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scumdorg 29 May 2007 41

Peter Leonard is back reading the news on WIN. Over the past four weeks or so we have seen what amounted to a Claytons news service from WIN with a female stand-in reading the bulletin. During the first week or so Phil Small was also absent so, counting the weather segment as well, it was an all female affair for a while there.

Last night’s bulletin was a huge improvement over what we were seeing during Peter’s absence. His return seems to have reinvigorated the news and it is back to its usual high standard. Unfortunately due to WIN not having a local news on the weekend we had the usual covering of stories which had already recived a heavy workout on the ABC and other stations over the weekend including the Big Merino story yet again.

Unfortunately WIN News is set to suffer a drop-off in viewers from next Monday when Bert’s Family Feud (which is very popular in Canberra) goes off air and is replaced by the pompous and very boring Antiques Roadshow. According to the Sydney papers this might be temporary as Channel Nine is considering a new half-hour version of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. Let’s hope we see this surface sooner rather than later because the last thing we need is to know what an antique pie warmer was worth in 2001.

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41 Responses to Peter Leonard back on WIN News
puppydoug puppydoug 9:14 pm 23 Jul 07

Thank God this tired old act has finally gone! Boring, bland, contrived, stiff…he was PERFECT for this public service town.

Hasdrubahl Hasdrubahl 6:39 pm 02 Jun 07

I watch the news for the content – not for the dags who read the intros.

el el 6:09 pm 02 Jun 07

I’d watch the news more if there was a deep-voiced woman reading it…at least until the novelty wore off.

simbo simbo 5:18 pm 02 Jun 07

.. or Mark Ferguson (9 Weekends), or Matt White (7 Sport)…

I tend to think it’s pretty people of both genders – the days of the ugly-but-deep-voiced anchor is probably coming to an end for both genders (okay, there were never deep-voiced women hosting the news). I don’t know that it’s necessarily progress…

johnboy johnboy 3:54 pm 02 Jun 07

On the other hand compare the numbers of women compared to men coming up from the bottom of the ranks of on-air talent.

Not much room for the boys unless their name is Stefanovic,

Catriona Catriona 3:24 pm 02 Jun 07

Nice to see that female news readers are judged solely on the basis of how “hot” they are…but most male news readers are allowed to be wrinkly old prunes because, after all, they have “credibility”! Gee haven’t we come a long way girls?

Catriona Catriona 3:23 pm 02 Jun 07

Nice to see that female news readers are judged solely on the basis of how “hot” they are…gee haven’t we come a long way girls?

terry_wrist terry_wrist 6:01 pm 01 Jun 07


Peter Leonard’s replacement (i hope) is now on YouTube!!!

Go Here:

terry_wrist terry_wrist 5:59 pm 01 Jun 07

bonfire: “Catherine Garret is hot.” lol… okay, if you say so.

Jessica Good is annoying. Like a girl scout. She looks so put on, like she’s just itching to say “would you like some cookies sir, i baked them myself”. Yuk.

And Peter, well, it’s like listing to the new presented by a blend of Al Gore, The Grimm Reaper and Elma Fudd.

bonfire bonfire 3:39 pm 01 Jun 07

i still think catherine garret is the best newsreader in canberra.

and she is hot.

virginia hausegger is annoying. a shrill harpie like voice, and distracting ears. no one with ears that big should be on tv.

jessica good is a honey, but i just cant pay attention to her.

male newsreaders just have more credibility and are easier to listen to.

Catriona Catriona 2:15 pm 01 Jun 07

OMGZ those evil female newsreaders!! Heaven forbid there should not one male on the local news…Peter Leonard is hands down the most annoying news reader on tv, male or female. I hate the way he drags out the last word of every sentence, and he mumbles too, so annoying!

bonfire bonfire 10:39 am 01 Jun 07

i reckon peter leonard woudl be good subject for a riotact interview…

terry_wrist terry_wrist 3:37 pm 31 May 07

OzHair, I’m not saying your wrong, but two weeks ago I saw a Win News crew and they had one of the old BetaCams on the tripod in Civic. And if they did upgrade some/all cameras to the new XDcam, then it was very stupid to do so when their studios don’t support the newer formats. What a waste. Especially when my cheap laptop and camcorder can edit and render 1080i widescreen footage.

It is very dissapointing. A few years back, NBN invested millions in getting ready for digital television, including fitting out an outside broadcast vehicle that could stream via microwave and satellite, multiple high definition feeds at once. the Win Network (not just in Canberra) is much bigger, and yet the quality is the worst of any network. Have you seen footage from the south coast Win station, the cameras and lenses are so dodge that the blue sky is martian green and the water is murky grey.

caf caf 2:07 pm 31 May 07

NtP: It wouldn’t be a bad idea to do some basic spelling fixups on posts, since (rightly or wrongly) the posts reflect on the site as well as the poster.

Ozhair Ozhair 1:52 pm 31 May 07

“You know… widescreen.”

WIN Canberra are shooting using the latest XDCam cameras. Native widescreen. The problem isn’t with the footage aquisition, it’s with where it gets pumped out to the public. Upgrading the studio facilities to incorporate 16×9 is a lot more expensive than buying a $2000 consumer camera. Regional television is always slow to spend money unless it absolutely has to.

Example; when I was with WIN about ten years ago, the cameras were literally falling apart, and we were constantly appealing to management for new gear. The comment from senior management (not the local guys) was that they basically didn’t give a rat’s about quality, just as long as we were covering the black bits 😛 It was another five or six years after I left that the cameras were replaced.

Regional Television = cheap-ass slave labour 😛

terry_wrist terry_wrist 11:53 pm 30 May 07

I hate WIN News. Why should we support a news service that refuses to invest in providing a news service for the modern era. You know… widescreen. A $2000 HDV Camcorder from Domayne or Dick Smith has comparable quality to a broadcast camera and would make Win News footage look like it was taken last week, not last century. And take a look on You Tube, people are doing mock up Win News graphics which kick ass compared to the real graphics.

ABC News Rules… well not really. Its just the lesser of two evils.

ant ant 10:44 pm 29 May 07

Um, would you comment if the news was all men?

el el 10:36 pm 29 May 07

Last I checked we were in Australia too.

el el 10:35 pm 29 May 07

I do.

Pandy Pandy 10:18 pm 29 May 07

Poll: How many people eat at 6pm?

In Italy eating dinner would not occur until 8:30 or 9pm. Normal.

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