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Pest control and DHCS

By T1G3R 13 January 2013 27

Hi folks,

With all this heat I’ve been finding quite a large amount of spiders. Usually adult wolf and huntsman spiders. This i can take care of, just yesterday i killed a six legged wolf spider no problem.

My problem today is that i have just terminated the lives of 20 tiny babies. They were making a nest between my hallway and bathroom. and i walked through them and i’m officially freaked out as they might be on me, in my hair and just everywhere. It is giving me the major shivers. Anyway usually when there is a few i know there’s a lot more and not knowing who or where the mother of these dumplings are.

I’m currently a DHCS tenet and wanted to know if anyone else encountered similar infestations and what if anything maintenance did or if i have to fork out 200 for the extermination.

Under normal circumstances i wouldn’t mind paying but i only get 200 bucks a week and that’s not counting food and bills so, i’m tight on budget. I know there’s bug bombs out there but i’m a little skeptical on their efficiency.

Any helpful advice will be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,


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Pest control and DHCS
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cleo 3:45 am 16 Jan 13

Hi just get two big cans of Mortein surface spray, someone I know who is in public housing used this method, as housing would not come would not help, she had the same problem as you, and that is what she did, I recommend the Mortein, used it many times, for Red-back spiders, outside the house also, mainly because of my young grandson.

scorpio63 11:03 am 15 Jan 13

I leave huntsman’s in as they reduce flies and rarely crawl along the floor, preferring the walls instead. Redbacks have lived ten year periods on the brick walls and at my car door in the garage, never a problem (they watch to ensure I have not accidentally brushed up against them when stretching out on their webs sometimes). Most spiders will not bite unless attacked or feeling threatened from the vibes towards them, ditto brown snakes and had those at my feet twice.

For Huntsmans who are jumpy, I use a soft mop to put them outside or a broom.

Vinegar and water sprays one part to three parts water on windows and around door frames; most insects I have discovered do not like the smell; hornets and wasps included.

A couple of weeks ago I suffered my first spider bite in the garden as it was my fault walking through with sandals. Fever and pain for 5 hours with swelling and then all gone! No antihistamines required.

Out of all spiders I feared the white tail spiders for a few years after reading horror stories until a relative was bitten by a white tail, pain, swelling and a scar left for a few weeks (mild bite). They enjoy getting into clothes, particularly on the floor if left in a basket or on the bed as she had done. These are breeding later in Canberra over the past two years as it used to be typically August/September/October, and it is now 6 weeks later being October/November when appearing.

Thorough and regular vacuuming is the key to moving these critters along and keeping an eye on linen cupboards with moth balls.

Most spiders do not like moth balls strategically placed.

Best wishes

Pitchka 8:21 am 15 Jan 13

You can get a concentrated pest control mixture from Bunnings (ive forgotton the name) but its approx $40 for about 500ml. You mix 100ml with approx 6L of water into a hand held do it yourself spray bottle..

Ive been doing my own pest control for as long as i can remember (once every 4 months)…Do all doorways, windows, entriers etc, and i can honestly say ive not seen a roach or spider in my home for at least 5 years…

T1G3R 10:40 pm 14 Jan 13

Chop71 said :

Spiders must be the governments fault so best get them to fix the problem at the general tax payers expense eh. Oh, so blessed to be in government housing.

You’re retarded. If you didn’t notice the post had no one to blame and it was looking into viable options for a disability pensioner. Arrogant prick.

Antagonist 10:08 am 14 Jan 13

Chop71 said :

Spiders must be the governments fault so best get them to fix the problem at the general tax payers expense eh. Oh, so blessed to be in government housing.

1. You are so awesome!
2. In a rental property, an ‘infestation’ would be the landlords responsibility. Everyday pest control is the responsibility of the tennant.
3. You are still so awesome!

dtc 10:03 am 14 Jan 13

According to a number of sites, spiders dont like the smell of lemon. So if buy a bottle of lemon oil (get the stuff used for incense burners) and put a few drops on a cloth and smear it around the house. Yes, your house smells uncomfortably lemony for a few hours, but it fades pretty soon.

Its hard to assess how well it works, but I use it in the shed and places which are usually highly webbed and it seems to work for several months. Actually, in the shed I mix the lemon with water in a spray bottle and just spray (because I’m lazy).

Google ‘shannon lush’ and ‘spiders’ for further info.

Chop71 9:07 am 14 Jan 13

Spiders must be the governments fault so best get them to fix the problem at the general tax payers expense eh. Oh, so blessed to be in government housing.

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