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Peter Leonard back on WIN News

By scumdorg - 29 May 2007 41

Peter Leonard is back reading the news on WIN. Over the past four weeks or so we have seen what amounted to a Claytons news service from WIN with a female stand-in reading the bulletin. During the first week or so Phil Small was also absent so, counting the weather segment as well, it was an all female affair for a while there.

Last night’s bulletin was a huge improvement over what we were seeing during Peter’s absence. His return seems to have reinvigorated the news and it is back to its usual high standard. Unfortunately due to WIN not having a local news on the weekend we had the usual covering of stories which had already recived a heavy workout on the ABC and other stations over the weekend including the Big Merino story yet again.

Unfortunately WIN News is set to suffer a drop-off in viewers from next Monday when Bert’s Family Feud (which is very popular in Canberra) goes off air and is replaced by the pompous and very boring Antiques Roadshow. According to the Sydney papers this might be temporary as Channel Nine is considering a new half-hour version of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. Let’s hope we see this surface sooner rather than later because the last thing we need is to know what an antique pie warmer was worth in 2001.

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41 Responses to
Peter Leonard back on WIN News
Samuel Gordon-Stewar 2:49 pm 29 May 07

Actually Southern Cross Ten produce all the local news updates here in Canberra…trouble is half the newsreaders they hire aren’t from anywhere near here, hence the reason they can’t pronounce any of our suburbs.

And when I say all the local news updates…I mean all of them, right around the nation. They even publish the whole lot of them online, and it is quite amusing in a sad way to see the same newsreader presenting just about every update.

emd 2:30 pm 29 May 07

The QA on stories is probably just a preview of what all written communications will be like in ten years… when the kiddies are all super-schooled and have an hour’s drive home afterwards.

Back on the topic, I would much rather Antiques Roadshow than Bert Newton or Eddie McGuire. Or even better, switch the damn box off and go have a life.

JD114 12:43 pm 29 May 07

Another thing off topic, I have noticed an alarming drop off in QA of stories posted here at the RiotACT, with spelling errors and typos in abundance. Don’t you guys read your copy before you publish?

justbands 12:43 pm 29 May 07

I love (read: despise!) the little local updates Ten do lately (all recorded in Sydney) that give helpful local weather hints at the end, such as “Sunny in Nicholls today!”, picking suburbs at random. It’s an attempt to make them seem “local”, but actually reinforces that the opposite is true.

JD114 12:40 pm 29 May 07

I don’t like Peter’s reading style. it’s like listening to a funeral director, with every sentence dropping off in tone and the last word extended as though the end of the world is imminent. A lot of people I talk to feel the same way. Peter has been around for a long time, and good on him for that. But the longer he sits in the chair, the more painful his reading style becomes.

Over at the ABC, Virginia is a bit better, but she tends to be a bit high pitched and also a bit faster than ideal.

Personally I found Paula Wilcox who briefly appeared on ABC in the early days of Virginia to be the best local news reader since Christine Kininmonth was brightening up the Channel Ten offering all those years ago.

At least we don’t have to put up with the standard formula of one alpha male and one pretty female each being paid good money to present half a bulletin!

sepi 11:47 am 29 May 07

I like WIN news.

I think ABC have got it wrong in trying to cover local, national and international in their 25 minute show. If I wanted to know what was happening in Baghdad etc I would watch a national news bulletin.

Although at least they always have enough ‘news’ to fill the show.

Mr Evil 11:26 am 29 May 07

You can’t trust Jessica Goode: her eyes are too close together!

LG 11:06 am 29 May 07

I thought the young lady did a good job reading the news. No better or worse than Pete.

Heavs 11:04 am 29 May 07

Wondered what had happened to old Pete. Thought they might have taken him out the back and had him quietly knackered. Bint who was doing the reading wasn’t too bad at it though.

Mr Evil 10:58 am 29 May 07

When Peter’s back on TV you know that no matter what happens, everything will be okay. 🙂

Thumper 10:22 am 29 May 07

I like to watch WIN news and then follow it up with ABC for some balance.

And at least both have local content.

Ozhair 10:21 am 29 May 07

Heh, when I worked at WIN we called the weekend wrapup on Mondays the “swill wrap” 😛

DarkLadyWolfMother 10:15 am 29 May 07

I’d definitely prefer the Antique show to any game show. It’s times like this that the ‘we’ used in articles drives me nuts.

Thumper 9:43 am 29 May 07

Bert is a toad in a wig…

Nik_the_Pig 9:11 am 29 May 07

Bert’s Family Feud (which is very popular in Canberra)
Really? Are we that stupid??

“new half-hour version of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. Let’s hope we see this surface sooner rather than later..”

REALLY? Are we THAT stupid??
I’d far prefer to watch something about what an antique pie warmer was worth in 2001 than that mind numbing tripe.

Anyway, I can’t say I noticed Peter’s return or his absence.

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