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New bullying reporting required by schools

By GnT 2 June 2007 39

The Canberra Times reports that Education Minister Andrew Barr has introduced mandatory reporting for schools of any bullying or assault.

Bullying strategies seem to be the flavour of the month, but is there really a rise in violence in our schools? Or are we just seeing more of it thanks to YouTube? And are those filming the violence contributing to the problem?

What’s Your opinion?

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New bullying reporting required by schools
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soulman 7:20 pm 05 Jun 07

Barr should do some work experience in schools. In other states, ministers ride the trains or walk the streets with the police to gain an insight and gain publicity. Two very good reasons why Barr should step into the classroom and teach, oh I don’t know… politics? Perhaps a lesson in “how to fail in making schools safe”. A topic he knows through and through!

nyssa76 7:02 pm 05 Jun 07

Gentle encouragement?

Pfft, they should be “gently encouraged” to go elsewhere.

The good kids step out of line once and they are punished severely.

The bad kids step out of line 3-4 times a day and are given a slap on the wrist.

Truth be told, I’d like Mr. Barr to actually try to teach in a high school for a day. Then he may see why teachers aren’t happy with the slow action re: bullying and violence in schools.

soulman 6:58 pm 05 Jun 07

Thumper, “…put three of his tormentors in the sick bay”

Damn, your son isn’t related to Chuck Norris is he?

But speaking seriously for a second, based on what some teachers have told me, many of them believe that “good kids” have to be disciplined quickly to discourage a repeat offense. Yet, kids who often mess up and torment others need “gentle encouragement” as one teacher put it. Christ, gentle encouragement won’t do it. Putting them in sickbay on the other hand, that ought to shut them up.

Thumper 8:34 am 05 Jun 07

My son was bullied once.

He fought back and put three of his tormenters in the sick bay.

Guess who got suspended?

Maelinar 8:19 am 05 Jun 07

More gay foundering from the weak and puny. Yours is not the time until the Apocalypse, get back in your holes.

If Y generation has taught us anything, its that us X’ers haven’t cottoned onto the bandwagon. Be the asshole you want to be, and get rewarded for doing it. There is no downside, as you tread over your flattened colleagues egos.

The world is not changing either…

soulman 9:28 pm 04 Jun 07

VYBerlina, I know what you want for next Christmas:)

el 9:13 pm 04 Jun 07

Tagline ^

el 9:13 pm 04 Jun 07

LOL. Gold.

soulman 9:10 pm 04 Jun 07

that’s an image i don’t need

Just line ’em up and I’ll administer the cane. Exposure to 15 years worth of internet porn has given me wrists like steel springs.

el 8:38 pm 04 Jun 07

Sadly, it’s probably a good indication of what they’ll face later in life, Nyssa.

nyssa76 8:18 pm 04 Jun 07

soulman, I was able to walk them away. The other kids wanted to continue and I got out my mobile and told them I was calling the police. It started over a mobile phone and ended without a blow being swung.

The students knew I was concerned for their safety. We spoke later of the incident and they thanked me for still caring as did their parents. Some people told me I was mad to intervene but after teaching these kids for a few years you tend to want to assist them even after they leave your classroom. I’m still a referee for ex-students and still take an interest in their studies – seeing as most of them go to College near my place of work.

Now off that part…I get the shits when repeat offenders are given a cake walk. It’s bullshit.

It makes your job a hell of a lot harder when the little turds know they can get away with anything.

soulman 6:27 pm 04 Jun 07

nyssa76, can I ask, on those occasions where you intervened and they were not your current students, how far did you have to go to stop them?

Because intervening in a fight then brings up the question of personal liability. If you restrain someone, you could be liable for assault. Stupid yes, but lawyers would pounce on it.

And I agree with thumper on how wrong the softly softly approach is. Example. The full time counselor at a certain primary school once said to me at a function “there is no right and wrong. only degrees of behavior which are either positive of negative”.

Pardon the language, but WHAT THE F*CK???

In a world where “experts” in schools say there’s no right or wrong, no wonder kids are running a muck. I guess the upside is if I see that counselor again, I can trip her on the escalator. After all, it’s not wrong to seriously injure someone, it’s just a slightly negative degree of behaviour:)

ghughes 6:23 pm 04 Jun 07

Meanwhile, in the more sensationalist Oz, they are advertising Private Schools FightClubs …,20867,21843687-5006785,00.html

I think they should
1. Have stringent penalties applied to offenders including sending them to less exclusive
2. Inform Parents that their contracting out of their obligations has not got them value for money

nyssa76 5:58 pm 04 Jun 07

Large and chunky :P~

schmerica, yes some teachers have PART training but that isn’t just for breaking up fights.

VicePope, a few years ago (and I have said this before) 1st year out teachers were placed at Dairy Flat – not the smartest move (or the last) by ACTDET.

Needless to say they left before 3 weeks were up and some quit altogether.

VicePope 5:11 pm 04 Jun 07

ps – on breaking up other people’s fights. It helps if you call the cops before wading in. It helps if there’s more than one of you and you’re all …. ummm ….. large and chunky.

VicePope 5:09 pm 04 Jun 07

Schmerica – some teachers would, because either they want to (teachers tend to be Good People, with careful capitals) or because they’d be paid more, given better holidays or something. Make some time in the zoo a condition for promotion, perhaps. Some people choose to be prison guards, or teachers/medical staff in prisons, after all. Last thing a smart education authority would do would be to send new teachers there unless it wanted rid of them. My guess is that there would not be all that many kids really needing this kind of intervention and therefore not all that many teachers needed.

Snahons_scv6_berlina 2:10 pm 04 Jun 07

Tougher rules should be developed by the education dept to:
1. Give teachers more power.
2. Have stringent penalties applied to offenders including suspension/expelling
3. Inform Parents of their obligations.

If they fail to comply then at least the staff can say “thats the rules, don’t complain to me, complain to the department”…

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