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Life is looking up

New Aussie Pub in the city!

By papadoc - 1 December 2009 55

    Hey guys, just letting everyone know about the opening of a new pub in the city. The Australian has been open for about 3 weeks now where the old Woodstock used to be on City Walk. After Woodstock closed down the premesis was taken over by new owners, given a new look and had a full kitchen revamp. Specialising in aussie pub food and open 7 days a week, The Australian is looking to fill a void left open for far too long in Canberra.

    If you head to theAussiePub there’s a VIP program starting up offering discounts to all members. Also, by adding the AussiePub Facebook site there will be weekly giveaways and all the info on upcoming events. Hope to see you there!

    What’s Your opinion?

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    55 Responses to
    New Aussie Pub in the city!
    Pommy bastard 2:09 pm 02 Dec 09

    I’m confused (nothing new there then.)

    If this is an “Aussie themed pub” does that mean, like the “Plastic Paddy” (Irish) pubs that spring up everywhere, they have taken a standing pub, decked it out with fake themed memorabilia and decor(of the sort you would never find in th real thing,) and have attempted to create and instil whatever the Aussie version of “the craic” is?

    errrmmm Is it just me that finds that odd, and a little bit of a daft idea?

    caf 12:51 pm 02 Dec 09

    Should have called it “The Lismore” in homage to that city’s “Canberra Hotel”.

    harryhaller 12:28 pm 02 Dec 09

    Great, yet another bogan hideout and right in the city, too. That surely was a “void left open far too long in Canberra”. Congratulations, Aussie Pub!

    spinact 12:09 pm 02 Dec 09

    Beats me why we need an Australian themed pub……… Australia. Given the shortage of ‘real pubs’ in Canberra (opinions vary on that point), just calling it a pub would do. But it’s not even that, after checking out the website, it looks like what the website says, a bar and restaurant.

    Still the menus look pretty good, will have to pay it a visit

    LiamMarsh 12:02 pm 02 Dec 09

    hahaha that guy in the picture…. classic!

    glenroiheights 11:48 am 02 Dec 09

    Isn’t there something problematic with an Australian themed bar… in Australia? Has a point been missed somewhere?

    toriness 11:13 am 02 Dec 09

    i’ve heard this place is pretty ordinary (ie bogan central) – and i respect the opinion of the person who gave me the review enough to not go and try it out myself.

    Katie 11:09 am 02 Dec 09

    I had one of the best burgers I’ve come across at the Australian about a week ago. Only complaint was the food service was a little slow. We ordered beers direct from the bar to speed things up. Great decor, love those drum chairs and the beers on tap. Good variety on the menu too and prices are spot on.
    It was nice to head in for an extended lunch break to watch the cricket on the plasma over a few VB’s.
    You should give it a go before you write smart-ass nasty stuff – you might be pleasantly suprised.

    Nambucco Deliria 10:36 am 02 Dec 09

    And, whilst I’m thinking about it, do they put up a ‘F**K off we’re full’ sign when they’ve achieved full occupancy?

    Nambucco Deliria 10:28 am 02 Dec 09

    Which particular long-open void is this pub filling?

    shiny flu 9:48 am 02 Dec 09

    The crowd that ‘The Australian’ looks real friendly… just take a look at the gentleman- with the mullet & striped jumper – on the right providing us with a welcoming two-fingered salute.

    The Australian Pub, where VIP Bogans come to smoke a fag and say “VB YOU, YOU MONGREL!” to persons with that new fangled camera mobile telephone techno gismos ‘n stuff.

    PM 9:41 am 02 Dec 09

    I’d heard that this had opened – I’ll have to go check it out!

    And who is the person in the photo providing the two fingered salute? 🙂

    MsCheeky 9:34 am 02 Dec 09

    I don’t want to put the boot in, but I did go there and had a less than stellar experience. It took about 15-20 minutes before someone took my order, and my softie appeared within about five minutes. My food, a simple bowl of wedges, never appeared. I gave up after about an hour. It was a lunchtime and it was within the first few days of opening, so it well may have been a teething problem.

    Anyway, I like the spot and I liked the look of the menu, so am going to give it another try on Friday, and hope to be able to report back positively.

    haroldbeagle 8:33 am 02 Dec 09

    Is the guy in the stripy shirt ordering 2 beers, or trying to tell you something…

    kennardly 8:30 am 02 Dec 09

    are there any photos without the clientele giving a two fingered salute?!

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