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Phillip Oval Proposals

By Pandy 12 July 2006 49

Phillip Oval Proposals

A think tank’s proposal to develop part of the Philip Oval precinct.

The future of Philip Oval is up for debate again, with a $180-million redevelopment proposal put forward by the Canberra Institute.

The plan involves rejuvenating the grounds, demolishing the Michael O’Connor grandstand and constructing three high-rise commercial and residential buildings.

But there’s speculation the functional review has recommended the site be sold. The minister (Simon Corbell?) not ruling that out today.

The neighbouring Helenic Club’s seen as a possible buyer, while another option is redeveloping the site for paid parking.

The Brumbies have expressed interest in re-locating to the Phillip Oval.

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Phillip Oval Proposals
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Chris S 12:02 pm 12 Jul 06

caf, the plan is to put housing in all sorts of plces – there’s Woden East, toward the cemetery, there’s plans to put a third floor above the shops in the Phillip Trades area (that’s all those loop streets around Townshend St), as well as re-purpose some of the commercial buildings as mixed use. And of course there’s the re-developmnet of the old Burnie Flats site as well.

The MP is predicated on an average of 100-150 new dwellings being constructed per annum well into the future. In particular, Woden East will be a very significant development opportunity.

caf 11:43 am 12 Jul 06

If residential sites are needed there, there’s that empty lot on the other side of Melrose Dr (opposite the hotel).

Heavs 11:11 am 12 Jul 06

Anyone else remember what Ainslie Oval used to look like, back around 7 or 8 years ago I think, before they did it back up to the standard it’s at now. It was a run down paddock.
I just hope they can do the same with Football park – so much more atmosphere than Manuka. I loved playing there. Bring it back!

simto 10:52 am 12 Jul 06

I really don’t care what’s done with the oval, as long as it’s not left the way it is. At the moment, it isn’t useful for sport, and it isn’t useful for anything else, either (well, maybe a few rats, native wildlife and homeless people might be sheltering in it somewhere). It’s a screaming, ugly eyesore begging to be removed.

Growling Ferret 10:40 am 12 Jul 06

“I wonder if Phillip Oval could end-up like the old main arena showground in Sydney”

What – they will turn it into a speedway one night of the year, before giving it to Rupert Murdoch?

Ari 9:38 am 12 Jul 06

Pandy, why not call in Stanhope’s ex-adviser Aidan Bruford?

He’s a dab hand with a paintbrush, or so I’m told.

Pandy 9:31 am 12 Jul 06

I thought Sonic had his name on, wait for it:

“The John Stanhope Memorial International Arboretum”.

I am just waiting for someone to paint that on that arboretum sign on the Parkway. It erks me everytime I drive past there each day to see this monument to John.

Well Chris, from the report on the news, I dont hold much “hope for Phillip Oval. If they want to hold AFL night matches there they need to have seating for 10,000, corporate stands, players rooms, gym facilities. I am surprised that the ABC Grandstand last Saturday did not have a piece about the plans for the Phillip Oval. Over the last few years they almost had a regular piece on that program about the future of the oval.

That estimates committee report I posted had from a quick read a proposal to place a 10 storey building on the ice-rink. Wont be long before you have the big end of town eyeing “Football Park” with eye catching montages of how buildings will look like on the site.

Maybe someone should engage a friendly town planner/architect to draw-up some plans on how the area could be redeveloped for night games, do some nice crayon drawings that architects like to do and get a piece in the Times about it?

Chris S 9:02 am 12 Jul 06

If you look at page 118 of the Woden TC Master Plan, you will see all sorts of possibilities for residential development within this “northern entertainment, accommodation and leisure land use area”. This probably doesn’t need to be the risk of balls through the windows, but certainly any entertainment or other noise-generating activity would need to be restricted.

This comes back to the old argument of prior occupancy, as we see with existing pubs and clubs who need to shut down or change their activities when residential development moves in. (Similarly in rural areas, where agri-businesses that create smell and noise and other by-products, such as dairy farms, piggeries, orchards, etc, are disadvantaged as urban development moves in on them.)

Terry Snow is right on one thing – if development occurs under the airport’s flight path, sooner or later the pressure will come on the airport to change things, and of course no-one else wants to be inconvenienced…

So with Phillip Oval (or Football Park or, God forbid, Stanhope Stadium) – the sporting activities would need to fit within residential constraints, which would potentially make them unviable.

Actually, Growling Ferret, the name Stanhope Stadium is starting to grow on me – what do you think?

Pandy 10:33 pm 11 Jul 06

Well I can see maybe office/bulky goods (heh)buildings going up on the site. If however, apartments go up on the site, the noise complaints and balls through the windows would close the oval down.

I wonder if Phillip Oval could end-up like the old main arena showground in Sydney?

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