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Police Radar really can pick up motorbikes

johnboy 1 September 2005 9

While we may have been critical of the way ACT Policing have media managed the tough issues in recent times I should say they’ve been pumping out a lot more media releases lately to edify the public. Now while I would like a statutory requirement of accountability it is nice to see and hear more about the triumphs.

Mostly unrelatedly, it’s worth noting this media release from last week.

A learner motorcycle rider from Fadden is facing more than $1600 in fines and automatic loss of licence after his motorcycle speed was checked at 165km/h in an 80km/h zone yesterday.

“This particular rider was caught on radar at 11.30pm on Ginninderra Drive, which is a completely irresponsible act,” Sergeant Knight said.

Now it would be a rare motorcycle learner who hasn’t nudged that sort of speed, just to see what it’s like you understand. With front facing speed cameras and no forward licence plate it’s nigh on impossible to get caught by non-police speed traps.

But there was an idea floating around the riding community that bikes might be a little small to get picked up by the radar, as opposed to lasers.

And now we know that isn’t the case.

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9 Responses to Police Radar really can pick up motorbikes
Thumper Thumper 6:24 pm 02 Sep 05

Geez Bulldog,

I remember those old XC Interceptors. They were one tough beats of a car….

Thumper Thumper 6:21 pm 02 Sep 05

Ok, I took my old XV1000 up to 160 one day on the Barton Highway, however, if you know XV Viragos, they are not vey aerodynamic and I was nearly blown off the bike.

And I’d had a licence for quite a long time. (And I won’t say that I once swapped bikes with a mate to ride to Sydney town and his GTX, or something like that, 750, that I was riding at the time, kind of did warp speed.)

After a while I found I actually rode just a tad quicker than the rest of the traffic. It was a safety thing, nothing like being hammered by a falcon to ruin your day.

But the speeds this idiot was doing on his Ls? Fair dinkum, that’s Darwin Award stuff.

On the olice side of things. I only got pulled up twice on the old Virago. Once for speeding past lake Ginninderra one beautiful spring morning, which I managed to talk my way out of, and secondly, for having an overly loud exhaust, having put shottie pipes on the big V twin and then being pulled over for noise. Talked my way out of that one as well although I was very late for work having to go home and swap the pipes back to the stockies….

Idiot stuff. Bikes are dangerous at any speed. You hit a cat and you’re stuffed. A mate of mine once had a grasshopper hit him on the knee at 120 clicks and he nearly came off from the sheer pain of being hit by a tiny missile at high speeds..

I must be getting old….

Chalker Chalker 3:20 pm 02 Sep 05

if we deregulated the roads and let them find a natural speed balance the community would be much better off

You mean like natural selection? Survival of all those that don’t kill themselves when they have an accident at insane speeds?

if they’re thumping along above the speed limit, it’s a safe bet you can go for it too because there’s no radar around.

Particularly if you’re right behind them and in their radar shadow 😉

bulldog bulldog 2:21 pm 02 Sep 05

Perhaps our Learner was picked up by an unmarked car the old fashioned way. They cruise along behind the speder at the same speed, log it and then turn on the lights. Seems pretty far fetched, but that’s the way it was done not so long ago. Hence the old pre XC interceptors have a speedo mounted in the glove box.

Ralph Ralph 11:38 am 02 Sep 05

He’s right. They talk to each other on the radio and know where the cops are. If they’re barrelling along its a pretty safe bet there are no cops around.

I’ve got a UHF so I hear well in advance where the cops and speed cameras are.

annie annie 11:13 am 02 Sep 05

I have a friend who’s a truckie, and they’ve got it sussed apparently. He said watch what they do on the highways, and if they’re thumping along above the speed limit, it’s a safe bet you can go for it too because there’s no radar around.

Personally I think he’s full of shit.

Ralph Ralph 11:06 am 02 Sep 05

Radar detectors don’t work.

bonfire bonfire 10:21 am 02 Sep 05

if we deregulated the roads and let them find a natural speed balance the community would be much better off.

except for govt revenue raising.

i cant see why bikes would be exempt from radar ? that defies physics. i believe the current radar systems use a laser dot to focus on the numberplate of a car or a similar area on a bike.

such as a headlight.

you should fit a radar detector if you want to avoid fines.

of course when the 60Ghz adaptive cruise control radars hit the market, expect some ‘hacking’.

Spectra Spectra 10:40 pm 01 Sep 05

I must be a wuss or something – I never got much above 110 on my Ls…

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