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No Nuclear Solution – Public Forum

Jey 8 June 2006 8

With the debate on alternative energy sources hotting up and national considerations around nuclear power rearing their heads, Greens MLA Deb Foskey and, the perhaps aptly named, CRANC (Canberra Region Anti-Nuclear Campaign) bring us the ‘Nuclear No Solution Public Interest Forum’.

The forum, to be held at the Reception Room Legislative Assembly on Wednesday June 14, 6pm, includes the speaker Dr Jim Green (National Anti-Nuclear Campaigner, Friends of the Earth).

A brief search turned up no other info about the forum other that what was outlined in the ad I had clipped from The Chronicle. So, by the name of the forum and who it is hosted by we may not be so bold in assuming one view point is going to be presented. I think this is a shame as I’ve heard other view points on the issue and would like to hear them expanded on.

All are welcome and tea, coffee and nibbles are provided.

Email CRANC or give them a ring 0406 090 899/ 0405 370 782

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8 Responses to No Nuclear Solution – Public Forum
Thumper Thumper 8:31 am 13 Jun 06

Well, I have no problem with nuclear, and as far as I’m concerned they can build it at Parkwood and use Ginninderra Creek as a water supply.

(Yes, that’s pretty much in my backyard….)

But seriously folks, it just ain’t going to happen. The cost will be immense and the political ramifications just as huge. No PM would commit himself (or herself) to such a scheme. It would be political suicide.

Which is a pity becasue this planet really needs to do something about our obsession with rapidly dwindling supplies of fossil fuels. As well as the small issues with global warming and climate change….

Maelinar Maelinar 4:57 pm 12 Jun 06

Why don’t they just dig the hole a little bigger under where they are putting the new prison and put it down there.

Henceforth, we will have the bestest behaved prisoners ever-ever, or we’ll push a button and give them level 1 radiation poisoning and subsequent sickness.

That and it’s pretty close to Queanbeyan, so the windborne radiation will give them all a third head or something.

Seriously though, does anybody really think that a nuclear power plant would be put anywhere near where it could possibly take out the entire government in one foul swoop given the unfortunate combination of a full meltdown in a sitting week ?

bonfire bonfire 3:35 pm 09 Jun 06

Oh dear, this is already being hijacked by the Usual Suspects.

forget reason and logic, lets use ideology as our basis for discussion.

Pandy Pandy 11:53 pm 08 Jun 06

Lets build in at Jervis Bay then. It is defence land after all.

caf caf 10:37 pm 08 Jun 06

That’s the stupidest comment on this issue I’ve seen yet.

Pandy Pandy 8:40 pm 08 Jun 06

Now think about this:

Do you need water to cool down nuclear power stations?

Do you need to base your nuclear power station need major transmission lines?

Would it not be better to place a nuclear power station away from major population stations?

Would it not be better to place a nuclear power station in a marginal seat?

Can the Federal Government build a power station anywhere for defence purposes? It has happened before. Where?

The Snowy Scheme!

With all that water in the dams…does Howard’s back down make sense now?

Jey Jey 3:42 pm 08 Jun 06


as I said I’d go but I don’t need to spend a few hours hearing why nuclear power is bad

Pandy Pandy 2:14 pm 08 Jun 06

I don’t mind nuclear power stations.

So I should stay away?

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