Progress on homelessness

johnboy 15 March 2007 11

Katy Gallagher has put out a media release extolling the progress made on homelessness in the ACT in the three years since they launched the “Homelessness Strategy”.

She lists seven major achievements in the last year. There are programs, charters, projects, and services all set up amidst massive bureaucratic effort.

It’s just a shame there’s no mention of even a single homeless person being put into a home. Maybe we should give them jobs in the ACT PS realigning paradigms?

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11 Responses to Progress on homelessness
Indi Indi 12:09 pm 20 Mar 07

bonfire I’d say it’s all relative, and besides should it be acceptable to see someone remain homeless, when if they want to be accommodated, then at the very least we should be able to offer them a bed at a night shelter?

seepi seepi 9:58 pm 16 Mar 07

Given Canberra’s real estate prices I’m sure the number of homeless people is increasing.

bonfire bonfire 4:54 pm 16 Mar 07

my bet would be that there are more bureaucrats and welfare industry employees in act that actual homeless people.

i oft recall an interview with a homeless person on act stateline, he wasnt homeless, he was actually living with his folks.

he was homeless apparently because he fell into the category of not living in a home he liked or some other nonsensical welfare lobby tag.

i remember an old bloke living on mt ainslie, when i lived in campbell. several times they tried to move him to ainslie village, and he would just wander back to his humpy.

there prob are actual homeless people in canberra, but if anyone in canberra thinks its a genuine problem, walk through st petersburg or jakarta and then tell me how bad it is here.

Absent Diane Absent Diane 3:17 pm 16 Mar 07

there were rumours that the bible reader was a fraud.. assuming it is the same youngish ragged looking fella…

hk0reduck hk0reduck 3:07 pm 16 Mar 07

There’s a homeless guy who lives in the grassy area between The Ombudsmans office and the CNMA at ANU. He has a portable radio and some liquor. He doesn’t seem to mind Canberra’s weather.

neanderthalsis neanderthalsis 10:27 am 16 Mar 07

Cairns would be good for the winter months, it rarely gets below 15 degrees in the mornings, but during the wet it becomes a tad damp and very humid; not to mention the occasional cyclone. Perhaps a Canberra for summer and a Cairns for winter option should be mooted. We could have wandering bands of homeless gypsys meandering up and down the east coast all year.

Maelinar Maelinar 10:18 am 16 Mar 07

I haven’t seen the bible reader for a long while.

Either the effectiveness of our policing ability, or his move into shelter has occured (or he walked to Cairns).

poptop poptop 8:55 am 16 Mar 07

I’m loving the link in the media release to the second progress report, that isn’t there [rather like more accommodation for the homeless].

Excellent job, DHCS!

neanderthalsis neanderthalsis 5:39 pm 15 Mar 07

As DAAS once said: “Give homeless people Venetian Blinds, because what they need more than your pity, is privacy.”

futto futto 5:28 pm 15 Mar 07

if your going to be homeless, why would you do it in the ACT? I’d walk or hitch my way to Cairns. YEAH BABY!

louise louise 4:47 pm 15 Mar 07

This would be in response to a CT article today about how more investment is needed (not online, sorry but you actually have to buy the paper).

Govt. must be feeling a bit sensitive about it to respond so. It’s a shame that they haven’t worked out that mere pplans, ploicies, charters, projects and the like do not actually achieve anything. Never have and never will.

Evidence: the money and support pulled out of the crisis accomodation sector in the last 2 years.

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