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Police minister endorses use of lethal force to subdue offenders

By Jonathon Reynolds - 11 November 2007 78

The ABC have several reports on the shooting that occurred in Phillip yesterday. The first one was ‘Knife-wielding man’ shot by police, and a follow up article appeared today ACT Police Minister defends shooting.

Whilst the individual was not killed by the shooting, it sends a scary message

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78 Responses to
Police minister endorses use of lethal force to subdue offenders
MRB 5:14 am 12 Nov 07

Christ, there are some really bizarre comments on here. Pandy obviously has never set foot outside in the real world – and ingeeWTF is obviously the sort of person who has no grip of reality.
I can only hope that they are in the minority of the “the cops did bad…” as opposed to “a person brandishing knifes ran at a police officer, who was left with no other option”.
As betty said….”merely weilding a knife”. Are you for real pandy? Ever been stabbed you
f%$#&$g moron?
How about next time the cops don’t attend these types of jobs, and the gentlemen in question goes about his business threatening the lives of the public. I’d hate to think that your sensibilities are offended…

Pandy 12:31 am 12 Nov 07

Did the guy actaully run-up to the police threatenin to dice-and-slice? Or where the coppers too lazy to think of some other way to subdue the bloke:Like using phazers.

betty 12:12 am 12 Nov 07

‘Merely wielding a knife’.

WTF? If I wandered over to you ‘merely wielding’ a knife in each hand, you would…hug me…kiss me…make me feel like a princess…?

Vandam, help. Explain how f#$@ed up this is



Pandy 11:55 pm 11 Nov 07

Do the Liberals 9Troy? Jonathon?) believe that non- lethal force should be used to subdue a crazed nutter who merely is wielding a knife (not actailly attacking anyone)?

vandam 10:59 pm 11 Nov 07

Betty I totally agree with your comments. Ingee, what is your issue with the Police? If you work, I’m sure your company has imperfections. It just isn’t publicised like Police.

The Police do a hard job, every one hates them and the media slams them.

When will all those people that nothing better to do than complain realise that if the cops went on strike, this whole city would turn to s**t.

Just because they don’t wear the yellow suit, save people from burning buildings, or transport sick old people to hospital, doesn’t mean they should be treated like fools.

It’s people like you that no matter what Police do, no matter how good a job they do, or how much they go out of their way for you, it’s not good enough.

Maybe you should go back to school and write on the blackboard 1000 times:

‘treat people how you would want to be treated’

betty 10:20 pm 11 Nov 07

Ingee – First up, learn to spell.

Second, get a life you wanker. I guarantee that if one of your nearest and dearest was stabbed by a knife wielding fool, you would be the first to say “Why didn’t the cops just shoot him…!!!”

Go back to your desk job and leave the hard work to the people who wake up each day not knowing how it is going to end.

Please promise me that if you are ever in need of police assistance, you won’t call them. You don’t deserve it.

Build a bridge.

fhakk 9:46 pm 11 Nov 07

I thought all cops had tazers now…if they can use them against drunk punters at the races, then what’s the point if they’re not used against knife-wielding maniacs?

Ingeegoodbee 9:30 pm 11 Nov 07

I guess our slack jawed plods should have the option of shooting troublesome people – it saves the hassel of bringing them back to the watch house and giving them a squirt of capsicum spray.

I love the way that every perp is now some extreme never before in the history of policing example of how it should juyst be more conevenient to shoot the guy because were too dumb, fat, stupid, retarded, under-trained, inexperienced, useless (choose one – that dosnt apply) to slap a good case together that will get through the courts.

Simply another case of police incompetence and just a string of spastic apologists trying desperately to look tough on crime but having nothing to add but the usual wet fart.

SamTSeppo 9:22 pm 11 Nov 07

A scary message, indeed … if you’re the sort of douchebag who tends to attack cops.

RandomGit 9:04 pm 11 Nov 07

The man was shot after capsicum spray failed to subdue him.

Sounds like a procedure was followed, no gun toting panic to be seen.

What was that Butthole Surfers song?
“Paulie caught a bullet but it only hit his leg
While it should have been a better shot got him in the head “

bd84 7:54 pm 11 Nov 07

Just another option to confuse them as to what to grab for first causing them to second guess themselves in these situations. Everytime something happens these days they have a big enquiry into them just doing their jobs.

I have no problem whatsoever with the police shooting people in these situations, the life of that one offender is most likely worth less than the numerous others they may hurt while in possession of these weapons.. but then people are up in arms about tasers killing people too, I’m sure a bullet is more likely to kill someone than the taser.. these idiots run the risk either way when doing these things. It’s time for the whingers of the world to shut the hell up.

Special G 7:15 pm 11 Nov 07

Makes people think the Police should all start carrying tasers huh.

Just another option before you get a bullet.

greatbigfeet 6:59 pm 11 Nov 07

I think the title of this post should be changed to “Police Minister supports Police whose lives were in danger from a knife wielding drug fiend- Well done fellows.”

smack 4:56 pm 11 Nov 07

What is the scary message???? Dont run at Police with a knife.

I dont think he was trying shoot him in the leg and I know Police are trained to shoot at the centre of mass. I couldnt imagine how much pressure is in this sort of situation. Its probably nothing like being a range shooting at a cardboard cut out.

che 3:17 pm 11 Nov 07

What happened to centre of seen mass? Shooting in the leg gets police killed when they then have to try and subdue someone still weilding a knife and now really pissed off and willing to use it.

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