Police Convention in Civic Bus Interchange

shanefos 22 June 2008 59

Now, I just know someone will post something inane about a doughnut van crashing, but does anyone know what was going on in Civic Bus Interchange yesterday afternoon?
At about 4:30pm there were six or seven police vehicles parked around the intersection of Mort St and Alinga St and various groups of officers standing around, some of them talking to a couple of dubious looking characters in particular.
Whatever it was appeared to be well and truly over.
Just wondering if it was anything news-worthy or just your standard Thursday afternoon in Civic…

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Jazz Jazz 11:19 pm 22 Jun 08

As nobody in this thread bar a few have anything valuable to add to the original supposition i am closing it for further comment. Several of you should go and take a cold shower and reflect on Riot’s terms and conditions of use. Particularly anything under 1.4.x

For the record there is no evidence other than circumstantial that anyone on this thread has more than one login, and none of you can look it up other than me to prove either way.


ant ant 10:56 pm 22 Jun 08

Maeliner said:

Mælinar said :

Hehehehe – nothing to add, just offering my condolences to Special G, VG and Headbonius, et al. Your heads must be sore from all of that brick wall headbutting you are doing.

Unfortunately you chaps are going to have to self-moderate those tools out of existence by not talking with them.

Yep. Pathetic they do seem to be, and rather sad too. So they leap up and down, foam and gibber, and throw mud about. Most of which seems to end up on themselves.

As for retards (Danman’s post), there’s more than one such posting gibberish here.

Spideydog Spideydog 10:14 pm 22 Jun 08

Yeah we all have a bit of a dig at each other now and again but that was well and beyond below the belt, very stupid to say the least.

Danman Danman 9:44 pm 22 Jun 08

Way to go ingee..Puffing your chest out now champ ?

Grow a spine you bowl of jelly..

VG – my condolences, not everyone thinks that because there was one bad apple they are all bad.

Going on ingee’s logic, I guess everyone in the NSWCC is now a convicted drug dealer as well, hell everyone who drives a car may as well be a drink driver, go to church, your a kiddie fiddler as well, and even more so, if you breathe, you must be a serial killer, because I heard somewhere that they breathe too..

Its the internet yeah?, Arguing on internet forums is like the special Olympics, even if you win, you are still a retard, and you Ingee, have proven to all and sundry that you are indeed, a retard. Congratulations…

vg vg 9:06 pm 22 Jun 08


Congratulations, you just bought yourself and this site a defamation suit.

You are a spineless piece of human refuse and it will cause me great pleasure to watch you squirm.

Mods, you have a PM


imhotep imhotep 8:49 pm 22 Jun 08

Ingee, you are a thoroughly nasty piece of work.

MRB MRB 8:32 pm 22 Jun 08

Ingeegoodbee, have read your post several times now, and still cannot believe what and absolute moron you are.

We all have a go at each other here, some more than others, but to make such assertions is the sign of a complete f#%kwit.

“…well that’s him” Do you know for sure it is vg? I know for sure it isn’t. You should have your right to breath oxygen removed immediately.

And of course, not to mention the factual inaccuracies in your post, which just adds weight to the argument you are a tool.

Ingeegoodbee Ingeegoodbee 8:04 pm 22 Jun 08

[Ed. (Jazz)This post has been moderated for abuse of Riot’s terms and conditions]

Mælinar Mælinar 6:43 pm 22 Jun 08

Hehehehe – nothing to add, just offering my condolences to Special G, VG and Headbonius, et al. Your heads must be sore from all of that brick wall headbutting you are doing.

Unfortunately you chaps are going to have to self-moderate those tools out of existence by not talking with them.

vg vg 5:04 pm 22 Jun 08

How about syco’fant’? Ele’fant’? ‘Fant’om of the Riot-Act?

Nothing worse than being caught out is there Farq, Ant, Fant, Sybil or whatever your log on is?

This is more fun than pulling wings off flies, heating up ants with a magnifying class or throwing crackers at cats

Headbonius Headbonius 2:56 pm 22 Jun 08

Instead of insults and shouting louder how about a nursery rhyme (said in time with the children’s classic ‘Jack Sprat’)

Ant, Ant loves a rant
Farq can be soooo mean

farq farq 1:21 pm 22 Jun 08

No. I require strong standards of proof, unlike you. What people say on a web forum can never be trusted 100%.

But at any rate, no matter what profession you are in, logic IS important. You can’t make up for it with insults and shouting louder than the next man.

vg vg 1:13 pm 22 Jun 08


Are you 100% sure you know what I do for a living NOW?


Spideydog Spideydog 1:07 pm 22 Jun 08

farqant: Common sense like what you display ??

farq farq 12:28 pm 22 Jun 08

vg’s displaying his piss poor deduction skills. There are many more likely possibilities exist than ant using my login, like me just trolling. Scary that he can construct a case with such erroneous logic. Hopefully he displays more common sense while on shift (or is confined to paper work, traffic, driving senior officers around).

Special G Special G 12:24 pm 22 Jun 08

I will now refer to you as farqant. Simply posting twice under the different logins, seemingly outraged at such a thought, is not enough to convince me otherwise

vg vg 12:07 pm 22 Jun 08

ant said :

Well, this thread has proven one thing. Our local plod really are *that* stupid. Well done boys!

Another question though, how are you going to walk with both feet completely shot off?

You answer questions on another log on, that were directed to your original log on, and accuse others of stupidity?

‘Pot, this is kettle, over’

vg vg 12:04 pm 22 Jun 08

Maybe Ant will have to wear his ‘cloak of invisibility’ at the RA breakfast while he relates his stories of all night ICQ and Facebook sessions in his undies?

thecman thecman 10:54 am 22 Jun 08

Ant and Co,

As tempting as it is for me to launch into you with the same type of pathetic, derogatory garbage you aim at the Police in your posts I am going to exercise restraint. Instead, I will let the facts do the talking for me. Please see below for examples of the Police ‘uselessness’ referred to by Ant / Farq and his / their band of professional hand-wringers:

Friday, 6 June 2008 – ACT Police media release

Four alleged offenders have been identified and interviewed by ACT Policing in relation to a fight and alleged assault outside Woden Plaza on March 31.
An argument and subsequent fight between an adult female and three juvenile females was video recorded and the footage posted on the “You Tube” internet site

Wednesday, 11 June 2008 – ACT Police media release

A 24-year-old Dunlop man will face the ACT Magistrates Court on traffic offences following a pursuit overnight.
About 1am, Police detected a Ford utility travelling at speed on Southern Cross Drive, Page. Police followed the vehicle, checking its speed at 142km/hr in an 80km/hr zone.
Police conducted a traffic stop and the driver was subjected to a breath screening test which returned positive.
The male was then conveyed to the Belconnen Police Station where he returned a breath analysis reading of 0.177 – more than eight times the legal limit of .02 for a special driver.

Monday, 16 June 2008 – ACT Police media release

ACT Policing is investigating an attempted sexual assault which occurred in Belconnen early today.
The victim, a 35-year-old female, awoke to find a male allegedly attempting to sexually assault her.
The offender, a 30-year-old male from Belconnen, was arrested and will face the ACT Magistrates Court today charged with attempt sexual intercourse without consent, act of indecency without consent and burglary.

Canberra Times articles – follow the links:



Headbonius Headbonius 8:24 am 22 Jun 08

Ant and Farq together VG???? Oh my hat indeed. That would be a debate….the greatest mass debate of all time.

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