Petrol prices in the ACT hit an all-time high with no relief in sight

Max O'Driscoll 9 November 2021 46
Petrol pump

Petrol prices are the highest we’ve ever seen in the ACT. Photo: Michelle Kroll.

Petrol prices officially hit record-highs this week and there’s little hope relief is on the way.

But NRMA spokesperson Peter Khoury said when compared to other capital cities, Canberra is still by no means the dearest place to fill up. The average in Canberra is 171.7 cents per litre, compared to Adelaide, Brisbane and Melbourne at 180 and Perth at 182 cents a litre.

“I guess what I’m saying is it’s bad everywhere. We’re more worried about the fact that it’s not going to go down anytime soon,” said Mr Khoury.

“There was some hope that we would see some relief heading our way, now that we’re in November with a potential increase in production levels, but that’s just not come to be,” he said.

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For a brief period on Friday, Mogas 95 was under $100 a barrel on the expectation that OPEC would increase production. However, output has not increased and prices quickly returned to above $100. Hope now rests in greater production in December.

“How much higher [are prices] going to go? We’re hoping not that much, but it’s such a volatile market right now, it’s really difficult to predict. What we do know is that there is nothing that we’re seeing which gives us any sort of confidence that we might start to see some relief,” he said.

Mr Khoury again reiterated his stance on the ACT’s absence of real-time data regarding petrol pricing.

He said a service such as the NRMA’s NSW Fuel Check would have made it easier for consumers to shop around and find the best price during a period of price volatility.

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46 Responses to Petrol prices in the ACT hit an all-time high with no relief in sight
Jose Vega Jose Vega 1:00 pm 13 Nov 21

Not just in Canberra it's a world wide phenomenon...

Mitch Savic Mitch Savic 12:00 pm 11 Nov 21

You know theres regular folk working just to make ends meet in Canberra too? We arent all public servants on 150k...

Capital Retro Capital Retro 8:46 am 11 Nov 21

With inflation in the USA now the highest in 30 years we can expect interest rates there to rise which will in turn crash our dollar (which pays for most of our imports) so expect to pay over $2 per litre before Christmas.

Australia is lucky it has endless supplies of coal that the rest of the world doesn’t want. At least we will be able to ward off the winter chills and “keep our home fires burning”.

    JS9 JS9 10:22 am 11 Nov 21

    Shame you can’t eat the coal, or put it in your fuel CR, or you’d be right there.

    Capital Retro Capital Retro 10:51 am 11 Nov 21

    What a dumb thing to say. You can’t eat petrol (or electricity) either. The point I am making is soon we won’t be able to afford petrol or renewable electricity so life will become a matter of survival and at least abundant supplies of coal can keep us warm.

    Read some history books, JS9.

    Remelliard Remelliard 10:54 am 11 Nov 21

    Hey CR – I think your grasp of year 1 economics is a little lacking. Stronger than expected US inflation figures, if maintained, will place pressure on the Federal Reserve to tighten monetary policy, which would be good for Australia – plain and simple. Just Google that little fact if you need to. LEt me enlighten this a little more: higher US interest rates would put downward pressure on the Australian dollar and help boost the domestic economy, further lifting iron ore profits and adding upward pressure on domestic inflation figures….. that my friend is basic economics…. not a fanciful rant.

Beverlea Joce Beverlea Joce 11:24 pm 10 Nov 21

Borders open, back to work, people using the car again, petrol prices go up... coincidence ???

Jay Annabel Jay Annabel 11:00 pm 10 Nov 21

but long-term, they're probably only going to keep trending upwards as the world moves away from fossils

Ben Jones Ben Jones 5:27 pm 10 Nov 21

What happened to the ACT fuel watch page. What a scam that was 😂

Barry Finch Barry Finch 5:25 pm 10 Nov 21

The average price in Sydney is currently much cheaper than the average price in the ACT. Is there an app I can use in Canberra? I used to fill up at Caltex at the airport as they compete with the adjacent Costco but I have now moved to Coombs.

    Gordon Williamson Gordon Williamson 7:31 pm 10 Nov 21

    Petrol Spy works well

    Marcus Allan Marcus Allan 11:56 pm 10 Nov 21

    +1 for Petrol Spy.

    But all it really shows is Costco will save you about $1 for every 5 litres you purchase compared to the suburban places.

Allen Appleby Allen Appleby 3:58 pm 10 Nov 21

Costco most days around 30c/L less for 98... just sayin

Daffydd T Blaidd Daffydd T Blaidd 10:01 am 10 Nov 21

All thanx to to little Johnny Howard, when he thought Australians were getting fuel too cheap so connected or locally produced to OPEC prices ,. Then started closing refineries......

    Adam Van Gerwen Adam Van Gerwen 4:46 pm 11 Nov 21

    Daffydd T Blaidd I still find it funny listening to conservatives that like to parrot how much they believe he was our best PM ever, but never bring up his policy failings (of which there are many).

Tom Dale Tom Dale 9:55 am 10 Nov 21

I was robbed at the servo the other day. The police asked if I saw who did it. I said "Yes, Pump Number 5."

Shane Nayler Shane Nayler 9:31 am 10 Nov 21

Sorta convenient that prices skyrocket like this once lockdowns start ending huh.

    Tim Cole Tim Cole 10:35 am 10 Nov 21

    Shane Nayler not really. It's a mixture of supply and demand but exasperated due to energy shortages in the northern hemisphere.

    World oil prices usually go up due to northern hemisphere winter anyway.

Scott Abela Scott Abela 9:06 am 10 Nov 21

Meanwhile Aussie made LPG is looked down on as if its some second rate fuel despite being clean and plentiful and just as good as petrol in a modern system. For fuel security reasons alone we should be using locally made fuels.

    James Forge James Forge 9:03 pm 10 Nov 21

    Disgusting the way LPG has been treated as a viable fuel in Australia. As in it was once viable but nowadays not so much.

    Getting harder to find and more expensive per KM driven compared to petrol.

Annie Close Annie Close 8:32 am 10 Nov 21

Well, most of our petrol is imported. Time to get serious on EVs powered by our abundance of sunshine!

davidzilber davidzilber 8:11 am 10 Nov 21

And some of the highest prices seem to be in “Australia’s own” Ampol.

    Capital Retro Capital Retro 9:17 am 10 Nov 21

    That’s in the same category as the ACT only using 100% renewable electricity.

    JS9 JS9 9:44 am 10 Nov 21

    You are so incredibly predictable CR…..

Tony McKillop Tony McKillop 8:08 am 10 Nov 21

Those strongly worded letters Andrew wrote obviously aren’t working

    Andrew Kearney Andrew Kearney 10:55 am 10 Nov 21

    I didn't write any letters. Don't throw me under the bus cos it's nearly your birthday !

Shane Jasprizza Shane Jasprizza 8:03 am 10 Nov 21

How can fuel be 10c cheaper in Queanbeyan? 🤔

Jeffrey Brown Jeffrey Brown 7:49 am 10 Nov 21

Yep..... Probably thought if Canberrans could afford these multi-million dollar houses.... they should be able to afford a price hike in the fuel as well.... 🤷

    Giles Tranter Giles Tranter 9:30 am 10 Nov 21

    Jeffrey Brown the local market is just following the global rise in petrol prices as OPEC limits supply

    Jeffrey Brown Jeffrey Brown 10:23 am 10 Nov 21

    Giles Tranter, I know, just a thought. Usually if one can exploit, the other tries to follow suit.

Arety Kr Arety Kr 7:26 am 10 Nov 21

Just an excuse to keep screwing us!

Jon Billows Jon Billows 7:12 am 10 Nov 21

Average price is a poor guide to compare prices. Canberra doesn't have a fuel cycle so prices are constantly expensive. In other states there are cheap days where you can fill up for well below the average price.

Lauryn Roberts Lauryn Roberts 7:06 am 10 Nov 21

?! Could be.. 😂

    Giles Tranter Giles Tranter 9:29 am 10 Nov 21

    Lauryn Roberts the price rises are global. Local policy has very little to do with it

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