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Pool payout for quadriplegic

Kerces 13 September 2005 14

Anthony Leggett, formerly of Canberra, has been awarded a $7.5 million payout after becoming a quadriplegic as a result of diving into the shollow end of Civic pool 13 years ago.

When he was 18, Mr Leggett was at the pool with some friends when he dived into the pool after them, off the diving blocks that were placed at the shallow end. On hearing this I thought there must have been a mistake because I can’t remember there being any diving blocks at that end of the pool, but then it was pointed out to me there may well have been 13 years ago.

Mr Leggett said of the payout that he would rather give up the money to be able to walk again, but that it would mean he wouldn’t have to rely on government handouts any more.

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14 Responses to Pool payout for quadriplegic
Special G Special G 6:30 pm 15 Sep 05

People who do stupid shit should wear the consequences of their own actions. Then we have the Stella awards. This guy comes close.

Maelinar Maelinar 1:46 pm 14 Sep 05

As an ex competitive swimmer, let’s get this topic off swimming races, as Mr Leggett, if he was competing in a swimming race would (read should) not be eligible for compensation as by entering the race he is acknowledging that he has certain proficiencies regarding competing in that firstly he knows how to swim, and secondly he knows how to dive into water without harming himself. These competencies are taught during your bronze, silver, and gold medal proficiency scale, although in Australia I believe they are called 1, 2 and 3rd level proficiency, and are acknowledged as a prerequisite via voluntary entry into swimming events.

From what I read here, his mates were in the water already, and he dived in after them, hitting the bottom of the pool and injuring himself. Hardly the activities of a swimming competition, even a relay race.

The pool however did have responsibility for the safety of this fine example of natural selection when they put the blocks at the shallow end, which should have been covered by the ubiquitous white sign at the entrance to the pool that were all put up in the late 80’s which absolves all responsibility except your responsibility by your entering the pool etc, although there is the possibility that this pool was missed out.

Personally I can’t see why he’s entitled to so much money because of his own dumbass actions, since by voluntarily jumping into the pool he has proven his ability to swim, and his ability to dive into a pool or at least absolved any responsibility to anybody else, albiet come unstuck on the second ability. Last time I checked pools are also filled with reasonably clear water, so the bottom could be identified when he jumped in, and pools have been marked with their depth for quite some time now, although again I am unaware of the markings at the pool in question.

Personally I feel we should put a little more chlorine in the gene pool, however it’s good to know my taxpayer money isn’t only being wasted on Stanhope’s follies, and we get to waste it on other idiots as well.

Absent Diane Absent Diane 1:16 pm 14 Sep 05

thanks I made it myself

Vader Vader 12:55 pm 14 Sep 05

Diane & Chalker: Fair call.

Chalker Chalker 11:50 am 14 Sep 05

That is, for the second and fourth swimmers.

Chalker Chalker 11:49 am 14 Sep 05

There is not one single race which starts by diving in at the shallow end, so there should be no need for diving blocks at the shallow end.

All of the 50m relays do.

Maelinar Maelinar 11:46 am 14 Sep 05

Does the 7.5m include the costs already incurred in his upkeep, to be refunded accordingly ?

Absent Diane Absent Diane 10:41 am 14 Sep 05

Vader – relays bud

justbands justbands 10:27 am 14 Sep 05

I feel for the guy..but seriously, when did people stop becoming responsible for their own actions?

T_Bone T_Bone 10:13 am 14 Sep 05

Mr Leggett dived, therefore I say its Mr Leggett’s fault. Analysing the risk of any action before performing it is your responsibility. It is a terrible accident, but the diving block did not throw him off it.

Vader Vader 9:14 am 14 Sep 05

There is not one single race which starts by diving in at the shallow end, so there should be no need for diving blocks at the shallow end.

If there were indeed diving blocks installed at the shallow end of the 50m pool then it was an accident waiting to happen and they should be sued accordingly.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 8:23 am 14 Sep 05

Another person recieves a hugh payout because of their own stupidity! Golly, hoe could anyone think we’re becoming more and more like America?

Chalker Chalker 8:17 am 14 Sep 05

Diving blocks are intended for shallow race dives, not swan dives – I also presume the accident occurred in the 50m racing pool, not the diving pool. Therefore a hefty amount of the stupidity lies with Mr Leggett.

Samuel Gordon-Stewart Samuel Gordon-Stewart 1:47 am 14 Sep 05

If they put diving blocks at the shallow end then they deserve to be sued. Stupidity recieved it’s just deserts.

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