra’s place in the world when one tries to get out of it. 

In looking at getting from Canberra to Osaka and back in October it really brings home what a backwater we live in.

I am long resiled to the fact that the capital of Australia doesn’t have any international connections (bar the odd VIP flight), but surely the odd direct flight to the Gold Coast wouldn’t be too much to ask!

What’s Your opinion?

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21 Responses to
Never Mind the Airport, Where Are the Planes?
H1NG0 2:24 pm 05 Jan 09

I think international flights to and from Asian destinations could be quite profitable from Canberra. Cathay Pacific and Singapore Airlines fly to Adelaide so why the hell not? Would be a good destination for Jetstar Asia except Qantas would be too scared to lose its top paying public servants to its low cost carrier. Its a shame.

Steady Eddie 2:15 pm 05 Jan 09

So, let’s start up flights from Canberra to Osaka and have one person a month (if you’re lucky) wanting to use it. The silly season rolls ever onwards . . .

Genie 1:47 pm 05 Jan 09

ABC…. Now I’m just jealous….

abc 1:35 pm 05 Jan 09

Genie said :

ABC…. someone sounds like a travel agent !!! 🙂

NO.. I travel a bit…

Genie 1:22 pm 05 Jan 09

ABC…. someone sounds like a travel agent !!! 🙂

And I agree with Trevar, why not catch a direct flight to Perth… although have to point out, pretty sure you can’t fly direct to Tasmania or Darwin from Canberra… Have to at least fly via Melbourne for both…

ramblingted 1:10 pm 05 Jan 09

Trevar…if you can point me to the flight to Osaka that departs from any of the ports you mention, please do! I don’t want to visit the Gold Coast, I just want to get to Osaka!

ramblingted 1:09 pm 05 Jan 09

And I’ve done the Murrays run to Sydney many times (note to self: avoid front seats in winter, driver’s defogging will freeze you solid)…but my point is with a capital city you shouldn’t have to jump through the hoops…(including an o/n somewhere else in Oz in order to get an early flight) in order to get out of the place!

trevar 1:06 pm 05 Jan 09

Why would you want to go to the Gold Coast? What could be worse than going to a humid, stinking, endless traffic jam, with nothing to do but sit on a beach with no shade, on sand you can’t walk on, and with nothing to walk to but shops containing the same insipid, worthless junk you can get for half the price at your local Big W?

There are already direct flights to interesting places like Tasmania and Darwin and Perth. There are even direct flights to international airports if that’s your fancy!

ramblingted 1:06 pm 05 Jan 09

No, resiled…its what you do after being compressed in a cattle class seat…

astrojax 11:44 am 05 Jan 09

To spring back, especially to resume a former position or structure after being stretched or compressed.
To draw back; recoil.

maybe you’re ‘resigned’?

abc 11:43 am 05 Jan 09

Of course i meant DJ..

abc 11:10 am 05 Jan 09

VJ does a daily CBR-OOL.. leaves here about 19.30… returns to CBR arriving about 23.30..

If your looking at using JQ from OOL to KIX, the you would have to overnight.. but flight starts and ends in SYD.. so you may as well go via SYD… $15 on the bus…. or park at the new multi story at SYD international.. I got 8 days for $100..

If you go JUNKSTAR… when you check in see if you can upgrade to the so called starclass.. extra $400 one way but well worth it.

I’ve been stuck on them a couple of times now when going to HNL… not good… and you pay for everything..

If you want a cheap flight.. try Korean or Asiana via Seoul.

QF has no interest in flying out of CBR overseas.

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_ 10:10 am 05 Jan 09

When going to the Gold Coast, I generally fly CBR-BNE, then grab a hire car and drive down. I get a hire car anyway, and it’s only an hour’s drive on easy freeway. There are cheap flights available most of the time CBR-BNE and return, also.

MrPC 9:45 am 05 Jan 09

It’s hard enough getting international carriers to consider flying into Melbourne or Adelaide, let alone Canberra.

Suck it up, and get the Murrays bus direct to or from Sydney Airport. Some Greyhound buses do too. Both have fares as low as $15 per seat if you book ahead on their websites. Both run direct from the Jolimont Centre, opposite the Civic bus interchange.

As for the Gold Coast, get a flight from Canberra to Brisbane on Virgin Blue or Qantas, and get the train to Helensvale/Robina. The train station at Brisbane Airport is just outside the terminal, and every second train from the Airport line continues onto the Gold Coast line (except early AM and after about 6pm, when the Airport line doesn’t run at all).

In a few years they will be extending the Gold Coast rail line down to Coolangatta Airport, and at that point it will become almost entirely irrelevant whether your flight lands at Coolangatta or Brisbane.

shiny flu 9:29 am 05 Jan 09

It actually brings home what a small city Canberra is.

International flights to such destinations are momentarily unsustainable. Most Tourists arrive through Melbourne/Sydney/Brisbane and either fly to another major city then drive through/to Canberra or don’t come at all.

A bit of humility, $15, organisation and 2-3 hours of you time will take you directly to Sydney Airport.

Although Washington DC does have International connections to Asia & Europe, they’re far and few between. Go fish.

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