On the road to Canberra..

Bodhichitta 20 June 2005 15

…from Cooma. At the 100km to Canberra sign there is a thing made of planks, beams and wires on top of a hill on the left side of the road. Call it a sculpture, artwork, whatever. Does anyone know what it is?

Tenuous link? Ill bet most Canberrans that have gone past it have wondered the same thing. Ive asked around and no-one seems to know…artwork seems to be the best guess.

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15 Responses to On the road to Canberra..
ant ant 10:42 pm 21 Nov 08

It’s been there since I can remember (if it’s the blue metal thing that looks like a navigation device).

Kristy Kristy 9:03 pm 21 Nov 08

It’s a sheep flinger. Everyone knows that.

dusty dusty 9:46 am 28 Aug 05

It was constructed by a sculptor, and the farmer who owned the land allowed him to put it there, as the artist chose that spot, particularly because he thought it would suit the landscape. It is actually quite a well constructed piece, and has been there over 30 years, I would say.

dusty dusty 9:43 am 28 Aug 05

The thing on the hill 10 kms this side of Cooma is a stylised kangaroo, on the hop.
This is local knowledge.

wonsworld wonsworld 1:00 pm 22 Jun 05

I know it was about the same time that the artwork went up but I don’t recall if the two events are/were connected. Though, I must say that it was a grand time to be in the sleepy little town of ‘Coma’ when 10,000 or so “Friends of the Earth” descended into town (or more accurately onto the banks of the ‘Bidgee near Dromore) for their festival.

Two indecents that I recall were:

The chap who walked into “Joys Fashion Fabrics” and paid for some material for a new lap-lap/sarong type thingy. He even paid for the ladies to stitch a tie on each end so it would stay in place and then he promptly dropped his old one and put on the new in the store. Ladies were fainting for days afterwards. Apparently underwear was optional.

Or the young lady who washed her clothing in the sinks in the park dunny and then hung them to dry on the bandstand. She sat and waited for them to dry. … but the only problem was that they were the only clothes she had at the time. Sitting starkers in the park (albeit sitting there very clean) was still too much for the local constabulary to accept.

There were many stories going about at the time of people bonking in the tree house in the park and I recall hearing about Junie Morosi flashing her breasts in the Bredbo Pub to some oggling locals. I do know that the hippies charged non-participants an entry fee to go in and have a look around the campsite/township, though not that many locals took up the offer *L*

Thanks to the Snowy Scheme, Cooma was very much a multicultural and cosmopolitan town (for it’s time) with 7 Nightclubs, 6 Pubs and 3 or 4 Clubs. Other than going to Sydney, if you wanted to get have a drink and a dance after midnight in the 60’s and late 70’s, then Cooma was about the only other place you could go… but being cosmopolitan didn’t mean that the Cooma people were as open minded as the hippies would have liked hehehe.

The cat did it The cat did it 12:15 am 22 Jun 05

I think the sculpture was built at the time of the late ’70s ‘Down to Earth’ Festival that was held nearby on the banks of the Murrumbidgee. Down to Earth was an alternative lifestyle movement with Dr Jim Cairns as one of its leading lights.

Bodhichitta Bodhichitta 12:14 pm 21 Jun 05

Thanks all.
I do prefer the Alien landing site suggestion….perhaps thats the one Ill use if asked.

Ari Ari 8:59 am 21 Jun 05

It’s the same sculpture DoppelFrog – the initial post was talking about the sculpture on “the left”, but driving in the other direction.

DoppelFrog DoppelFrog 4:20 am 21 Jun 05

What’s the ‘other’ scultpure then ? It’s on your right driving towards Cooma from Canberra (or it used to be), and it looks like a tangle of metal beams.

Thumper Thumper 2:18 pm 20 Jun 05


wonsworld wonsworld 1:10 pm 20 Jun 05

Thumper. .

I grew up in Cooma, and knowing some of my old mates… well, if they don’t land there now Im sure they used to at some stage hehehehe

Thumper Thumper 12:58 pm 20 Jun 05


I was a tad wrong in my assumption….

BTW, do UFOs land there?


matthewb99 matthewb99 12:47 pm 20 Jun 05

It’s named “Green Mountain Blue II”

It was made by an american sculptor named Charles (something) in 1978.

It was given to the land owner in 1981.

wonsworld wonsworld 12:41 pm 20 Jun 05

The Southern Cloud Memorial Park is in Sharp Street (down near Cooma BAck Creek). You pass it as you drive through town en-route to the snowfields or the lakes. It is a memorial to the crew and passengers who were not seen again after boarding the plane in 1931. The Southern Cloud was a sister plane to Smithy’s Southern Cross.

It was discovered again in 1958 by a Snowy worker in the Kosciuszko National Park. Pieces of the three engine Avro Fokker are placed into the memorial.

go here for a pic of the thing… Southern Cloud Memorial

The object on the Highway has been called everything from a “UFO landing site/beacon” to a ..well you name it and someone has thought that’s what it was.

From memory it is actually a free piece of artwork that was done for the landowner in gratitude for hospitality given the artist. It’s been there at least 25 years that I can remember.

Thumper Thumper 11:46 am 20 Jun 05

I think its a memorial to Sir Charles Kingsford Smith and the aircraft ‘The Southern Cloud’, but I may be wrong….

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