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new editor for The Canberra Times

By Duke - 22 February 2008 53

And not a moment too soon!  Leave your suggestions for new editor Peter Fray below.

I’ll start us off :

Dear Peter, as well as a generous round of sackings,  please give us more serious and entertaining news and stop focussing on every pinko, greenie, leftie, bleeding heart, nimby, animal-liberationist crank with an axe to grind.

All the best in your new position,

Luv Duke

What’s Your opinion?

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53 Responses to
new editor for The Canberra Times
hingo 12:57 pm 22 Feb 08

I read the Northside Chronicle when it comes around. I think a RiotACT newspaper would be the shiznit

GreenAnt 12:29 pm 22 Feb 08

Hey, I like Hingo’s idea. A RiotACT newspaper! I never look at the Canberra Times. I feel faintly embarrassed by it.

LG 11:58 am 22 Feb 08

Real articles would be nice instead of ‘reporting’ directly from Canberra Airpot (when Brand Depot opened) or ACT Government press releases.

Crikey 11:39 am 22 Feb 08

New editor….same crappy newspaper

Growling Ferret 11:33 am 22 Feb 08


Would you prefer the CT to be a rebadged Hun, with four pages of local news, sports results, details as a centre liftout?

S4anta 11:33 am 22 Feb 08

Perhaps a change of direction is needed? Such as
a small part of Chennai

barking toad 11:22 am 22 Feb 08

Why does the Canberra Age need an editor?

It just lifts stuff from the SMH/Age and passes off op-ed pieces from the likes of robert fisk as headline news.

One suggestion though.

Go to tabloid size for the weekly editions – it fits the bottom of the birdcage better.

Growling Ferret 11:18 am 22 Feb 08

Give David Barnett a daily column – and sit it on the same page as Dilbert and other trivial and comedy pieces…

Skidbladnir 10:56 am 22 Feb 08


Problem 1):
For the last few years, the quality and coverage of events (both local, regional, and national) in the Canberra Times has suffered, and the newspaper has become little more than a parochial rag, filled with craven and inarticulate ‘journalists’, who don’t seem particularly interested in ‘investigative journalism’ or ‘running coverage’ as understood by the city in which it is published.

How will you address this problem, and when can we expect the improvement to reach copy?

Problem 2):
The Canberra Times claims a circulation of roughly ten times that of the Katherine Times. That newspaper is of only slightly lower quality and is more parochial by only the barest of margins, but at least the Katherine Times can claim a regular readership outside its state, and its readers will generally admit to reading it.
Claiming that someone reads the Canberra Times, on the other hand, is seen as a grave and merciless slur.

How do you intend to address this perception?

Problem 3):
Your webiste is terrible, out of date, rarely updated, does not contain anything near the levels of content expected by the current standards of the nation, and looks like it was designed by early Gen X dot-communists in the peak of the First Bubble and never reviewed.
This prevents both online advertisers wanting to pay you for running their ads, and prevents readers from coming to your site to be informed.

How will this be addressed?

Problem 4)
Will you fire that dumb slapper of a girl you let write for the Sunday Times. I have only read her work when it has appeared elsewhere, as due to problems (1), (2) and (3), neither I nor my youthful, cashed up contemporaries will buy or read your paper.

Unless these problems are addressed, we are likely to avoid partaking in it, and instead make jokes about it, just as we did with Limestone Lizzy.


Member of the Public.

Mælinar 10:47 am 22 Feb 08

They’d do well to have a times2 esque article in the CT that was RA submitted. For a reasonable price of course…

VicePope 10:47 am 22 Feb 08

Ditto to most of the sentiments above. Like the guy in “On the Waterfront”, the CT could have been a contender. In fact, there were years when it was.

Can we get some seriousness back in, and not just in the opinion pages? If Pryor has retired, get him as a consultant. Get some literate and thoughtful opinion/colour from Warden and, when they feel up to doing more than going through the motions, Waterford, Hull and Campbell. In the lit stuff, use Geoff Page and Frank O’Shea more and apparent teenagers less. But some serious news, rather than quoted media releases, would be good too.

The website is canine. If the CT is going to do it, it should look at the SMH and the Age and use them as models.

Overall, the CT has been such a drag in recent years that I have forced myself to read it much of the time and bemoaned the absence of a Canberra Morning Herald or Age. (Not that the SMH is doing itself any fabours with an increasing amount of bubbleheaded tripe).

Jazz 10:40 am 22 Feb 08

funny you should mention that hingo, we’re giving some consideration to a weekly riotact newsletter which will give a rundown of some of the great riots going on here & things you may have missed if you’re not an every-day reader.

Aurelius 10:36 am 22 Feb 08

How about a website that is actually useful? RiotACT shits all over the Times, simply because it’s interactive, updated as things happen, and is a local news service.

hingo 10:13 am 22 Feb 08

I have never bought that glorified dunny rag and I don’t intend to either. How about a RiotACT newspaper?

West_Kambah_4eva 10:11 am 22 Feb 08

How about some journalism? You know, going out and finding things and reporting on them. No more “Dog lost in Duffy” stories. We’re the goddamn capital of Australia, not some…pooptown…or something.

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