8 August 2006

Patrick Carr's view of Turner Club violence

| johnboy
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[Ed: Dr. Patrick Carr, of Manuka, has neither written to nor is associated with any item posted on this website, and expressly those views outlined on the Turner Club Violence.]

In the comments to my story about going to the Turner Club on Saturday night a Mr. Patrick Carr has been kind enough to leave the following comment which I thought worthy of a post of it’s own. If for no other reason than it’s poor understanding of analogy and a failure to follow it’s own advice.

I think there is a valuable lesson for you to learn out of the Saturday night incident Johnboy, and that is the analogy that your grandmother should have taught you long go “If you can’t say anything nice about someone, don’t say anything at all”.

Lucky for you Troy was in a good mood and he didn’t have the commonsense punch straight rather than bitch slap you, as rightly you deserved.

See I have had the misfortune of reading through your bullshit blog, which should otherwise be known as self masturbation on the internet.

Why don’t you and your homo mates stay at the Phoenix bar? Maybe because you’re happy to go a bowling club and drink the cheap piss they put on? And then listen to a band that the Phoenix is not prepared to subsidies?

Were you not speaking to one of your other cock gagging mates and said the club is “Full of guys who look like those two” and for once a real punter heard you dribbling your opinionated bullshit and he took offence. And you couldn’t hide behind your keyboard with your generalisations and condescending comments, and better than thoe assertions. And when you were quizzed about your dribble, you couldn’t quit handle it could you? There was a bloke that has actually had a dig and got in the gym and had a go, and I quote, he was of the “heaving hoard of Karaoke obsessed rugby players.”

“Full of big blokes with the collars turned up on their shirts and poor anger management”, in the real world when you spew out shit like this people get the shits. And it’s probably not the going thing to bitch slap them across the face and teach them a lesson. But good on Troy, because from my opinion you deserve it cock gagger.

Keep your mouth shut if you can’t say anything nice, and if you are going to generalise and talk shit be prepared to be bitch slapped, because your nothing but a bitch.

Patrick Carr

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I’m deeply concerned by the levels of hatred that seem to proliferate in the blog-scape. I’m dismayed to see fellow-contributors to this site unable to cut poor Pat a little slack. Okay, his comments might be slightly provocative, but all the more reason to reach past the hurt and anger and show some compassion.

the poor old cockgagger’s got enough to contend with.

How marvellous! I just googled “cock gaggers patrick carr”, and there was our lovey. Can’t find anything on ‘images’…..yet.

I certainly was.

Patrick was probably attracted to the site by all the semi-clad pictures of The Hoff

Patrick is definitely trying to back out of an untenable position by a thinly veiled subterfuge to look less the moron. FAILED!

I think someone is lonely on the Intertron and wants a freind.

That’s one google search I wont be doing at work

Perhaps Patrick is getting concerned his name and the words “cock gobbler” will be inextricably linked for ever more thanks to Google.


Your efforts to create the impression of a reverse ferret (triple ferret?) would be more effective if it wasn’t for the patterns you left all over thed site when you first came visiting.

I’ll pass on the beer for now but we do advertise pub nights every now and then so keep your eyes open and you never know your luck.

Masturbation: Sexually arouse (oneself or another) by manual stimulation of the genitals (The Australian Pocket Oxford Dictionary). Johnboy, I was merely indicating that your blogging is an exercise in “self masturbation”, however clearly without your genitals being involved. You might like to trip me up on that mistake?

Why don’t we have a drink down at the nun sometime?


Dave_Heidelberg2:05 pm 29 Jun 05

Soon my son, soon.

Hey David H.

Now that you’re ‘out’ everything makes sense. The skivvy particularly. hehe. Good to see you’re still alive. When are you getting back to blogging? I miss you.

Dave_Heidelberg1:01 pm 29 Jun 05

As far as I can remember, I was involved in a three way ‘anal sex frenzy’ with Patrick and Tim.

Patrick really did ‘take it like a man’, however I found Tim to be a little needy. I mean the guy kept calling me for weeks after the ‘incident’.

It was just a little fun, and I wouldn’t have done it if I had known he was going to form some sort of an emotional attachment.

Patrick – It always amazes me that Rugby heads always refer to ‘non sporting types’ as fags or cock gaggers, but mate: If someone can only bring themselves to play a sport surrounded by other men, that involves close touching, rubbing, sweating, showering… need I say anymore.

Even tho troy is a big boy, i guarantee you this wouldnt have hapenned if he wasnt in eye-sight of the rest of the rugger buggers – whether for them to back him up, or be impressed with the macho bullshit.

If you go to O’Malleys, you’ll find our little Paddy Carr in the blokes dunny taking a loooong time to dry his hands.

in the bus interchange in the city. opposite the civic library

since there was such a thing as “self masturbation”…..

Since when has the Phoenix been a gay bar ?

Patcarr = agent provocateur.
In other words, and in language he/she may understand, a cockteaser.

We have done well Johnboy!! There are now 37 posts on to your blog regarding the comments by myself. A whole lot more people now know about your fabulous website.

All the best, and keep up the good work.

Just admit that you should have kept your mouth shut and not had a go at this bloke and you wouldn’t have got bitch slapped?

I realise reading comprehension isn’t your strong suit patrick, and even assuming belting people for saying things you don’t like is OK (which I don’t), you failed to notice that i hadn’t said anything at all to your mate Troy. My “offensive” remarks were not addressed to him but a private conversation he chose to evesdrop on.

but just don’t put shit on people and expect them to tolerate it.

Well there we’ve got a problem. I DO expect people to tolerate each other.

As for other comments and suggerstions, we’ve got pretty good at spotting fakers and desptie his extreme unpleasantness patrick appears to be genuine. I certainly appreciate his clearing up the way he and his think.

Mr Takiari’s heritage isn’t immediately obvious to look at him and his companion was pale of hair and hue, I dount that was the cause of the trouble.

I’ve got better things to do with my time than spend them pursuing these people any further.

All Bar Nun is a short hop up the road and the staff and clientelle there are infinitely preferable.

Vic Bitterman6:42 pm 28 Jun 05

Onya Johnboy. You handled the situation fine.

Don’t go back to the Blue Oyster Bar, you’re obviously not their kind.

And as for ‘Patrick Carr’ I suggest you find something else to bitch about. Get a life and stop involving yourself in other peoples shit.

Having worked security in pubs and clubs a few years ago it comes as no surprise to me that stuff like this (still) happens. It’s a shithouse state of affairs, but it’s life.

JB you took one on the chin and lived to fight (or not- either way is cool, there are no prizes for copping a hiding) another day. Learn from this experience and move on if that is what you wish to do.

As for advising the police, the last time I was involved (as a guard) in this sort of incident where I copped a flogging (courtesy of four gutless pieces of shit) they were uninterested in pursuing the assailants. If you do report this, don’t expect any miracles from the boys in blue.

Life is full of lessons that are there for the learning. I’m not sure there’s a moral to your story, maybe it’s about exposure to situations like this, maybe it’s about being more subtle when surrounded by people you clearly have a lot contempt for; either way I do feel for you because in an ideal world this type of thing would not happen.

And as my Grandfather told me when I was younger, nobody wins a fight. He’ll get his own; have no fear of that. Just pray he learns a lesson and lives to not fight another day, because meatheads who pick on small strangers can end up being shot. In my opinion, that’s not justice either.

JB you’re missing out…

Financial Assistance
You may be able to get financial assistance from the government if you have been injured as a consequence of a violent crime (such as assaults or a threat made against your life) in the ACT.

Legal advice should always be sought about whether what happened to you was a violent crime.

Read the Financial Assistance Guide to determine whether you are eligible.


“Full of guys who look like those two”

can easily be misheard as

“Full of gays who look like those two”

obviously your mistake JB – their hate of cock gaggers is legendary

Quick question for you G. If JB was to report this incident (or should something similar happen to another of our readers) what sort of response would we expect from the police?

What goes around, comes around. If Mr Takiri is the type that like to go out into pubs and get in the odd blue one day he will come unstuck. There is always someone bigger, faster, nastier out there who will take him to task.
I have seen it on numerous times when an angry man has picked a fight and got his arse kicked. He is always the one who cries the loudest.
Professional footballers get some fairly serious fines from their clubs for anti-social behaviour. More than they would get from the Courts anyway.
Provocation is never a defence for assault. ‘You want a fight’ for example is different – then we are dealing with an amicable contest.
If JB wants to walk away, that’s his thing. If he wants to then report on it on his own website, then that’s also his thing.


that explains it then… those psych studends are all the same 😉

sorry bronson – i believe you would have found me down the pub each brumbies game in 05.

I was referring to the the type of person Mr Carr portrayed himself and I think my character analysis was quite correct. I was wasn’t casting generalisations about all rugby folk, merely defining the character of Mr Carr and those he represents based on his attitude and writing style.

I was merely trying to suggest that Mr Carr is someone grinning and shit stirring in order to provoke a lively topical debate.

Good chance they’re a social psych student at the ANU.

I agree Bronson, and I totally retract my last comment. ‘Twas the drink that made me do it.

ahh… just a sec. I own a ute, and i like rugby. I don’t however, a)get in fights or b)drink until i spew. I find violence repulsive and JBs story is a nasty one indeed, but i think generalising about people because of their choice of sport, car, social cirles etc. is a very dangerous thing.

Ummmm – does Patrick Carr really exist.

Technically if he’s the rugby playing champion-good-on- ya-mate-geez-I-really-gave-it-to-her-good-with-three -of-my-mates-then-bashed-her-boyfriend-pass-me-some -piss-so-I-can-fall-asleep-in-my-own-spew-in-the-cubicles -at-mooseheads sot of bloke, then the post makes no sense.

1. It’s relatively coherent
2. It uses paragraphs
3. spelling and grammar are at or above a grade six standard
4. There’s no mention of utes

I dunno

I smell a rat

Yup, I was playing lawyer (full disclosure – I’ve done a law degree, but I’m not one in my professional life). Having re-read the incident, JB does say there was a break of a few minutes between his comment, and the fists coming out. Which means that Mr. Takiri had time for rational consideration.

Having said that, I’ve no doubt that if this does come to court, Mr. Takiri will be fully equipped with laser-sighted QC paid for by those who believe that because someone is good at moving a ball from one end of a field to another, they should be absolved of any and all social responsiblities.

I think that is pushing it simto.

“Full of guys who look like those two” is a phrase widely variable to interpretation that it realy couldn’t be used as justification for anything. Likewise, unlike Mr Carr, I can’t for the life of me see how it could be used as justification to hit someone.

Pistols at dawn? Cock measuring competition? Cock gagging competition? How will we ever resolve this?

Patrick Carr is oblivious to the fact that he is a caricature of himself. I think we should all try and learn a lesson from this man, whose mother didn’t love him quite enough, whose father was hard but fair and who beat him just enough to teach him the lessons he needed to learn, whose ‘mates’ occasionally play such practical jokes on him as rubbing their dicks in his face when he’s passed out maggoted on the lounge room floor, whose wife lays back and takes it like a woman until he’s finished masturbating himself in her like a sex doll, who has secret dark fantasies about his mates which he relieves with a bit of rough and tumble, who will forever be marginalised in the ‘clever country’ because his edumacation was lacking, and who will end up a sad and sorry, lonely old fucker, crapping on like the above, till he dies in a piss-seeped bed in a sub-standard nursing home.

But just what that lesson is, I’m not quite sure.

I apologise to you all, and particularly to Patrick, for the above, but it (you, Patrick) made me really angry. I should just not press that button but…ngggh…wai…

Absent Diane11:21 am 28 Jun 05

—->whoops – I think I have had that saying confused for as long as I have known the saying…..

I know a game that’s great for situations like this..

It’s called brick-window-house, work out the rules as you go, winner gets lots of feelgood about themselves.

It’s been tragically obvious that JB’s straight on this blog for quite some time. If he had the option of another gender, he’d have moved on to them long, long ago…

However, to play counsel for the defence for Mr. Takiri for a second here – it is just about possible that he may be able to get away with claiming he was racially vilified.

For those who don’t know, Mr. Takiri is not of anglo saxon origin. “Full of guys who look like those two” is a phrase widely variable to interpretation, and, when you’re a guy with more steroids than brains, and your entire educational experience consists of being given a pass in exams because that way you get to stay in the school’s first fifteen, you could possibly interpret some language to mean something other than what JB intended.

Which is not to say he’ll get off scott-free, just that there’s a decent chance some kind of mitigation will come into play.

(Absent Diane, a dime a dozen means they are very common. I think you probably mean the opposite of that… right?)

Absent Diane11:07 am 28 Jun 05

The point is that most of your stereotype footy players are complete thugs and deserve to be locked away when they are not playing.

In saying that those who aren’t the stereotype are generaly decent dudes – but they are a dime a dozen.

I agree Random. I’ve met/worked with some blokes who you would never pick as being homos.

Homosexuality as a sign of weakness amuses me as I know a lot of homosexuals, girls included, who would beat six shades of shit out of anyone in the ring and make them go down in short order to boot.

Double entendres intentional.


Just admit that you should have kept your mouth shut and not had a go at this bloke and you wouldn’t have got bitch slapped?

If you had left the bowling club, and kept your smart arse comments to yourself and talked up that lovely sweet lady you’ve told me about this wouldn’t have happened would it?

There is a lesson in this for you old boy, and you seem to be a smart enough to learn it, just keep your mouth shut and your comments to yourself when you are out it public. You can rant and rave and practice democracy on your website with all your other blogers, but just don’t put shit on people and expect them to tolerate it.

Good luck JB.

There’s got to be more than one Patrick Carr in Canberra, because I know one who works in Manuka and I’m quite sure he’d never say anything like that.

Methinks that Patrick Carr protests a little too much against the “cock gaggers”

Sounds very much like a locker room lingerer.

My names Terry. And I’m a law abider. Good bloke fairly. But I get well lairy when geezers look at me funny. Bouncin’ round like bunnies … I’m an upstanding citizen. If I war came along I’d be on the front line wif em. etc etc.

What a cock this bloke sounds like.

Johnboy, for God’s sake. Make an official complaint. If nothing else, it’ll make for an interesting day down at the Magistrate’s Court. I promise I’ll be there to hold your hand, you big sissy.

From one of the (not) poofters down at the Phoenix.

There are nobs in all walks of life not just Rugby and the Riot crew are ALL big rugby fans so lets not degrade this into a bagging out of any particular group.

Now I know a few of you like to stand up for JB but please DON’T FEED THE TROLLS.

Growling Ferret9:26 am 28 Jun 05

Rugby, the game they play in heaven. Not. It has as many wankers (if not more) playing as League does…

Patrick: masturbation that is not self masturbation is called sex. I will give you the benefit of the doubt, since it’s unlikely you’ve ever HAD sex, but still, I believe it is important you know what sex is.

Now fuck off.

Sorry Nik,

But I think when a culture of violence, obscenity, and intimidation, turns up on my doorstep it deserves a little sunlight.

If they want to make comments like the one above then I intend to maximise their exposure.

I think they make my argument for me.

Especially when a club official has all but called me a liar.

I’m glad a man can be about more than beer and footy, or I think I’d be looking for one for all eternity…

John, we have told you before, don’t feed the trolls. Delete them.

And while we’re here can anyone tell me how self masturbation differs from the usual kind?

For the record Patrick, sweety, I was talking to a rather attractive woman at the time of the incident.

Yes a man can write about more than beer and footy and still be heterosexual, who’d a thunk it?

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