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Police Wrap – 8 April

By johnboy - 8 April 2009 27

1. Facefit for the Civic sexual assault:

    ACT Policing has released a facefit of a male offender involved in the sexual assault of a 20-year-old victim in a Civic car park around 12.30am on Sunday (April 5).

    The victim was attacked whilst leaving her vehicle in a London Circuit car park after having driven to the city. The offender held a knife to her throat and threatened to kill her if she sought help.

    The offender is described as male, approximately 6’ (183cm) tall, late 20s, European in appearance, with a muscular build, dark eyes, a large nose, a mostly shaved head with a curly pony-tail which was light brown or blonde in colour. He is also described as having a “tribal” style tattoo around his left upper arm and wearing black track pants with white stripes down the side, a black t-shirt and white sneakers.

    The victim was able to escape from the offender and run into the City centre. She later reported the incident to police at Woden station.

2. Silly younger drivers lucky to be alive:

    Three Canberra teenagers were fortunate to escape serious harm after the vehicle in which they were travelling left the roadway and became airborne, only coming to rest after being wedged between two trees.

    The incident occurred about 1.45pm on Monday (April 6) in Wanniassa after the vehicle, driven by an 18-year-old male, swerved off the southbound lanes of Taverner Street, near Laurens Street.

    The vehicle plunged off the road and into a pedestrian underpass below, landing on a rock embankment. It then continued up the embankment before becoming wedged between two trees and knocking over a third.

    The ACT Policing Collision Investigation and Reconstruction Team attended the scene and are investigating the circumstances surrounding the incident. Officers from ACT Ambulance and ACT Fire Brigade also attended.

    All three occupants of the vehicle were taken to The Canberra Hospital suffering minor injuries.

    Initial police investigations have revealed that the driver was allegedly swerving the vehicle side to side on purpose moments before the collision, causing him to lose control.

    A/Superintendent Traffic Operations Daryl Neit says this incident highlights the real and serious dangers associated with skylarking whilst in control of a vehicle, and how stupidity can be just as dangerous as drink-driving or speeding.

    “This incident could have very easily led to the death of not one but three young people, not to mention the danger it put pedestrians in. The footpath along that road is a major thoroughfare that leads to a number of schools, therefore it is regularly used by children”, A/Supt Neit said.

    “All parents of driving-age children should use this incident as an opportunity to talk to their child and to highlight the potentially fatal consequences of displaying shear stupidity whilst in charge of a motor vehicle”, he said.

If you can help police contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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27 Responses to
Police Wrap – 8 April
bd84 10:15 pm 08 Apr 09

Stupidity + lack of proper driver training = talented smash.

These kids learn the stupidity from their parents, it’s probably very little use of mummy and daddy reminding little jimmy and gemima to drive safely.

Looks like someone also managed to take out one of the guard railings above an overpass on sternberg cres wanniassa in the past week or so.

farnarkler 9:32 pm 08 Apr 09

OC you’re right. P platers are running around in cars that are more powerful than those punted round the race tracks by Brock, Moffat and co in their early days but the drivers have nowhere near the ability of Brock, Moffat and co.

bigred 8:59 pm 08 Apr 09

bet if I observed such a thing as the swerving by someone either young or old and rang the good hearted A/Super Neit nuffin much would happen. So why bother with the shrill outrage when something goes amiss?

old canberran 8:30 pm 08 Apr 09

johnboy said :

These days OC?

Young men have been driving stupid and dying young since they invented the chariot.

Probably more noticable these days JB as they are getting their licence earlier and there’s more of them. Cars seem to be more readily available to them and they are a lot more powerful. When I was that age we would be lucky to be able to get hold of a Morris Minor for a set of wheels.

bigfeet 6:06 pm 08 Apr 09

Hmm, still no official report on the supposed “Belconnen Foreshore” incident

It’s looking more and more like a troll every day.

TP 3000 5:48 pm 08 Apr 09

We shouldn’t always think of bad drivers & young drivers as one. There are quite a few younger, good drivers & there are old, bad drivers. An example of this was this afternoon, there was this old man in a maroon Mazda driving down Drakeford Drive. He was attempting to get ahead of everyone, but ended up stuck behind me in the right lane. At the Drakeford Drive/Athllon Drive/Isabella Drive roundabout I snuck in between 2 cars to enter the roundabout & he came in behind me. However this space was only one car wide & another vechile slammed on the brakes to avoid colliding with him.

But then again most people will never learn until they kill a friend or family member

Roadrage77 5:10 pm 08 Apr 09

johnboy said :

These days OC?

Young men have been driving stupid and dying young since they invented the chariot.

Movies such as Ben Hur don’t exactly help.

Roadrage77 5:06 pm 08 Apr 09

Movies like the Fast and the Furious don’t exactly help.

I honestly worry that one I will bludgeon someone to death with a tyre iron after seeing someone drive as per the description in the police wrap. I just can’t contain my rage when I see bad driving.

Steady Eddie 5:05 pm 08 Apr 09

I can’t see the facefit at all, just a small square with a red cross in it.

johnboy 5:04 pm 08 Apr 09

These days OC?

Young men have been driving stupid and dying young since they invented the chariot.

Beserk Keyboard Warr 5:02 pm 08 Apr 09

I was disappointed not to see the photofit of the guy with the ponytail and XXXL schnozz. I refuse to believe a creature that ugly exists until I actually see it with my own eyes.

old canberran 5:02 pm 08 Apr 09

I am quite convinced that no amount of legislation, driver training, or more police on the roads etc. is going to stop these young idiots from showing off with a car full of their peers. These days they seem to have little or no regard for life, either others or their own, and the number of fatal P plate prangs does not seem to make any difference to their attitude.

The modern cars with their very direct steering require 100% attention to the road ahead. Texting or looking over a shoulder to people in the back seat results in a very quick change of direction usually off the road and into a tree.

chewy14 4:51 pm 08 Apr 09

#2 What a F*ckwit!!!

johnboy 4:41 pm 08 Apr 09

Call me crazy, but when one ends up in the trees there’s no claiming survival was thanks to skill.

Reprobate 4:39 pm 08 Apr 09

Re “silly younger drivers” – first up, at least that d!ckhead driver didn’t add his passengers to this year’s road toll as per the Clift Crescent incident last week. Secondly, that area of Taverner St often has a speed camera van on it, operating in the direction the car was travelling. Leaving aside the observation – again – that speed cameras don’t change drivers’ attitudes, I wonder if (in theory) a van was in operation at that time, and a car was swerving from side to side at less than the posted speed limit, whether the camera operator could manually trigger an image and issue a fine for reckless driving? Or are they only able to issue invoices – err, fines – for travelling above the speed limit?

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