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Poor driving standards of ACTION drivers

By peebus 30 April 2013 23

One question, what is with the appalling driving standards of ACTION drivers these days?

Last night travelling home from work is came across a roundabout on Athlon Drive. I was turning right, and so indicated nice and early and proceeded into the roundabout. As I was coming around to the traffic facing directly opposite me, an ACTION bus that was waiting decided to try and get out in front of me. The car next to him knew the gap was too small and waited but the bus went anyway. I had to come to a complete stop in the middle of the roundabout because the driver was too impatient to wait his turn – and because I was stopped the driver behind me nearly ran into the back of me.

I have noticed bus drivers being absolute tools on the roads more and more these days – from basic things like not being able to stay inside their own lanes on a arrow straight road, to speeding (and driving well below speed limits), and behaving in a fashion like they were in charge of an ordinary car – not a lump of metal that is 3-4 times the size.

Do they need to have their skills tested on an annual basis to confirm that they can master the basic road tactics of driving a bus? Frankly it’s becoming down-right dangerous.

What’s Your opinion?

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Poor driving standards of ACTION drivers
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Diverdownunder 6:39 pm 06 May 13

As a driver for Action, I’d like to make a few points. I agree there are a few poor drivers in our ranks.
There are over 600 drivers, so there will always be a few bad eggs.

I would like to ask “Why don’t Canberra drivers give way to buses, pulling out of bus stops?’
It’s the law, not courtesy.
Are Canberra drivers aware that they must give way to all traffic, on a roundabout?
This means if I’m pulled up at a roundabout and I start to move off, just because you are on my Right you DON’T have right of way (unless we are both at the entry at the same time}

Lastly, that 4 Second gap that I leave to the car in front is there because I need extra distance to stop, It’s not an invitation for you to zip into that space.


JC 6:42 am 01 May 13

NoImRight said :

While ever ACTION can only recruit drivers from the human race we will have problems.

Though of course they have the ability to filter those humans and train them to be better than the average human.

JC 6:37 am 01 May 13

Conan of Cooma said :

There are more idiots in cars than buses in Canberra. ACTION should be the least of your concerns.

True but they are generally not driving heavy 12m long buses that could be carrying 50+ passengers.

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