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Oven cleaning in Canberra?

By Madam Cholet - 2 September 2010 22

Does anyone know of anyone offering an oven cleaning service in Canberra? There are many organisations in Sydney, but nothing that I could find in Canberra. I would prefer it to be chemical free, although would consider any organisation offering the service really.

I wont say I don’t have time to do it because that would be a lie, but I just hate doing it and come the time I do eventually roll up my sleeves it’s worse than it really should be.

Failing any available service in Canberra, I may just have to buy a new oven. Anyone recommend a good make of oven…?

What’s Your opinion?

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22 Responses to
Oven cleaning in Canberra?
Masquara 11:44 am 08 Dec 13

voytek3 said :

Or you could just do it yourself like a normal person.

You’re advising people to use harsh chemicals and expose the family to vapours rather than use the self-clean option they paid for when they bought the oven? I think you’re just being a contrarian there for the sake of it.

voytek3 11:32 am 08 Dec 13

Or you could just do it yourself like a normal person.

Masquara 11:24 am 08 Dec 13

Before you engage a contractor, check your oven for whether there’s an ultra-high-temp self-cleaning option that pretty much vaporises everything on the walls, floor and racks. I shopped for an oven a couple of years ago and most of the ones I looked at had that option.

Madam Cholet 11:20 am 08 Dec 13

My own zombie post!

Just on the oven….got so fed up of cleaning the oven that we put in a new kitchen recently and got a nice shiny 90cm oven to go with it! The other one was starting to fail so it’s not as self-indulgent as it sounds.

It does have liners in it that can be taken out and cleaned which again reduces the amount of chemicals used. I only ever used bicarb to be more environmentally friendly, but must admit it’s not as good as the supermarket chemical stuff that nearly kills you when you use it!

BimboGeek 4:19 pm 07 Dec 13

I’m not a Norwex lady but I recently went to one of their parties and I was really impressed with the quality of the cloths I bought. They also have chemicals for oven cleaning so safe that you’ll be kicking yourself for using their space-age cloths that don’t even need chemicals.

So if you hate housework as much as I do, get your girlfriends together for a Norwex party. 😉

homoincognitus 4:04 pm 07 Dec 13

You need a new AGA Total Control range cooker, they’re cast iron, so a quick wipe with the supplied wire brush does the job. They will last for 60 years plus.
I believe a shop in Fyshwick carries the range. And lovely colours.

RHW 11:13 am 07 Dec 13

Previous replies are old but wanted to update and add recommendation. Just had excellent green clean of appallingly dirty oven and cannot recommend highly enough.

Kerry Bryon of OvenU Canberra

answered phone message promptly, gave quick appointment, turned up on time, used non toxic cleaner and the oven is absolutely shining and like new. It can be used straight away and I am delighted with result altogether. The cost was $150 and it took about 2.5 hours, but worth every cent.

Kuku 5:58 pm 02 Sep 10

A few months ago Michael from Chars posted here. I cannot recommend his company highly enough AND he cleaned my oven. I can actually see what’s cooking now. 0407177957

Madman 5:15 pm 02 Sep 10

I had a company come and do my place not that long ago and they cleaned by overn really well. They even took the protective glass off and did inbetween.

They are called iClean Carpets
Don’t be fooled by the name

Telephone: (02) 6255 7719

troll-sniffer 2:49 pm 02 Sep 10

As part of my ongoing exapnsion into the ACT market, (and spotting an opportunity too good to leave begging) I am offering my services as Canberra’s only genuine Reiki Oven Cleaning service. (Disclaimer: Don’t be fooled by those fly-by-nighters who come on here and promise so much yet deliver so little).

For $19.95 plus a chemical-free levy of $9.95 I will come and clean your oven in true Reiki style. Without lifting a useful finger or accomplishing anything that can be scientifically tested I will clean and scour the inside of your oven to a sparkling clean state. (Disclaimer: Reiki states can vary from socially accepted norms).

You can book at

madamcholet 2:10 pm 02 Sep 10

Thx Greyhair. I’ll look up your suggestion.
And to Rebcart, apologies…I should know better working in the ag chemical industry shouldn’t I? What I meant was synthetic/toxic chemicals. Everyone knows that the standard supermarket stuff is toxic as all get out.

Greyhaired 30yo 10:24 am 02 Sep 10

I have just moved out of a rental property and the cleaners I employed for the final clean said they did not do oven cleans – after they had finished (I should have checked, I know). After many conversations with my friend Google, and a look in the yellow pages book (shock horror) and I came up with the following:

I spoke to this gentleman, he outlined what they do, said it was biodegradable and non-toxic stuff, and you can use your oven straight away as the cleaning chemical is also odourless and they rinse the parts afterwards. He was really friendly, and as he explained it, the process seemed very thorough (they take most parts out and put them in some kind of ‘bath’), it was a reasonable price for the level of service he was providing – I think about $130 for 2.5 hours. It was a shame I couldn’t book him, as he was very busy, and couldn’t get to my place for a few days, and I needed someone urgently.

I ended up calling quite a few cleaning companies, and the only one that could do it in my time-frame (and did not charge over $100) was ‘Molly Maid’ in the yellow pages. She charged $39.50 per hour, minimum 2 hours, and said that it would not go over that. I had to cover the element/fan thingy, spray the oven the night before, and provide all the equipment (spray, scourers, cloths, newspaper etc). I thought she did a pretty good job overall, the oven still smelt a little, which in my opinion can’t be avoided, no matter how ‘odourless’ the label says it is.

Sorry for the essay, good luck madam, hope it helped.

rebcart 9:25 am 02 Sep 10

“I would prefer it to be chemical free”

You want them to clean it with a vacuum?

Seriously, water is a chemical. Your saliva is a mix of chemicals. Products designed for cleaning things, including ovens, that you can buy in a supermarket tend to be quite effective chemicals. And anything used by a professional cleaner WILL be a chemical, no matter what their claim, unless their plan is to just stand there and telepathically wish the oven clean.

Rangi 9:17 am 02 Sep 10

I have a fisher and paykel double oven that I am very disappointed with, the fan forced element in the top oven has burnt out about 5 times, I have stopped bothering to fix it now. Just the other day as I was opening the oven (it had been on for around an hour)I got it about 2 or 3 inches open and the glass outer skin of the door shattered showering me and the kitchen with glass. It took me several seconds to realise what had happend and much longer to clean my pants and don’t even get me started on the crappy fisher and paykel double dishdrawer dishwasher we have.

neanderthalsis 9:02 am 02 Sep 10

Try a company that specialises in cleaning rentals. We had a leaflet in amongst the usual glossies advertising one a week or two ago. Unfortunately I can’t recall the name and the leaflet went to the recycling bin.

While i do hate cleaning the oven, buying a new one instead of cleaning it is a little over the top.

Mr Muscle and a BBQ mate (wire brush/scraper combo) will shift the worst of baked on crud. Put down a sheet of alfoil on the bottom to catch drips when you cook to make cleaning an easier process in the future.

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