No curbs or gutters in Lyneham’s Sanctuary Complex?

johnboy 9 August 2005 5

It would seem Kerces isn’t the only one who can’t get a response out of Fortress Corbell.

Richard Mulcahy is throwing his toys out of the pram over Simon’s (or his office, whichever is less competent) refusal to answer constituency questions from Richard over why the new Sanctuary development in Lyneham is lacking curbs and gutters.

Now Mulcahy aversion would seem to be widespread but if the Minister is going to refuse to answer questions, just because he doesn’t like someone, we’re not going to have much of an Assembly are we?

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5 Responses to No curbs or gutters in Lyneham’s Sanctuary Complex?
Vic Bitterman Vic Bitterman 9:10 pm 11 Aug 05

I can think of a handful of housing estates that I’ve been to in Melbourne with no gutters too. Just the asphalt road, and a strip of concrete level with the road and then the nature strip starts. The drainage gutters are steel grid type things, so the water and stuff can still escape.

Indi Indi 10:07 am 11 Aug 05

I’ll put quids on it that Mr Pratt is impressed that the Libs now have a newly annointed Shadowy Min for Kerb n Gutterin!

johnboy johnboy 7:42 pm 10 Aug 05

I suppose the big question is who’s maintaining the roads?

If the body corporate has to foot the bill for that then the curbs and gutters are in their interest.

If the ACT has to maintain them then it’s in our interest to get them in. Without them we’ll be resurfacing the whole damn road years earlier than need be,

Kerces Kerces 5:18 pm 10 Aug 05

His staff probably don’t even remember the inquiry/ies and I doubt it ever got to him.

Thumper Thumper 4:56 pm 10 Aug 05

Ah, JB, ‘we’re not going to have much of an Assembly are we?’

We already don’t….

I think I may write a letter to Mr Corbell and see if I can get an answer for some stupid question.

Maybe I can write and ask why he didn’t reply to K’s query….

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