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New Patricia Piccinini app may help you ‘get’ the SkyWhale

By Barcham 28 May 2013 10

Artists often like to let their work speak for itself.

More people who view art like to draw their own conclusions.

For everyone else, you can use an app.

I think Piccinini’s work is gorgeous, you may not, but I think we can all agree it’s certainly interesting. Here’s a way to find out more.

A New York company called Art Intelligence has developed an app about Patricia Piccinini to help people understand her work, including the Skywhale.

The company’s founder, art historian and critic Bridget L. Goodbody, says that the app is not only a deep dive into Patricia’s work, but also an introduction to the science and pop culture that inspired it.

“To be honest, it’s the perfect thing for all those people who are puzzled about why Patricia did what she did with the Skywhale,” Dr Goodbody said.

“The app also situates her work within a timeline of genetic engineering, from the Dolly the Sheepto now. These sources she draws from are crucial for people to understand better, since the health of our bodies and our planet depends on us all being informed.”

The app, for iPad, is called Patricia Piccinini: Mother Love (The New Naturalism) and costs $US5.99 from the App Store. It is described as featuring ‘the internationally renowned Australian artist Patricia Piccinini whose sculpted human/animal hybrids, moon-eyed mutations, and transgenic creations are tender visions of art imitating life imitating science that already exists.’

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10 Responses to
New Patricia Piccinini app may help you ‘get’ the SkyWhale
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Ben_Dover 9:26 am 29 May 13

“The company’s founder, art historian and critic Bridget L. Goodbody,”

Benny Hill died in vain.

smcphill 12:12 am 29 May 13

“A New York company called Art Intelligence has developed an app”

For the benefit of prior posts and their posters, Patricia Piccinini is the *subject* of an app, not the creator, licensor, or copyright holder of this endeavour by a completely unrelated business entity on the other side of the planet.

The app page (probably not linked for a reason) has its copyright statement as “© 2012 Art Intelligence”.

bundah 6:42 pm 28 May 13

How thoughtful of ‘Art Intelligence’ and of course they’ll be inundated with purchases. Fortunately google filled in the blanks for me and I was able to spend the six bucks on a bevy 🙂

Masquara 6:23 pm 28 May 13

So, $300,000 for two brief rides over the city, and now the citizenry of canberra will be required to fork out a total of twice or even three times that for those over, say, 14 to all access information about it. Why didn’t the idiot C100 team think to create a free app? And how much will the artist stand to benefit in royalties, please, having already supped at the trough of irresponsible ACT largesse?

gentoopenguin 4:28 pm 28 May 13

When I read the headline, I was really hoping some bright spark made an app to “get” the skywhale with a harpoon…kind of like Angry Birds meets Space Invaders. Imagine my disappointment…

Watson 3:10 pm 28 May 13

I love the Skywhale but that is total BS.

I feel no need to “understand” the Skywhale. It is what it is and my interpretation is mine and mine alone. Which to me is what is art is really about. I don’t need any artist or anyone else try force their meaning of some artwork onto me. That reeks of serious insecurity issues!

curmudgery 2:51 pm 28 May 13

Her greater talent may be in marketing.

Ben_Dover 2:48 pm 28 May 13

She’s milking the gullible again, no wonder she’s fascinated by teats.

Holden Caulfield 2:39 pm 28 May 13

Paul0075 said :

If the thing needs an app to interpret it, then it might be a lost cause.

Especially at six bucks. I mean, Real Racing 3 is free. How is she gonna compete with that?!

Paul0075 2:21 pm 28 May 13

If the thing needs an app to interpret it, then it might be a lost cause.

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