Police Wrap – 25 July

johnboy 25 July 2008 13

This today from ACT Policing:

    1. The International Police Association is sending their children on a day trip to Canberrra. 48 teenagers between 15 and 17 years old from countries such as Finland, Ireland, Luxembourg, Romania and the US. Arriving Saturday and then departing for the glories of Goulburn the same day.

    2. RAPID strikes again! We’re told that the automated registration checker has been on another outing on Tuesday and Wednesday, nabbing:

    · 42 unregistered vehicles
    · 23 uninsured vehicles
    · 19 licence-related
    · 79 vehicle defects (minor and major);
    · 27 Traffic Infringement Notices issued;
    · 2 disqualified drivers arrested;
    · 3 summons issued for driving offences.

    Also of 1807 RBTs there were just two positives.

    This is about the same numbers as the first trip out for RAPID. But we need more data points to draw any conclusions.

    3. Also the latest edition of the AFP magazine Platypus is now online


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13 Responses to Police Wrap – 25 July
Ian Ian 5:12 pm 25 Jul 08

That can’t be a complete police wrap …. no Todd Carney crimes mentioned anywhere.

hairy nosed wombat hairy nosed wombat 2:55 pm 25 Jul 08

I have heard that this is changing in October and TPI in the ACT will be opened up to other insurers in a scheme similar to what happens in NSW.

Doctor Evil Doctor Evil 1:15 pm 25 Jul 08
tylersmayhem tylersmayhem 1:07 pm 25 Jul 08

Speaking of CTP: I believe that in Canberra we are no longer limited to just NRMA. Is this true. If so, which is the most competitive insurance company?

Doctor Evil Doctor Evil 1:04 pm 25 Jul 08

The insurance debacle harks back to when CTP was first set up as part of rego in the ACT.

For some strange reason the CTP policy always started and ended in the middle of the month, which caused a problem if the rego period started at the beginning or end of the month.

To get around it, the insurer decided to extend the CTP period to a maximum of 15 days after the rego expired.

So, in this case they must have nabbed 42 vehicles which were still in the 1-15 day period, and 23 that had gone beyond it.

BenMac BenMac 12:53 pm 25 Jul 08

Could some of these cars be NSW registered? Does NSW have compolsory 3rd party as part of the rego, or do they get it seperate?

Overheard Overheard 12:50 pm 25 Jul 08

I’ve usually got the rego paid on time but then the recalcitrant little sticker sometimes stays in my glove box and patently refuses to afix itself by renewal time.

Sometimes for weeks.

Thumper Thumper 12:44 pm 25 Jul 08

Hands up how many people have never let their rego slip by a few days ever by accident or not?

Yep, I’ve done it a couple of times accidentally…

FB FB 12:38 pm 25 Jul 08

Thats what I was saying JB, 19 cars just out of rego and 23 cars out of rego by a lot = 42 unregistered cars & 23 uninsured.

& i’d beleive 19 cars just out of rego, it’s a fairly common thing.

Hands up how many people have never let their rego slip by a few days ever by accident or not?

I saw the ACT rego inspectors do a random inspection of cars in the cars in car park at the War Memorial 1 year and they found about 4 cars out of rego.

FB FB 12:29 pm 25 Jul 08

This also explains why I have seen groups of apparently abbandond cars on the side of the road recently.

johnboy johnboy 12:28 pm 25 Jul 08

Still not the answer FB, that’d give un-registered cars, not un-insured ones.

Unless ~20 of those caught were out of rego by just a few days which strikes me as unlikely.

FB FB 12:25 pm 25 Jul 08

AG, I could be wrong here but from memory your CTP actually runs a week or two longer then your rego. This was bought in to curb the problem of people forgetting rego or letting it run out for a few days and taking a risk and getting in an accident and hurting someone. This is to protect the inocent people that get injured through other peoples stupidity. I’d like to know that if got hurt but some idiot i’d still be covered.

So I suspect the 19 car difference are cars that have just run out of rego.

I know this was the case 10 years ago becasue it hapened to me as a poor student. I couldn’t afford rego until next pay and let it slip by 2 days. The cops pulled me over and explained that becasue it was only 2 days out mt CTP was still valid and I managed to get out of that fine!

AG Canberra AG Canberra 11:44 am 25 Jul 08

Given that we get our compulsory third party insurance as part of our rego – how can there be 23 uninsured vehicles and 42 unregistered? Surely if it’s unregistered then it is also uninsured….

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