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Please fence me in!

By weeziepops - 3 June 2009 34

I am looking to have colourbond fences put up and am keen to get a good deal and a good job done. 

Do any Rioters have suggestions as to which companies to approach and which to avoid? 

The job involves replacing all the fences around my house, so it’s a decent sized task.

What’s Your opinion?

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34 Responses to
Please fence me in!
weeziepops 2:29 pm 03 Jun 09

Okay, an update for interested fellow fencers. I have managed to speak to both LJK Constructions and Steve and John’s Fencing. So far looking at getting LJK in to do the job. Extremely helpful and gave me lots of information and advice. He gave me a quote over the phone, which I like to have, and is coming out to do a site inspection and final quote this weekend.

My next issue is going to be how I convince the neighbours to kick in their share and what recourse I have if they won’t/can’t!

johnboy 2:13 pm 03 Jun 09

Tempestas said :

Johnboy, these sort of posts are great, is there any sort of “Tradie recommendation” indexing you could do to make searching easier?

How about paling fences, Colourbond always feels to boxed in for my liking.

Oddly enough we’re working on something like that.

Tempestas 2:10 pm 03 Jun 09

Johnboy, these sort of posts are great, is there any sort of “Tradie recommendation” indexing you could do to make searching easier?

How about paling fences, Colourbond always feels to boxed in for my liking.

Whatsup 2:07 pm 03 Jun 09

Clown Killer said :

I can recommend Yard to Yard Fencing (Scott Easton 0417258785)

I can vouch for this company as well, they did an excellent job for a reasonable price, were reliable and friendly to go with it.

Kramer 2:03 pm 03 Jun 09

Weeziepops – Thanks for the post! I’m about to replace all of my fences too!!

Woody Mann-Caruso 12:14 pm 03 Jun 09

Rapid Set Cement is not your friend.

But…he touched me in my Special Area!

Thumper 11:56 am 03 Jun 09

Build it yourself.

It’s a fence, it’s really easy and will save you a fortune.

jimbocool 11:41 am 03 Jun 09

I second the non-recommendation of Jim’s Fencing – neighbour got his (wooden) fence done by them and it was a shocker – looked like it had been put up by Jose Feliciano. Took months for them to come back and fix it too.

misspris 11:24 am 03 Jun 09

Steve & John’s Fencing
(02) 6238 2284

Clown Killer 11:07 am 03 Jun 09

I can recommend Yard to Yard Fencing (Scott Easton 0417258785)

They did about 80m of 1.8m colourbond fencing and a gate for me in January. Scott took the time to properly understand the detail of the job and exactly what we wanted. He committed to a start date on our acceptance of his quote and his people turned up and did the work as agreed. Small problems were easily fixed and his price was, in my mind reasonable.

When comparing quotes check to see what you’re paying for. Yard to Yard were a little dearer than some of the others but their price included removal of the old fence, clearing and removal of vegetation to accommodate the increased height of the new fence and a quality finish – If you’re on a slope and your new fence comes down the slope in “steps” rather than as a single sweeping line then you know you’ve been ripped off.

S4anta 11:04 am 03 Jun 09

Galland Fencing. Good bloke, reliable service, like beer and pays for his shout. The latter should be trumps in anyones language

chewy14 11:04 am 03 Jun 09

Be very careful.
A few rules for new fences:
Know what kind of fence you want: colour, type, raked or stepped if you are on a hill
Go and look at prices yourself
The cheapest quote is not always the best.
Make sure the contractor has a list of references of previous work, Go and have a look at it.
Rapid Set Cement is not your friend.

Woody Mann-Caruso 10:53 am 03 Jun 09

I think you’re in my neighbourhood. In that case, I don’t recommend Jim’s Fencing.

blub 10:51 am 03 Jun 09

I had Fast Fencing (0410 894 093 – I think the guy’s name is Steve but my memory could be wrong) install my fence last year.

He was the cheapest by far of all the quotes I got, and you can actually see the good job he’s done when you compare my fence to the fences of some of my neighbours, who’ve also recently had fencing work done by other fence people.

hk0reduck 10:48 am 03 Jun 09

I called around a few places and got the best price for 1.8m Colorbond from Mark Read of LJK Constructions (0407 269 765).

Under no circumstances would I recommend approaching hk0reDuck and asking him to erect a fence for you. I hear he has absolutely no experience or credentials and would do a terrible job.

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