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New Aussie Pub in the city!

By papadoc 1 December 2009 55

    Hey guys, just letting everyone know about the opening of a new pub in the city. The Australian has been open for about 3 weeks now where the old Woodstock used to be on City Walk. After Woodstock closed down the premesis was taken over by new owners, given a new look and had a full kitchen revamp. Specialising in aussie pub food and open 7 days a week, The Australian is looking to fill a void left open for far too long in Canberra.

    If you head to theAussiePub there’s a VIP program starting up offering discounts to all members. Also, by adding the AussiePub Facebook site there will be weekly giveaways and all the info on upcoming events. Hope to see you there!

    What’s Your opinion?

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    New Aussie Pub in the city!
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    westyonline 9:35 am 14 Dec 09

    have you noticed a distinct lack of pubs in canberra,Where is the Top Pub in canberra if it has no main street??Maybe they should have more “Canberra” titles,like…The”Whinge&Bleat”,or perhaps the “Snob & Crown”..

    grunta123 9:42 pm 06 Dec 09

    Had dinner… eventually. food was OK but painfully slow. Really noisy with expensive drinks.
    Many better places to spend your time and money.

    Mr Evil 4:10 pm 05 Dec 09

    neanderthalsis said :

    They opened one in Ipswich (QLD) a few years back, the maori population avoided it but it became very popular with the Samoans and the Tongans. Live boxing/glassing/stabbing action on any given night.

    But isn’t every pub in Ipswich like that anyway???

    Hey Trix, are you old enough to remember Joseph Kuhtze? Boy, that was a ‘top’ drop!

    trix 3:43 pm 05 Dec 09

    @PommyBastard – speaking as a kiwi, there’s plenty of shite beer in NZ as well. The two biggest beers are Lion Red and DB Export (which I don’t think gets exported). ::shudder::

    Monteith’s is great, and there are other boutique breweries around NZ, but you’ve got Cooper’s here. Yum. James Squire is pretty decent, as is Crackenback and others.

    canucksfan 2:40 pm 05 Dec 09

    Having not been there i will not knock the poor place, but traditionally aussie theme pubs are crap wherever they are in the world.
    Who knows the financiers behind this brainstorm might be led by our illustrous leader K. Rudd. I’m sure you’ll see him there every friday knockin back a few Schooners of VB. “Fair suck of the sauce bottle mate” Just more proof of his working class background…..l

    p1 2:31 pm 05 Dec 09

    Sorry to be a three-post-nutbag, but the “Imperial Hotel” returns 1705!! While the “Australian Hotel” only exists 17 times, making it, ironically, much less Australian.

    p1 2:28 pm 05 Dec 09

    Incidentally, a search of the ASIC site for business’s trading under the name “Royal Hotel” returns 329 results. 🙂

    The “Commercial Hotel” returns 554 results!

    p1 2:23 pm 05 Dec 09

    I like a pub that gets refered to as “top hotel” the “middle hotel” etc, depending on where along main street it lies, and even long term residents wouldn’t have a clue as the the legal trading name.

    Aeek 1:15 pm 05 Dec 09

    yep, they could have called it the Commercial

    Thumper 9:28 am 05 Dec 09

    the hanging bushranger, etc.. 😉

    Clown Killer 11:44 pm 04 Dec 09

    I’d have to say that I’d be suss on any place that tried to market itself as being something – particularly if that something was an ‘Aussie’ pub.

    Pubs that have cred in my book are real places, not manufactured ones. They have names like the ‘Railway’, ‘Criterion’, ‘Royal’, ‘Greyhound’, ‘Imperial’ or ‘Commercial’, or they’re named after the town that they’re in. They don’t have electronic shit to take an order for a drink or food, there’s a kitchen but it aint no bistro and if you order a beer, pay with a $50 and leave the change sitting on the bar-mat the barmaid knows what you’re there for (and it’s always a barmaid). They have counter meals that only run from 6.00-8.00pm and a fancy cocktail is a black’n tan.

    They’re far and few between these days … I’ll leave it there.

    westyonline 10:36 pm 04 Dec 09

    Have you all tried CREAM,if you want over priced meals fit for a silverfish,go there…i can tell you its not the food or the service you are paying for,’Dinner and a show!!’

    westyonline 10:33 pm 04 Dec 09

    as long as i can get a gin served in a mans hat with a cherry,and a nice truffle and baby seal steak sandwich i’ll be happy….Friggin snobs,give it a chance!have you seen how many wankers still drink at PJ’s(f@%kwit o’ferkins),its food is crap,and its been open for years…

    MsCheeky 1:35 pm 04 Dec 09

    Well, I just gave it a second try for lunch, Friday lunchtime. Same result as my first try, no service. None whatsoever. I’ll give a miss from here on.

    ahappychappy 1:00 pm 04 Dec 09

    Genie said :

    You people haven’t even been there and you are paying it out saying its just a bogan pub!

    I have been to the Australian several times, the food there is AMAZING.. Real Lamb on pizza YUM ! Service can be slow at times for drinks, but I didn’t have a problem getting up to walk the 5 odd metres to the bar.

    Each time I have been there the crowd is far from bogan, and its far from a cliche Aussie themed pub.

    How bout you all take the time to check the place out before you continue to knock it.

    Don’t be silly! This wouldn’t be the RiotACT if you couldn’t jump to conclusions, then state your opinion in a witty and laughable way?

    I’ve attended on a few occasions, top food (service a little slow but that’s not really THAT big of an issue) and well priced menu/bar. Quite a nice alternative if you’re after something a little less fancy for a feed with the boys.

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