New plan for the greening of Braddon

Ian Bushnell 24 January 2019 22

The Braddon precinct is increasingly popular but in need of better public spaces. Photos: George Tsotsos.

A new plan to make the popular inner city destination of Braddon more people friendly includes the creation of pocket gardens and parklets, increased street greening and new places to sit as well as wider-footpaths and new laneway connections through blocks.

City Renewal Authority chief executive officer Malcolm Snow said the plan would help improve Braddon’s public spaces to match the private development in the thriving area.

“It has grown from a semi-industrial area into a popular entertainment and retail district despite the quality of its public spaces rather than because of them,” he said.

Braddon’s population is also growing with more apartments being built in the area.

He said the plan aimed to upgrade Braddon’s public spaces, including its streets and parks, to a standard that will help make the area even better for the people who use it.

The plan includes short, medium and long-term actions for government, businesses, landowners and the community to improve the experience of Braddon.

“These actions range from small, quick wins that we can get on with straightaway, including temporary improvements like pocket parks, pop-up play elements and increasing the amount of greenery at street level, as well as infrastructure upgrades like improved ambient lighting and new seating,” Mr Snow said.


The Authority will host a public event on Thursday 31 January to discuss the Braddon Place Plan.

“The plan also includes longer-term changes that will take time to implement, like widening the footpaths for more outdoor dining, installing cycle lanes and creating permanent green active-travel corridors.”

The Authority would also encourage better use of private land and the inclusion of public walkways and laneways to improve connectivity through the blocks.

The plan also includes the establishment of a “town team” made up of community members and the private sector to help deliver events, activities and small-scale physical improvements.

The Authority will host a public event on Thursday 31 January to discuss the place plan, with Town Team Movement representatives present to discuss how the model works.

Other short-term actions in the Braddon Place Plan include an annual program of events, pop-up play elements, a street music program, high-quality street art and a community gardening program.

Longer-term actions include creating a sense of arrival through signage and art installation, monthly markets for local producers and artists, an annual showcase event or street party and spaces for artists in new developments.

To see the Braddon Place Plan visit

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22 Responses to New plan for the greening of Braddon
Ruth Lee Martin Ruth Lee Martin 7:33 am 28 Jan 19

Not enough parking so how are you supposed to get there?

    Julie Macklin Julie Macklin 11:36 am 28 Jan 19

    Catch bus to the Civic bus interchange and take the short walk.

    Ruth Lee Martin Ruth Lee Martin 1:13 pm 28 Jan 19

    Julie Macklin pedestrian places don’t necessarily equate with a pleasant space to be in. Look at a Garema Place. And if you’re going in to shop - especially in this heat - a bus may not be the best option esp. at the weekend.

    Julie Macklin Julie Macklin 3:40 pm 28 Jan 19

    Garema Place cannot be used as a comparison, because that part of Civic has been sucked dry by the Mall. I am old enough to remember when the Mall as now didn't exist. Garema Place didn't suffer the same problems then. I think the main reason that many people won't consider any other transport than the car is the expectation as a right of being able to go door to door. If no walking at all was necessary that would be brilliant. Shades of WALL·E. Yes, hot weather is not the most pleasant, but even on a hot day the walk from the bus interchange is not gruesome for most people, and this area is marketed to attract a younger crowd. If I easily managed a walk of over a km (about twice the distance suggested here) to join others at a cafe (not in this area) on the record breaking day of 42C without difficulty, and I am past 60yrs, others can too. It made that first drink so much nicer. Good grief it's only about 500 metres; a km if you walk to the end of Lonsdale St. Actually, I am amazed how close to the bus interchange this area is; I had no idea until I checked it just then. So what is the problem! I am catching a bus tomorrow and I have further than that to walk to catch it.

    Ruth Lee Martin Ruth Lee Martin 4:00 pm 28 Jan 19

    Julie Macklin at the end of the day it’s probably not so much about our preferences but what works best for the retailers - the people who try and make a living in the area. 😊

    Julie Macklin Julie Macklin 6:08 pm 28 Jan 19

    Ruth Lee Martin Yes, many studies have found that business can actually increase when car access is reduced and access made easier for pedestrians and cycling. The area becomes more attractive. Besides, cars parked along the road, for the few who have found a space, are in your face and might dominate perception. A car might have only had one person in it, but monopolises a lot of space. Some business owners over-estimate how many people actually arrive by car. Perception is not always correct. I could have supplied a number of articles on this. This is but one:

Lauren Walker Lauren Walker 8:00 pm 27 Jan 19

Lets sort out the parking first...

    Lauren Walker Lauren Walker 9:56 pm 27 Jan 19

    Craig Harriott pfft please!!! I’ll only buy one of those hipster machines when they make them doggy friendly 🐶

bj_ACT bj_ACT 12:52 pm 27 Jan 19

One way 30kph road is the only changes I would make. Leave everything else to the people who made Braddon the great place it is.

Kylee Taylor Kylee Taylor 10:55 am 27 Jan 19

It doesn’t matter what you put there if there’s no parking spots available

    Ruth Lee Martin Ruth Lee Martin 3:52 pm 28 Jan 19

    Scarlett Butler agree completely.

    Kylee Taylor Kylee Taylor 7:13 pm 28 Jan 19

    Daniel Königs it can be when you’re disabled

    Julie Macklin Julie Macklin 7:48 pm 28 Jan 19

    Scarlett Butler There should always be Disabled Parking available, even if other parking is reduced. If not enough now let's hope that Disabled Parking is increased. As for the non-disabled, it's only a short walk from Civic.

Julie Macklin Julie Macklin 11:09 pm 25 Jan 19

Easy enough to walk to from the Civic Bus Interchange.

Brindie Brindie 10:41 pm 25 Jan 19

Another example of the ACT Government splurging money on the inner north at the expense of the suburbs. Why do people continually vote these clowns into government?

    russianafroman russianafroman 7:11 pm 25 Feb 19

    Well said. I believe it comes down to money. Politicians couldn’t care less for their voters, they care about making money for themselves. Glorified property developers.

Anne Nardo Anne Nardo 7:39 pm 25 Jan 19

Often don’t stop there because I can’t find a car park!

Zahidul Alam Zahidul Alam 6:37 pm 25 Jan 19

What about rest of the city

Donna Venables Donna Venables 5:20 pm 25 Jan 19

In other words, no street parking!

Veronika Sain Veronika Sain 4:45 pm 25 Jan 19

Now there are lots of apartments stacked into the once industrial area they’re retrofitting parks.

Remember what happened to the centre of civic when they blocked off traffic and made it pedestrian only? Yep, it’s still dying a slow death.

The places near streets are thriving but walk further in to what used to be called centrepoint and it’s a whole lot of empty shops.

Lynne Audsley Lynne Audsley 2:50 pm 25 Jan 19

No mention of the high rise apartment development in the middle of Braddon?

Sally Tregellas Wodzinska Sally Tregellas Wodzinska 12:49 pm 25 Jan 19

I do hope those mature trees will stay, whatever else is done

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