Proposed Manuka hotel will contain compact cinema complex

Ian Bushnell 20 June 2019 31

The Capitol Theatre building in Manuka is at the end of its commercial viability. Photo: Daniella Jukic, wearefound.

Fears that a hotel development planned for the nearly 40-year-old Capitol Theatre site in Manuka would see the demise of a cinema in the inner-south have been quashed with confirmation that it will include a modern six-screen complex.

The owners of the site, the Liangis family, is embroiled with the ACT Conservator of Flora and Fauna over a protected tree on the site that is stymieing the development, and will go to the ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal in a bid to have the mature London plane tree taken of the ACT Tree Register.

But John Liangis said when the staged development eventually gets the go-ahead, the new cinema complex would be incorporated into the hotel, be digitalised and have six screens as there is now but at a smaller scale, with seating from 80 to 120 seats in each space, much like the Palace Electric set-up in NewActon.

He said the current cinema was beyond its use-by date and had reached the end of its commercial viability.

The auditoriums, including one designed as a theatre holding 400-plus patrons, were far too big for a modern cinema complex.

The Manuka cinema is part of the Greater Union chain and the family is negotiating with it to continue operating the new complex.

The current Capitol Theatre building replaced the former structure of the same name that was demolished in 1980, and had a dual purpose as a theatre and a cinema.


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31 Responses to Proposed Manuka hotel will contain compact cinema complex
Andrea Kerr Andrea Kerr 6:23 pm 22 Jun 19

Build it, cut the tree down and plant 10 more. Move

Frederica Heacock Frederica Heacock 3:47 am 21 Jun 19

Jp Romano Jp Romano 4:48 pm 20 Jun 19

For your information the red icon represents the location of the trunk. The coloured area is the area which construction and demolition are prohibited.

Anna Kay Anna Kay 9:20 am 20 Jun 19

That tree is an allergy death trap. Do we really need it??? Can we not plant another 5 trees in the new design that are not so allergic?

    Steve Scott Steve Scott 5:55 pm 20 Jun 19

    How much time do you spend under that tree ? To get allergies...

    Anna Kay Anna Kay 6:02 pm 20 Jun 19

    Just walking past is enough to set off an attack. And I'm not alone

Aco Kovaceski Aco Kovaceski 8:00 am 20 Jun 19

The fact that the Liangas family continues to run the cinema even though it financially doesn’t work in its current setup should be commended 👍

    John Tozer John Tozer 11:47 am 20 Jun 19

    Aco Kovaceski - actually they don’t “run the cinema...”. Greater Union does.

William William William William 10:54 pm 19 Jun 19

Good on u geocon

Gabriel Spacca Gabriel Spacca 10:17 pm 19 Jun 19

Go to Europe, Asia, Africa, South America and you will see buildings 1000 year old (and sometimes older) which are proudly promoted.

Meanwhile here in the ACT we sacrifice any structure that’s older than a fortnight to the altar of ‘progress’.

    Bekah Glaz Bekah Glaz 10:22 pm 19 Jun 19

    To be fair, the way most buildings are built on this side of the country these days, the buildings only last a fortnight!

Raewyn Bastion Raewyn Bastion 9:48 pm 19 Jun 19

How many trees for the toy train?

Russell Nankervis Russell Nankervis 9:19 pm 19 Jun 19

The building that pre-dated this one was nicer.

Peter Newham Peter Newham 8:50 pm 19 Jun 19

How many trees did they cut down for the new ACT gov building on London CRT

Kerry Crampton Kerry Crampton 7:46 pm 19 Jun 19

Do we really need another hotel? I know many hotels are worried about occupancy rates as it is let alone more competition coming along?

    Jp Romano Jp Romano 9:35 pm 19 Jun 19

    Kerry Crampton yes our hotels are at capacity...

Tasha Krahe Tasha Krahe 5:12 pm 19 Jun 19

Should never have pulled down the original building

    Jp Romano Jp Romano 9:35 pm 19 Jun 19

    Tasha Krahe too late...

    Tasha Krahe Tasha Krahe 9:40 pm 19 Jun 19

    Jp Romano I protested back then

    Jp Romano Jp Romano 10:39 pm 19 Jun 19

    Tasha Krahe obviously didn’t get very far...

    Tasha Krahe Tasha Krahe 11:08 pm 19 Jun 19

    Jp Romano no, there was a big stink but nobody cared. It was an amazing old building

Margaret Freemantle Margaret Freemantle 4:54 pm 19 Jun 19

Just update the cinema, leave the tree there! Enough greed.

    Margaret Freemantle Margaret Freemantle 10:03 pm 19 Jun 19

    Tony Morris that is a redevelopers opinion!!

    Jp Romano Jp Romano 10:38 pm 19 Jun 19

    Margaret Freemantle and agreed by most local residents and businesses.

    Andrea Kerr Andrea Kerr 6:28 pm 22 Jun 19

    Margaret Freemantle and also a residents opinion too!

    Jp Romano Jp Romano 6:47 pm 22 Jun 19

    Margaret Freemantle More trees will be on the block because of the development

Neica Hall Neica Hall 4:52 pm 19 Jun 19

I am so glad the cinema will stay, never went to the cinema as much in my life as the 3 year I lived 3 minutes walk to this old lady.

Margaret Brauer Margaret Brauer 4:48 pm 19 Jun 19

A new Cinema Complex ,great!! they need to get rid of the outdated cinemas that are there now ,toilets are disgusting ,if Work and Safety went there they would close the place down ,who cares about a bloody tree ,!!

    Margaret Brauer Margaret Brauer 7:48 am 21 Jun 19

    Seems a lot of people have the same opinion as I have !!

Jorge Da Silva Jorge Da Silva 4:18 pm 19 Jun 19

Who's the builder?

Ben Roberts Ben Roberts 3:33 pm 19 Jun 19

That cinema is a mould-ridden cesspit anyway. Needs a complete refurbishment.

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