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Police Convention in Civic Bus Interchange

By shanefos - 20 June 2008 59

Now, I just know someone will post something inane about a doughnut van crashing, but does anyone know what was going on in Civic Bus Interchange yesterday afternoon?
At about 4:30pm there were six or seven police vehicles parked around the intersection of Mort St and Alinga St and various groups of officers standing around, some of them talking to a couple of dubious looking characters in particular.
Whatever it was appeared to be well and truly over.
Just wondering if it was anything news-worthy or just your standard Thursday afternoon in Civic…

What’s Your opinion?

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59 Responses to
Police Convention in Civic Bus Interchange
ant 10:42 pm 20 Jun 08

Sunglasses and doughnuts. Bad combination.

farq 9:54 pm 20 Jun 08

Special G, you sure sound like you have yourself convinced.

But who ever said I ‘hate’ police?

I simply have concerns about the attitude I see displayed (including around here) by people employed to keep the peace. You know, that standard over the top, insulting, bombastic, aggressive shouting that passes for discussion (with just a touch of homophobia thrown in).

Still I can see how it is much easier for you to get aggressive and belligerent with people if you can pigeon hole their views. I guess you find the world allot simpler and safer when everyone who disagrees with you is simply a ‘hater’.

I’m sorry if I wounded you deeply… I only prod and troll to make you think (and get a bite).

Was it the sunglasses comment that hurt you? Are you part of the guilty majority who wear them even when overcast because you think it makes you look cool and intimidating, like bad guys from some american movie? 🙂

Peace out! Have a hate-free weekend!

ant 9:48 pm 20 Jun 08

Lots of police milling about in one spot? Definitely something concerning doughnuts. Serious doughnut official business.

Special G 9:05 pm 20 Jun 08

Gee Farq. Your comments wound me deep. It’s well known you hate Police. I just haven’t seen your particular brand lately.

It is well known that the ACT has a junior Police force due to Govt funding and lack of recruitment in the second half of the 90’s, early 00’s. Combined with the AFP’s growing commitment OS it’s not surprising more experienced people moved out of ACT Policing and into other areas, others resign and chase the big bucks as investigators with private companies, eg banks and the like which all have their own teams and employ x-Police to staff them. Natural progression as such. This has been discussed several times.

It’s also well known DMD will bite when anyone throws a line into his pond. I didn’t think I’d get him that quick, but hey, that’s fishing.

@DMD – I was specifically making the point about farq hating cops. As for the cop who recently got done for Child porn, I am not oblivious to cops not all being goody two shoes, and he in particular should rot in hard core pund me in the arse prison for a very long time.

bd84 8:57 pm 20 Jun 08

the police convention at the headquarters on the corner there! mm doughnuts

farq 8:19 pm 20 Jun 08

Ah Special G; dispensing your own brand of specialness in a professional and non-confrontational manner.


I’m impressed that you only used a low level homophobic insult. Have you had some sort of police media training?

You say it’s unlikely for any of our police to have more than 5 years on the job? I wonder why they all quit?

Is it just the rude ones who stay on? 🙂

Special G 8:19 pm 20 Jun 08

Hook, line and DMD

Deadmandrinking 7:36 pm 20 Jun 08

I’m not going to bother Special G. Keep living in your closeted fantasyland where they bad-guys hate the cops and every single officer in the force is a goody-goody gum-shoes even when they make serious flaws in the course of their duties. Or look up child porn.

Special G 6:56 pm 20 Jun 08

Holy crap there are police in the ACT with 5 years on the job (not likely). Where have you been farq – your cop bashing has been missed – you need to get in touch with DMD and tap as you’d make a lovely threesome.

Pesty 5:26 pm 20 Jun 08

white powder incident? You mean there was no icing sugar on the donuts?


TAD 5:08 pm 20 Jun 08

Just a white powder incident at a large motel in Civic.

farq 5:03 pm 20 Jun 08

I thought a good percentage of local AFP had blank shoulder thingys.

You know the type, 5 years on the job, still on traffic duty. Bitter and rude with the road users they serve.

The kind that wear sun glasses even on overcast days, just so you don’t see the dead look in their eyes. 🙂

Kramer 2:04 pm 20 Jun 08
Mike Crowther 1:08 pm 20 Jun 08

Don’t quote me, but there is a class of trainees out and about at the moment. Next time you see more than half a dozen doing something, check their chevrons (shoulders). If the majority are blank and the lads look fit, clean and not yet worn down from shift-work and being constantly asked “Do you know who I am copper?”, then they’re probably getting some experiential learning in.

astrojax 12:41 pm 20 Jun 08

apparently, a rumour circulated over afp comm channels of an imminent out of control donut van, but the driver was overcharged $5 for his luncheon pizza and managed to avoid the disaster. much to plods’ chagrin… 😉

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