10 January 2007

Outta My Face, Charities!

| luca
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Were you like me over Christmas? Irritated that every shopping centre you visited was stocked with Charities all competing for your donation (Woden was particularly bad) ?

There is such a thing as public privacy but in their well-intentioned zeal, the Charities seem to overlook this. The minute I step out of my home a hundred little paws claw at me for money. I stay in my home and the same paws pound on my door! No escape!

And driving into Batemans Bay, after a long and sticky traffic jam, I was flabbergasted to see a welcoming committee of the rural fires people waving their buckets – as if imposing a toll for visiting the coast! I didn’t cough up on principle (and, yes, of course the rural fires charity is a worthy cause, most causes are!).

A problem with Charities is that they regard their cause as a licence to intrude on our public privacy. I’ve been harassed in cafes as I’ve lifted fork to mouth, so to speak!

I think there’s a more civilised way of soliciting alms. I think the Federal Government should establish a charity managed by a Board comprised of the usual culprits and taxpayers can elect to have a percentage of their income donated to the Charity and in return they get a sticker/badge that tells the charities at large you’ve made your donation and they should pester the Federal Government for a slice of the pie and not, not, not, not, bloody not … me !

[ED – the views of Luca are not necessarily those of RiotACT]

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I think anyone who donates to a charity is, obviously, doing a commendable thing, albeit, and let’s be frank here, its not too noble because there’s a bit of self interest involved (“I might have a heart attack” “I might go blind” “I might get MS” etc.). I think we spend too much money on human beings. There are other living things on the planet who have needs! Now I’m not going to use this site to spruik for my favourite charities because, no doubt, people will get their WIRES crossed and start to bitch and carry on! Keep donating!

ergo, charities have to market themselves to promote themselves, so that we can choose which ones we support (it’s a personal thing, right?), hence they are more and more in our faces . . . annoying us all. The joys of the marketplace.

Vic Bitterman10:54 pm 10 Jan 07

Are you suggesting luca, that a young child, on an outback cattle station who gets bitten by a venomous snake is not worthy of an uplift via RFDS to say Mt Isa hospital to save their life?

Maybe I shouldn’t have mentioned my last charity.

Anyway, it’s my choice, and nobody else’s opinons from here will sway my mind, so don’t bother trying.

Certainly not hijacking this thread….

Good for you,Vic Bitterman, but instead of contributing to the Charities that attend to the needs of the irresponsible, useless, bloated, self-indulgent, self-centred human animal,you might, just to spread your benevolence a little more evenly, consider the needs of the other type of animal? Just a suggestion.

Vic Bitterman9:00 pm 10 Jan 07

I don’t give any money to any charity who knocks on my door, pesters me on the street/shops or who rattles a tin at my car window.

I choose a different charity each year, and depending how much tax refund I reckon I will get back, I will make a single donation of a few hundred dollars just before the end of the fin year.

Last time was the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

Next time, dunno yet!

I figure by making a single tax deductible donation is about the same as slinging the above mentioned individual collectors a dollar or two every few days – always without receipts.

You didn’t lose your $, Podfink!

I, like I would imagine most people, resent being forced to do things. I will examine my humanity, if need be, at a time and place of my choosing – not when I’m trying to enjoy a meal and conversation with, say, my wife. Under my excellent proposal (as all my proposals are), the badge I get will demonstrate that I have examined my humanity and given a part (very small in my case, but worth every cent) of my salary to John Howard’s Charity Australia and I don’t want to revisit the subject again, thank you very much, and would you now let me finish my meal in peace!

All the charities are deserving in some way, so it’s a good idea to have a stock answer and a chosen charity you will favour, eg ‘Doctors without Borders is my charity, but thank you and good luck’. And NEVER donate via the spruiking phone call, just tell them you don’t do business that way, goodbye. If you foolishly ever do, you will be bombarded for years.

This Chrissie the skin treatment floggers at the ‘Dome were worse than any charity, they would not take ‘no’ for an answer, wanted to polish the nails with some fancy schmancy buffer thingie.

Think of it as forcing john howard to donate to charity.

barking toad3:30 pm 10 Jan 07

Yep, giving away $1.00 to save $0.30 is good, despite being $0.70 lighter in the kick.

remember that donations to charity are tax-deductible. So holding onto it all for yourself may be satisfying, but giving to others might work better for you on June 30.

Deadmandrinking3:19 pm 10 Jan 07

To Mr Evil – they can’t deprive them any more, I don’t think. No money in the dead.

Deadmandrinking3:18 pm 10 Jan 07

Smile, shake your head, say no. Problem solved. That was a whole five seconds of your time.

The children in the pictures on the World Vision table never look deprived and hungry enough to me!

It is really annoying though if you work in civic or woden to be asked ‘to just stop for a moment’ by the same 6 charity collectors day in and day out during your brief lunch period.I stopped going into garema place due to the mass of ‘good causes’ everywhere.

Okay I am a doorknocker for charity and you would be surprised how much people actually do donate, I certainly was, I guess it is in your face when they are at your door, but there are some that just say no thank you. I would rather donate to the Heart Foundation and $2 donation is tax deductible remember!

Simply explain that you already donated/purchased/contributed/whatever, “yesterday”.

Not only do they leave you alone, but they’re apologetic for harassing you a second time, AND they think you’re a nice person!

bloody chuggers.

Those morons that are pushy and wont take no for answer give those who are being polite and standing back hoping someone may make a donation a bad name!
The other problem is most organisations are not transparent on where the money has gone or is going!

Oh c’mon, it’s not being “challenged frequently by other members of your community to examine your humanity”!

It’s begging.

I’m no gambler but I’d put money down that Luca doesn’t actively participate in community groups or local charities. Is your life so controlled that you are adverse to any colour or spontaneity? Why shouldn’t you be challenged frequently by other members of your community to examine your humanity? Perhaps you would prefer a “gated community” so as to limit your exposure to the great unwashed. Even better, you might try helping out instead of pointing your finger.

mudge-python11:13 am 10 Jan 07

“He didn’t even say where he was from, the sign on the bucket read some wildlife thing” bighead

I actually saw this guy on Friday as well, and it was not the first time. He was on Lygon Street in Melbourne on New Years Eve harassing the people in the restaurants. Obviously a successful ploy if he is getting around the country on the benefits.

Maybe the “40 cents for the bus guy” should get some tips from him. Perhaps he could start by asking for enough money to actually catch the bus.

If I give a charity $1 will they stop asking for money ?

If I give a charity $100,000 will they stop asking for money ?

The answer is no, because NO amount of money will ever be enough.

That’s why I never give them any money, strangely we both end up better off.

I think the idea of govts administering charity is bad (mkay), just think how they spend your taxes, do you want them to support charities in the same way?

some people will always ask for charity, if you dont want to support them you just have to say no (like drugs mkay)
figure out what you do want to support and do it

these days many charities sometimes prefer you to lobby support for their cause thru letter writing to politicians than just provide money, as money is cheap and brief but the ability to influence policy and legislation is greater

A friend gave me a t-shirt once with “Yes I have change you piece of shit, thanks for asking”

Sum’s up my feelings for the most part 🙂

window washing guy’s line “I’ll give you a free one”

I’ve seen the guy on Northbourne near Jolimont actively refuse money, after offering a freebie.

I got pissed off the other day, went to meet a group of friends in civic, we were heading out for the night.

Now, no sooner than I sat down in Gloria Jeans with friends that were there. This guy with a bucket was just in our face asking for money.

He didn’t even say where he was from, the sign on the bucket read some wildlife thing. He just wouldn’t leave us alone until we gave him something. He kept asking for $5 or $10, But most of the guys I was there with don’t currently work (having finished school), So I put in a few dollars along with others and he pissed off to annoy the next person in Gloria Jeans.

Now to me, it’s just wrong, I go to some places to relax and enjoy, not to have my privacy invaded by some random. To me he seems to have a comparison to the window washing guy’s line “I’ll give you a free one”, They just come and invade you, and then still seem to expect money for something you didn’t care about in the first place. (on that note, I do support the guy in Dickson, but he would be the only one)

JohnBoy (one assumes this is who ED is?): Are you thus implying that everything else published on this site is otherwise representative of the views endorsed by RiotACT? A bit picky aren’t you?

Your words are your own in all cases. I just wanted to make it especially clear here.

Personally I think public solicitation of all sorts should be banned and the police should throw the whole gang of panhandlers into the chokey for 24 hours.

barking toad8:44 am 10 Jan 07

serves ya right for going to a shopping centre

send ya missus

Public Privacy????? That’s an oxymoron.

VYBerlinaV8_now with_added_grunt8:19 am 10 Jan 07

I once had Amnesty International ‘volunteers’ hassle me so much (wouldn’t take no for an answer) that in the end I simply told them that I didn’t need their help because I was already free. They stood speechless, I walked away.

I support several charities, one in particular quite strongly, but I don’t appreciate people getting in my face with sob stories everytime I leave my office.

I have to agree with some of lucas points to a degree and some people asking for donations are a tad too pushy and rather annoying. Though being a member of the Rural Fire Service I have to stick up for the lads at the bay. Good on them for seizing the holiday period and giving up thier personal time to fundraise and for taking advantage of the flocks of people that were down the bay over the holiday season. This is thier opportunity to ensure they have the extra dollars to equip trucks and themselves to ensure thier safety and so they can offer the best services to the community down that way when required.

Its easy – keep walking – no eye contact – if they insist – keep walking say no thank you smile and say have a nice day.

Stopping is the equivalent of getting a hook lodged in your fish of choices lip – so dont do it.

I heard that these people are just contractors for the charity they represent anyways – so they dont care about anythin gbu tgetting the $$$’s

No point being an asshole – I mean how many people are assholes to them in a day – sure yours may only be a small contribution – but it may have a cumulative effect.

You can be firm and not an asshole – tell them that you are already coontributing to charity – even if its in a non monetary way.

I tell them I do a lot of cooking in teh soup kitchen and that usually shuts them up.

At the end of the day – this is only how I deal with them – not telling you that its the way it is – its just the way it is for me.

Good luck riotacters

luca’s views are pretty extreme, hence the editorial disclaimer presumably.

I don’t disagree about the annoying presence of organisations fundraising (FR) in shopping malls, but they’ve gotta get their message out. Most of the FR in malls is performed by third-party marketing companies. That annoys me.

JohnBoy (one assumes this is who ED is?): Are you thus implying that everything else published on this site is otherwise representative of the views endorsed by RiotACT? A bit picky aren’t you?

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