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New Canberra Radio Station

By ryed1 7 October 2009 34

It looks like certain AM radio stations are running scared after the announcement of KIX Canberra starting to broadcast in Canberra. KIX will be heard on AM 1323 and is a Country Music Station. 2CA and 2CC should be worried as Country Music is a quiet but hugely loved genre in Canberra. Certain ex 2CA staff members are already on board with the station and more are set to join. It is about time that someone gave the very tired and worn out 2CA a run for their money. I am looking forward to the new station and format and i’m sure many AM listeners will switch over to the modern up beat and fun KIX Canberra station.

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New Canberra Radio Station
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Hercsie 8:12 am 22 Aug 11

Interesting – I note that apart from a name change from Kix to Star country – for the last week or so i have heard “EasyFM” a Chinese FM station being rebroadcast on 1323 AM. Wonder what the OP thinks about that?

Hercsie 6:54 am 31 Jan 10

Test transmissions have started.

Although I can’t stop thinking about KIX 106 when they mention Kix country…

Danman 5:29 pm 01 Dec 09

I was sussing that out when I was to0-ing and fro-ing a few weeks back.
Its in the old horse adjistment (sp?) paddocks – now I know what its for 🙂

Hercsie 1:20 pm 01 Dec 09

I notice the transmitting antennae have been erected just off Ellenborough St between the barton highwway and the GDE overpass

S4anta 4:20 pm 04 Nov 09

AngryHenry said :

I hope they play some tunes backwards… That way my truck will get fixed and my dog will come back.

The only problem with that will be reliving sleeping with your cousin in reverse!

What does the OP have against 2CA? Well, let me rephrase that, why does the OP feel so passionate about 2CA? I mean hey I don’t like the station but don’t care enough to bag them out. But he/she does…this post and the below…hmmmn….

“If 2CA didn’t sound like an on air version of a funeral with announcers that sound like every family member just died, it may have more people listening. The inept current management of the station is so obvious that anyone could do a better job broadcasting from a garage. The blatant inbred relationships in the station make for a completely unfair working environment, with the only people getting ahead, the ones with a relationship connection within the station. In the recent past 2CA has lost some of its only staff that had half a brain and the qualifications to actually do the job, including a member of the management team who left in December after a very long term with the station. Being a former advertiser on the station, i was apalled that no effort was made to keep hold of the previous sales manager who was more interested in keeping and building a rapport with advertisers over filling pockets with money. Now replaced with a very confused has been business man, the once guiding light of Canberra radio is now a sad reflection of incompetence.”

AngryHenry 3:41 pm 04 Nov 09

I hope they play some tunes backwards… That way my truck will get fixed and my dog will come back.

Overheard 3:03 pm 04 Nov 09

Sorry to dredge up a slight oldie, but having talked to these KIX people who were very enthusiastic about this new project about a month ago, I haven’t actually heard them on air yet. Their web-site doesn’t shed any light on matters either. I was going to flick them a message to find out how they’re going, but thought the Riot Squad may have some intelligence on the matter.

It also saves me starting a new thread asking what is going on at 2XX lately. In the last few days when I’ve channel-surfed in, I’ve heard an amalgam of the best (er…) of the 70s and 80s: The Angels, Ted Mulry Gang, Paula Abdul, ABBA, Jon English, that synth-pop band that does ‘Send Me An Angel’ etc. This is not the 2XX I grew up with!

dvaey 2:07 am 10 Oct 09

Gungahlin Al said :

On a related issue, what is it with all the bloody AM stations here in Canberra? 666, ABC RN, just up or down the highway a bit and you have the equivalents on FM band. But no such luck here in the nation’s capital.

Given that so many devices now (mpg players, phones, PCs) only have FM receivers, isn’t it time the ABC at the least ditched AM here in Canberra?

Maybe something youre unaware of in Gungahlin, but Tuggeranong gets very poor reception from Telstra Tower, for both TV and radio on FM band. That is why 2 major FM stations are now broadcasting on a secondary frequency, which is broadcast from Tuggeranong Hill, along with TV stations which are also difficult (at best) to receive from Telstra Tower. AM radio doesnt have the same problems with transmission over mountains and valleys which exist in Canberra. FM is great if you live Northside or have line-of-sight to Telstra Tower, but if youre in the shadow of Farrer/Isaacs ridge or Mount Taylor, youre more limited in your options. About 50m up the road from my house in Kambah, both major FM stations are almost complete static.

Braggs 9:43 pm 09 Oct 09

Lol. You got it all wrong! The new country and western station isn’t to be called KIX, it’s “Hicks”

Pesty 6:43 am 09 Oct 09

busgirl said :

…anyone remember when the number plate of the original KIX 106 van went missing?…and then mysteriously re-appeared once there was a reward of the financial kind on offer?….

No,but obviously you do… How much did you get for it?

busgirl 9:00 pm 08 Oct 09

…anyone remember when the number plate of the original KIX 106 van went missing?…and then mysteriously re-appeared once there was a reward of the financial kind on offer?….

Trunking symbols 5:20 pm 08 Oct 09

lobster said :

“KIX 106 point 3. Rock of the 90’s!”

Yes, and a few months after KIX adopted the Rock of the ’90s slogan in early 1990, stations in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane began using it as well.

Skidbladnir 1:23 pm 08 Oct 09

Gungahlin Al said :

Skid, you may well be on the money, but mentioning their name so many times – wouldn’t that reinforce the hit rate for them?

It all depends on how Google do their indexing, but filling a page with the phrase itself doesn’t typically alter a search index score, as its so easy to game for spamdexing purposes, that search engines moved onto other factors long ago.

By mentioning their name and subject content, yes, I am effectively keyword stuffing, but frankly all hope was lost when a link without a rel = nofollow html attribute flag was put into the article body.
Legitimate organic Pagerank increases through backlinks from a high-value source like RiotACT are the stuff of search engine optimisation wetdreams, and what SEO services would gladly sell your firstborn for.
(RiotACT now puts rel = nofollow attributes on comment links by the way, just not in the articles themselves…)

(By the way, there’s more information from Google about SEO operators here)

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