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No help from the Police…STILL

By kevswitchau - 1 October 2011 45

We live in Isabella Plains and going on a year now have been the victims of an escalating and completely unprovoked series of attacks from a group of local youths. What started with some waterbombs being thrown has steadily escalated into a campaign of terror waged against myself and my elderly parents that has led to windows and cars being smashed, wheelie bins being flung against the house, mailboxes stolen, assault etc.

Calling the police is an utter joke. Unless we can identify the little criminals (because that’s so easy when they attack in the dead of night and leave your property vandalised and you shaken) they won’t even send a car out. They have even given up the hollow claims of ‘increased patroles’ because they know that we know it’s just a big PR exercise designed to cover up how useless they actually are- and don’t the local delinquents know it!

We have already shelled out thousands of dollars not only repairing the damage done (now add to that the car windscreen they threw a rock through tonight) but also fortifying the house so we feel like we are living in a prison- but still they come and still the police sleep at night doing absolutely nothing.

My parents (aged in their late 60s/70s) are terrified and at the end of their teather. We cant move- we spent all our savings on this house- for all it’s worth. Now here we sit, like prisoners under seige in our own homes while these cocky little low life criminals continue to terrorise us. I have written to the Chief minister who is apparently quite satisfied that this is an acceptable state of affairs, as are the Police who I have appealed to several times to no avail.  We don’t know what else to do. I’m now pricing CCTV which I fear will be out of our price range yet seems like the only way we can identify them because unless we do the job for them, the Police flatly refuse to act in any way to help us.

I hope the ACT Government and Police are proud, but then again, their actions to date have shown that they really couldn’t give a stuff about people who are trying to do little more than live their lives without fear. I brought my parents here from QLD because I thought Canberra would give them the retirement they would enjoy. Boy was I wrong.

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45 Responses to
No help from the Police…STILL
Henry82 3:27 pm 01 Oct 11

Dazz said :

While what is happening is not acceptable if the Police cannot identify the criminals how can they charge them or what address will they send the Summons too?

From what we’ve seen by previous police media reports is that thieves/muggers etc are pretty dumb and have this ability of loitering in the general vicinity of where the offence has taken place. Also, if they’re smashing up every house in the street, if you’re there quick enough you can follow the trail of damage to the perpetrators.

A broken arm would stop them throwing rocks, just sayin’.

breda 3:11 pm 01 Oct 11

Sensor lights and a few cameras would have cost a lot less than the thousands you claim to have shelled out (don’t they have insurance?)

You have not told us what exactly you expect the police to do. They can’t provide 24 hour security to one property – so what is it you want?

matt31221 2:31 pm 01 Oct 11

Don’t blame the police because what can they do? Sit outside your house 24 hours?

You can buy a good quality DVR cctv card to fit into your PC for under a hundred bucks on EBAY, and then you can buy some night vision cameras on ebay as well for cheap that give a good picture good enough to identify the crooks.. Make sure you hide the cameras (pretty easy cause they usually are small) Easy to set up as well, I now live in Isabella Plains, and heck – I’ll set it all up for you for a six pack because I hate felons.

ThatUniStudent 2:28 pm 01 Oct 11

Do you like backyard cricket? I love back yard cricket. It is such a fun and neighbourly activity. Of course being only spring and all and seing as how me mates and I are always busy, the only time we ever get to play it is late at night, kind of when it is dark. Mind you, back yard cricket is not exactly a safe sport. I mean with those bats, hard balls and occasional drunken players, spectators are likley to get severly injured, especially if they turn up unannounced in the middle of the night. Thankfuly the players wear padding and safety gear so they don’t get hurt.
Yes, a few good games of backyard criket with some of your good mates would build some community spirit I think. Mind you, if some vandals just happened to turn up, before, during or after the game you’d have to be careful not to accidentially bowl a few balls in their direction least some one try to take a swing at the ball at the moment it was impacting some one’s body. Which we all know drunken cricket players are inclined to do from time to time.
Yes, backyard cricket, lovely game that. I really think you should consider forming a team at your place.
Now, security systems, get on ebay and type “security camera system” Then get some of your cricket mates to install it for you.

bigfeet 2:13 pm 01 Oct 11

Just out of interest, how exactly do you expect the police to stop this?

What strategy do you suggest they employ?

milkman 1:54 pm 01 Oct 11

Sounds like you need to get some mates around for a very quiet camp out. Focus on the nights this stuff normally happens. Once you have caught one or two of them, you can decide whether to call the cops, call their parents, or take some other measure.

You may need to camp out a few times, but once you caught them and scared the living crap out of them, you may find the problems go away.

grunge_hippy 1:11 pm 01 Oct 11

call a current affair/today tonight. they’ll set up the cameras for free and you can get your head on tv. it would help if you also dont get along with your neighbours and are willing to try a new crackpot weightloss program.

buzz819 12:27 pm 01 Oct 11

I can understand that your upset, but why take your anger out on the Police? You’ve already said that you can’t identify the people that committed the offence, so them turning up will achieve less then has already occurred. Yes people will see a Police car sitting in the drive way for 30 mins or so, but that is all that will come out of them attending.

This isn’t your fault, this isn’t your parents fault, this isn’t the fault of Police, it is the little scrotes that are out there doing this shit to your parents.

It is a pain that unless someone is identified Police can’t do anything, but you can’t really expect them to start knocking on everyone’s door in Canberra to find out who has been damaging the house, it seems that that is what you want, but it just wont happen.

Police also can’t be expected to permanently patrol that street, they can go there when they have time, but I’m guessing it happens on a Friday and Saturday night, when it is late, you know when Police are tied up with a lot of different situations mostly caused by clowns who can’t keep their hands to themselves.

Be angry, but direct your anger at the people who deserve it, the people who are committing the offences, not the people who can only do so much with no information.

steveu 12:20 pm 01 Oct 11

Call canberra times. Make a story out of it. Then ask Cbr Times to interview CPO ACT for his view on it.
Fully appreciate they cant have someone waiting outside your house, but also appreciate that you cant be held ransom by a few youths. With school holidays, only expect it to increase. though this also presents greater opportunity for them being caught.

Watson 12:16 pm 01 Oct 11

I second the surveillance camera idea.

PBO 11:46 am 01 Oct 11

Then do something about it, take a photo, get a witness. Hell grab one and stab them if it helps your case, but dont sit back and wait for others to get things done. Be proactive.

Deref 11:44 am 01 Oct 11

That really sux. It sounds like video surveillance may be your only choice now. But you might try talking to your local pollie to see whether they can apply some pressure to the cops to do their job.

Dazz 11:41 am 01 Oct 11

While what is happening is not acceptable if the Police cannot identify the criminals how can they charge them or what address will they send the Summons too?

Besides a Police car sitting in your driveway 24hrs, you may have to invest in a surveillance system.

Looks like you’re the second in line Clown Killer

Clown Killer 11:21 am 01 Oct 11

Ohhh goody … Cue conga-line of spineless Internet hard-men queuing up to dissect the minutae of why you are so utterly to blame for your own predicament.

fgzk 10:30 am 01 Oct 11

You might like to Google “camera traps”. Get some high definition pictures and video of the animals. Make a web site. $300

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