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New public artwork in Woden…

By Reprobate - 18 September 2008 45

[First filed: September 05, 2008 @ 13:00]

Being privileged to work among the windswept canyons of north Woden, I have the opportunity to pass one of the Government’s sites for new public artwork nearly every day. What you see here is exactly how the site has been for the past three months – a half arsed, abandoned or forgotten shambles that obstructs more than half of the walkway for no good reason.

Back in April/May there was work feverishly occurring at the site, and a sculptured person of indeterminate gender made of metal plates was placed where you see the metal rod for a few weeks. He or she was wrapped in a roll of carpet-like material while work progressed. Then it disappeared – possibly never to be seen again.

Finally I realised – Reprobate, you fool!!!  What you see here IS the new artwork!!!

Clearly, the fencing symbolises the disconnect between the community and the Government. The waste of space and inconvenience imposed on the citizenry speaks of the structure of our local Assembly. The pile of sand, ever shifting, represents the foundations upon which the public’s trust is based. The marble paving hints at the exceses of prior empires, with the unfinished work and random stacking of the slabs a metaphor for major local infrastructure projects like the GDE. The safety cones reflect a warning to the community of voting for a majority government ever again. Finally, the centrepiece of a bloody big spike speaks of the Government’s “get this up ya” attitude to any questioning of it’s glorious activities, particularly school closures.

Trouble is, I don’t know what it is called. Ideas?

UPDATED: The RiotACT investigations unit, aka The Canberra Times has unravelled the mystery:

    ArtsACT director David Whitney said the work had ”quite a wobble on it” when it was installed and needed some repairs, having to be removed twice from its location.

    Mr Whitney said there were fears the artwork could not be secured adequately, although he was waiting on advice from the artist.

    The sculpture was not the original one the Government had wanted to purchase, which was sold to another party. The design was similar but ”not as robust” as the original.

SNAFU then?

What’s Your opinion?

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45 Responses to
New public artwork in Woden…
Granny 4:36 pm 05 Sep 08

“What The”

Loquaciousness 4:12 pm 05 Sep 08

Crikey said :

Perhaps the hole in the ground surrounded by the fortress-style fence blocking pedestrians is the ‘art work’.

whoosh …

marcothepolopony 4:08 pm 05 Sep 08

Reprobate, this is the best post I have ever read (and been entertained by) on this site, EVER!

S4anta 3:54 pm 05 Sep 08

Simple. The metal rod obviously symbolises what the Act Government expects the ACT folk to do. Assume the position and get shafted.

kkcscdp 3:43 pm 05 Sep 08

John Stanhope’s “I Don’t Recall”

Crikey 3:38 pm 05 Sep 08

Perhaps the hole in the ground surrounded by the fortress-style fence blocking pedestrians is the ‘art work’.

It could be called ‘John Hargreaves black hole’.

Granny 3:05 pm 05 Sep 08

“Minister Not Responsible”

George 2:54 pm 05 Sep 08

This ‘sculpture’ site – the hole – has been there for nearly six months. On a few occasions something has been erected (covered) but than removed.

It really symbolises the direction that Canberra is going.

barking toad 2:01 pm 05 Sep 08

“The Local Mayor”

tastyjam 1:41 pm 05 Sep 08

I walked past that “artwork” at least once a day in my old job. The statue didn’t look much better than the fencing that surrounded it. how much did it cost, anyway?

Overheard 1:34 pm 05 Sep 08

I had an idea based on the ‘Please use other entry/exit’ sign, but thankfully I’m far too classy to go there. Er, I mean, ‘go there’ with the suggested title, of course.

Mr_Shab 1:33 pm 05 Sep 08

When the figure made of metal plates was bolted there (albeit briefly) I couldn’t help but think of it as the “Tomb of the Unknown Bureaucrat”.

SheepGroper 1:28 pm 05 Sep 08

Got to be called “untitled”.

jakez 1:18 pm 05 Sep 08

Finally! Taxpayer funded public art that I can get behind.

I never thought the day would come.

DarkLadyWolfMother 1:15 pm 05 Sep 08

“Stanhope’s Legacy”

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