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Pot hole damage to vehicle

By mickey 2 March 2012 76

Hello Fellow Rioters.

Yesterday on my drive to work, my little Hyundai Getz hit a pot hole and suffered a broken wheel and tyre. I had to wait for 2 hours after calling the NRMA for a tow truck to come and drop off the car to a mechanic in Braddon.

I was charged 255$ for the tow – that after being a NRMA roadside assistance member. On top of that I will be charged another  ~300$ for a new wheel and tyre, and that excludes any suspension damage. Mine was the 6th car to have been damaged from the same pot hole.

My question is – how can I make a claim to the ACT government for damages. Apart from the fact that I had to spend 550$ on the car, I had to take the day off work, as I was only able to get to the mechanic at around 12 in the afternoon – and I am yet to get my car back.

I have been advised that I should contact Canberra Connect – has anyone been succesful in getting their claim reimbursed in a similar situation. Like I said, I was the 6th car to have been damaged by this pot hole. I have the name and number of another lady who also suffered a similar fate who can be a witness if required.

Any suggestions would be most appreciated.

PS. This pot hole was near the exit ramp towards tuggeranong parkway on william hovell drive – just under the bridge at glenloch interchange. This was subsequently patched up while me and 2 other cars were waiting for the tow trucks to arrive, approximately 11am yesterday.

What’s Your opinion?

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Pot hole damage to vehicle
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canberralocal 8:31 pm 22 Mar 12

pink little birdie said :

also that pot hole although may have been made worse by the rain has been there for ages. Also pay the extra money in your NRMA membership to get free towing. I have had lots of towing from the NRMA and it’s been free (gearboxes falling out and head gaskets blowing not crashes)

I’m sorry, “gearboxes falling out”?? Can we get a please explain on that one?

mickey 10:56 am 08 Mar 12

loosebrown said :

Why did you have to pay for a tow when you claim you are an NRMA member with roadside assistance? NRMA membership includes limited free towing – certainly enough to get you to Braddon.

According to NRMA – damaging a wheel due to hitting a pot hole is classified as impact damage, therefore it is not covered by their towing/repair services.
I am not sure what the towing rates are normally. but $ 255 is a bit steep for that distance.

As for claiming from TAMS is concerned. I was given an address to write to by Canberra connect.
Not sure if it is worth it, but if writing in to them highllights the issue of pot holes and the dangers they are to the public, maybe something is done to help alleviate the menace in future.

Tetranitrate 12:02 pm 06 Mar 12

loosebrown said :

Why did you have to pay for a tow when you claim you are an NRMA member with roadside assistance? NRMA membership includes limited free towing – certainly enough to get you to Braddon.

Yeah I wonder about this.
NRMA will give you a single tow with roadside assist for an incident. (single as in you couldn’t say, get it towed home then try and get it towed from home to the garage a day or two later).
I don’t know the max distance but it’s enough for pretty much anywhere in Canberra.

loosebrown 11:08 am 06 Mar 12

Why did you have to pay for a tow when you claim you are an NRMA member with roadside assistance? NRMA membership includes limited free towing – certainly enough to get you to Braddon.

devils_advocate 10:48 am 06 Mar 12

farnarkler said :

What, like an Audi RS8?

Yep, the audi RS8 has similar tire dimensions to my GTR (also a 4WD), 235’s on the front and 295’s on the rear. My tires are so wide that they can normally traverse the full width of even fairly large potholes. Also the added sidewall stiffness and forged alloys mean the wheel assembly as a whole is a bit more resistant to buckling.

basketofcat 10:41 am 06 Mar 12

If you have no luck with your claim, submit a FOI request to TAMS for:

– information regarding general maintenance procedures on WHD / Glenloch interchange
– information on general pothole repair procedures there
– information special contingency repair procedures (wet weather, flooding, …)
– information on what potholes where reported, when, by whom, and their severity
– information on when those potholes were repaired, by whom, in what order, with what materials, and the longevity of the repair
– information on when potholes are predicted to reoccur, due to what causes, and how TAMS proactively manages them

and so on. although all that sounds a bit negative, the upside is that TAMS may improve their procedures generally so that Canberra as a whole benefits. you should be recognised for your generous sacrifice!

EvanJames 10:15 am 06 Mar 12

Outsourcing the building of ACT roads has not seen quality result. There’s a dreadful bit of “new” stuff they build around the Oaks Estate Road intersection with Pialligo Ave, where the new bit joins the old bit it quickly sank and opened up into an amazing line of pot holes. They occasionally throw a bit of tar into them, and then they open up again.

The efficient private sector again.

    johnboy 10:22 am 06 Mar 12

    The efficiency of the private sector is, in this case, in extracting maximal public funds for minimal expenditure.

vet111 9:44 am 06 Mar 12

You know, when I originally read this post I really felt sorry for you. And after driving home yesterday and hitting a pothole myself, I REALLY feel sorry for you. But the most important thing is – I’m really lucky to be alive.

I think if it’s a new hole, it’s really just a case of shit happens. However if it’s an old hole that hasn’t been fixed properly, it’s worth pursuing. It’s not about finding someone else to blame – if the accident happened because of ACT Govt’s negligence, why should you have to pay? Would ACT Govt let you go out and fix potholes yourself? No – it’s their responsibility. And with responsibility, comes duty of care – it’s just a question as to the extent of that duty.

Count yourself lucky that you only did a tyre and wheel – I’m looking at that on a European car, as well as having to rebuild the suspension, new tie rod ends, new steering arm etc.

Good luck with it, and let us know how you go.

Merle 6:15 pm 04 Mar 12

sylasgreen said :

As to suing the government? You say they came and fixed the problem while you were waiting, which is within 2 hours. That seems….reasonable to me.

It’d be hard to argue that they’re at fault for extreme weather conditions causing a pothole.

Yep. You’re welcome to try getting the government to pay for you driving into a pothole, but it’s only going to be a further waste of your time.

cring 2:03 pm 04 Mar 12

Really, Rioters? 3 pages of comments and not a single, “You Getz what you pay for,” joke yet?

Sorry about your situation, OP.

kakosi 12:18 pm 04 Mar 12

You can expect to have to avoid many more potholes as they seem to be opening up everywhere in this rain. As for it being a drivers’ fault that seems a bit harsh – many just look like puddles in this weather. Of course if our roads were properly sealed we would not be having this discussion at all.

farnarkler 11:28 am 04 Mar 12

What, like an Audi RS8?

MsDizzy 11:25 am 04 Mar 12

Fifth Gear did an interesting piece on potholes in the UK.

Fly High Fly Far 10:38 am 04 Mar 12

Get yourself a 4×4 and problem is solved 🙂

JC 3:42 am 04 Mar 12

qbngeek said :

CTPI is exactly what it sounds like, insurance for the third parties. Your CTPI will not cover your own car. You can try your comprehensive insurance if you have it but even that is a long shot.

CTPI doesn’t cover ANY vehicle, it only covers damage to person. Indeed in years gone by it was called thrid part personal insurance which sounds a lot more descriptive than CTPI.

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