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New Canberra Radio Station

By ryed1 - 7 October 2009 34

It looks like certain AM radio stations are running scared after the announcement of KIX Canberra starting to broadcast in Canberra. KIX will be heard on AM 1323 and is a Country Music Station. 2CA and 2CC should be worried as Country Music is a quiet but hugely loved genre in Canberra. Certain ex 2CA staff members are already on board with the station and more are set to join. It is about time that someone gave the very tired and worn out 2CA a run for their money. I am looking forward to the new station and format and i’m sure many AM listeners will switch over to the modern up beat and fun KIX Canberra station.

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34 Responses to
New Canberra Radio Station
Gungahlin Al 9:36 am 08 Oct 09

A country music station? Well that’ll go well…

Skid, you may well be on the money, but mentioning their name so many times – wouldn’t that reinforce the hit rate for them?

On a related issue, what is it with all the bloody AM stations here in Canberra? 666, ABC RN, just up or down the highway a bit and you have the equivalents on FM band. But no such luck here in the nation’s capital.

Given that so many devices now (mpg players, phones, PCs) only have FM receivers, isn’t it time the ABC at the least ditched AM here in Canberra?


prhhcd 9:35 am 08 Oct 09

when?? can’t wait!

pierce 9:31 am 08 Oct 09

2XX (98.3fm) plays something like 25 hours of country and folk a week – if no-one wants to listen to that, why are they going to listen to your station Ryed1?

lobster 9:12 am 08 Oct 09

“KIX 106 point 3. Rock of the 90’s!”

H1NG0 8:35 am 08 Oct 09

Will this station do daylight savings announcements correctly? or will it still confuse Canberrans with no FM/Internet/TV/Friends?

Thumper 8:07 am 08 Oct 09

Country music? Running scared?


Skidbladnir 11:51 pm 07 Oct 09

Damn, my bullshit detector just overloaded.
The first article generated from a so-far single comment account (ie: a potential throwaway), posting a shill ‘opinion review’ piece about a country music (very niche in Canberra, but apparently someone wants to take a commercial risk on it) narrowcasting, and being strangely shy about what they know of future staffing arrangements, all while linking to the page full of contact details for the KIX advertising team, in case someone wanted to find out more?

If KIX want to use RiotACT as a platform to announce a commercial entity, be up front and just announce it, that yay everyone gets a chance to comment on it. Who knows, we might have gone easy on it the first time.
If KIX don’t want to risk that or only want to profile boost, pay the basic RA advertising rate?
If KIX want a Google pagerank, just hire someone to SEO the shit out of their website?
Or better yet, RiotACT’s duty editors could maybe exercise some quality control and _turn the piss poor stories down_?
Standards are a good thing, lest you slip into hosting blogspam and turfjobs…
If I wanted to see marketing fluff paraded as news content, I’d watch Today Tonight.

Primal 10:31 pm 07 Oct 09

So…still nothing decent on the radio in Canberra.

Ryan 10:01 pm 07 Oct 09

grunge_hippy said :

didnt we have a kixx 106 (sp?) station back in the 80’s?? it was 104.7 and kixx that launched at the same time.

We did – see:

imhotep 9:26 pm 07 Oct 09

Why is it that we get these odd random posts about 2CA?

eh_steve 8:22 pm 07 Oct 09

Am I the only one sensing a little bit of anti Capital Radio astro-turfing going on here? Sure, they may not have a fairly small audience with most programmes hovering around the 7000 listener mark, but they do a grear job I reckon, and have made some solid changes in the past couple of years.

Thoroughly Smashed 8:20 pm 07 Oct 09

Running scared? Country music? Please.

You could have come up with some better astroturf than that surely?

ramblingted 8:06 pm 07 Oct 09

Play it Warren..

“Grandpa pissed his pants again
He don’t give a damn
Brother Billy has both guns drawn
He ain’t been right since Vietnam

“Sweet home Alabama”
Play that dead band’s song
Turn those speakers up full blast
Play it all night long

Daddy’s doing Sister Sally
Grandma’s dying of cancer now
The cattle all have brucellosis
We’ll get through somehow

“Sweet home Alabama”
Play that dead band’s song
Turn those speakers up full blast
Play it all night long

I’m going down to the Dew Drop Inn
See if I can drink enough
There ain’t much to country living
Sweat, piss, jizz and blood

“Sweet home Alabama”
Play that dead band’s song
Turn those speakers up full blast
Play it all night long”

Thats what I call country music…

bd84 8:02 pm 07 Oct 09

As far as I can see KIX is a narrowcast AM station, I hardly think the Commercial and National broadcasters will be shaking in their boots. I would be interested to see if the Canberra FM still owned the rights for the KIX name in Canberra as a previous mutation of what is now MIX106. I’d prefer goodtime oldies anyday over country, if someone held a gun to my head and made me switch from a decent FM station.

grunge_hippy 7:38 pm 07 Oct 09

didnt we have a kixx 106 (sp?) station back in the 80’s?? it was 104.7 and kixx that launched at the same time.

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