Prison break reveals lack of literary depth at the Canberra Times.

johnboy 12 December 2008 27

The Canberra Times has what could have been a short piece on a Belconnen Remand Centre inmate (or are we meant to call them a “resident” these days?) caught trying to tunnel to freedom.

The story is significantly padded by references to the movie “The Shawshank Redemption”. As if that movie is the only prison break recorded in popular culture.

Anyone want to suggest other famous tunneling prison breaks for future reference? Both fictional or historical are fine.

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27 Responses to Prison break reveals lack of literary depth at the Canberra Times.
sunshine sunshine 5:30 pm 16 Dec 08

hehehe how embarrassing for them – the police discovered it, NOT the custodial officers

astrojax astrojax 12:14 pm 15 Dec 08

sorry to be a three-post nutbag, but wasn’t howard jones a bad-haired eighties popster with nik kershaw? surely, an appropriate new career..?

astrojax astrojax 12:12 pm 15 Dec 08

ooh, and i liked this bit:

Superintendent of Custodial Operations Howard Jones said he expected charges of attempting to escape lawful custody to be laid against the prisoner.

how do they know this ‘resident’ was trying to escape – maybe he was digging a tunnel to let someone else in? what, with canberra’s tight rental market and all…

astrojax astrojax 12:09 pm 15 Dec 08

ian mcewan’s ‘the innocent’ is all about tunnelling, though not to escape; sort of.

was also going to shout out to hogan’s heroes – but i know nu-think!

(and the black pudding’s very black today, mother. even the white bits are black.)

poptop poptop 2:42 am 13 Dec 08

Libby Prison Tunnel Escape
Silvio Porto Tunnel Escape
Island Farm Tunnel Escape

As we are including POW camps, I think the tunnels under the Berlin Wall probably count too.

But the Canberra Time could learn much from Esquire Magazine, which provides a “How they almost did it” slideshow for the Kinross Prison Tunnel Attempted Escape.

utah utah 12:22 am 13 Dec 08

The Wooden Horse at Stalag Luft III wasn’t bad, either:

Thumper Thumper 6:15 pm 12 Dec 08

It were always raining on Denley Moor, ‘cept when it were fine.

barking toad barking toad 3:59 pm 12 Dec 08


barking toad barking toad 3:59 pm 12 Dec 08

Speaking of Denley Moor, which we’re not, Canberra is having one of those days.

Eric would rapt.

p1 p1 2:24 pm 12 Dec 08

Can’t believe no one has mentioned Hot Shots! Part Deux

Primal Primal 1:31 pm 12 Dec 08

Naked Gun 33+1/3.

frontrow frontrow 1:24 pm 12 Dec 08

From my high school maths, it sounds like they flushed somewhere between 7500 and 17000 cubic feet of dirt down the latrines. colonel Klink works for the americans now.

Mr_Shab Mr_Shab 1:21 pm 12 Dec 08

Fortress? Only because it’s technomological (and rubbish).

Tonka Tonka 12:57 pm 12 Dec 08

Papillon – gotta be one of the greatest escape stories ever.

Not a bad movie, great book, even if it is only partly autobiographical.

PM PM 12:47 pm 12 Dec 08

Count of Monte Christo (I forget the spelling). And isn’t that a type of toasted sandwich now?

Jim Jones Jim Jones 12:42 pm 12 Dec 08

Primal said :

Alcatraz was no match for David Copperfield.

Dickens … now there’s some literary cred.

fnaah fnaah 12:42 pm 12 Dec 08

Copperfield is no match for the Amazing (James) Randi (or Claudia Schiffer, apparently :P)

Primal Primal 12:35 pm 12 Dec 08

Alcatraz was no match for David Copperfield.

p1 p1 12:25 pm 12 Dec 08

My personal favourite would have to be Colditz Castle, or Oflag IV-C the camp where the Germans kept prisoners who showed a penchant for escaping during world war two.

Who would have guessed that this approach would simply lead to a lot of escape attempts?

I want to see the “residents” of Belco remand build a Glider in their cell.

wishuwell wishuwell 12:06 pm 12 Dec 08

But Tomkinson did get to build a full scale model icebreaker. Lost points though on slowness to take advantage of Suki.

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