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Prufrocks vandalism costs him $1500

By bonfire - 5 May 2005 37

I see mr Prufrock [Aidan Bruford] has been fined $1500 [ABC Online] for his artistic endeavours.

[ED – The Chief Minister is taking a more conciliatory line in these comments on ABC Online.

“Aidan lost his job, he’s now unemployed and he’s suffered a very, very significant penalty, so he has I think really taken a significant [blow], but I concede he brought it on himself,” he said.]

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37 Responses to
Prufrocks vandalism costs him $1500
bonfire 11:08 am 06 May 05

mong on. you are a soft headed idiot.

if freeing people from the jackboot of tyranny is wrong, what in your blinkered world is right ?

an army exists to enforce a nations diplomatic aims. our armed forces went and did that. along with many many others, under a UN mandate.

mr prufrock committeed acts of vandalism. he admits it, it doesnt matter what his reasons were – for all i know he felt sad cos his mum took his rubber dolly away.

Ralph 9:07 am 06 May 05

Army of zombies.

Evictor 9:00 am 06 May 05

I guess when Stanhope raises his own army and sends them to Iraq then it will be relevant to this website.

Stanhope COULD raise an army you know.

Thumper 8:57 am 06 May 05


Yeah, I agree. Not proportional to the crime is it. Preferably I’d like to see drunk drivers cop a severe penalty, especially repaet offenders.

It is possible to make a mistake once. But twice, and three times? No way. They should be hammered.

However, wrong forum to be debating this.


Thumper 8:55 am 06 May 05

Hang on,

it came about because he committed the deed. And to make things worse, Stanhope then made sure it was very very public by his attitude towards the actions.

If Profock had not done it, he would be fine. If Stanhope had quietly accepted his resignation, then it would have also gone the way of the Dodo. It would not have become a media circus if Stanhope had acted in a different manner.

That Mr Prufock has such strong views about Iraq is admirable. However, there are other forums to get this message across. And if one is to hold such strong views then one must accept that others may hold strong views to the contrary. There’s fundamentally nothing wrong with that.

As I said, I think the punishment befits the crime. He’s paid his debt therefore I hope he can now get on with his life a little older and a little wiser about the world.


Ralph 8:50 am 06 May 05

He’s also lost his job and has to pay a fine of $1500, as well as carry a conviction with him for the rest of his life.

Should’ve thought about that before he took the spray can out.

Not taking consideration of the (possible) full consequences of one’s actions is a sign of both immaturity and stupidity.

Randomwanker 8:47 am 06 May 05

I love the way this gets twisted. Read the report: he accepts what he did was wrong and illegal. He paid the costs of cleaning. He’s been slandered in the media and on lame-brained chat sites like this. He’s also lost his job and has to pay a fine of $1500, as well as carry a conviction with him for the rest of his life.

And then certain people come on here and bang on about how that’s democracy and equality and that’s what the public wants, therefore it must be right. It’s a stupid media-driven campaign. It might have been titilating for Canberrans for a day or two, i can understand that, but the whole thing has been so outrageously overblown, as if it’s some huge issue of pulic morality. Give me a goddamn break.

Simon 8:38 am 06 May 05

Mong-on, I have no doubt that Mr. Prufrock cares very deeply about the war in Iraq. That’s not really the issue.

For instance, I care very deeply about a number of things, some of which you probably either don’t care about or disagree with me about (which, beleive it or not, is something people are perfectly entitled to do. Yes, people are allowed to support our continued involvement in Iraq. I know it may sound crazy, but there are people who do. If they wanted to spray paint on your wall “don’t abandon the Iraquis to get slaughtered again”, would you support it? Probably not).

That doesn’t mean that I have the right to spray-paint propoganda about the things I care deeply about on your personal property, just becase I happen to care deeply about them.

You can’t do whatever the hell you like just becuase you care deeply about something. The method is completely separable from the message. The only way Mr. Prufrock’s message would not be separable from his method is if he spraypainted “Everybody should be able to spraypaint wherever they want”.

Randomwanker 8:31 am 06 May 05

Is this name OK, johnboy, you “unscrupulous person”?

Thumper 8:21 am 06 May 05

I guess when Stanhope raises his own army and sends them to Iraq then it will be relevant to this website.

I think it was fair that he was fined and I’m glad he didn’t get a goal term as that would have been a travesty considering what he did.

He’s now free to continue his life as he wishes and I wish him all the best of luck.

johnboy 7:29 am 06 May 05

There goes the moron relativist again. Just because things are similar does not mean they are equal.

And yes, you can, and should, separate the means from the end.

You’re a terrifyingly unscrupulous person.

Mong-On 4:39 am 06 May 05

My question was about the war, not about the wall. You can’t separate Bruford’s message from his method. Now about that war…?

And I proudly wear the crown you’ve placed on my head, but I thought we weren’t allowed to swear on this site?

johnboy 12:01 am 06 May 05

Well Mong-On, he was always free to stand anywhere he liked and SAY whatever he believed.

Frankly, if you think vandalism of ther people’s property is OK as long as you agree with their reasons, then you’re a prize wanker.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Personally i choose to judge actions rather than motivations.

So very dated I know.

Mong-On 9:55 pm 05 May 05

Thanks bonfire. I’m just pleased that Mr Bruford had the cojones to stand up in court and say that the war was wrong. How do you feel now about it? Enough said.

"I voted for a dragw 5:43 pm 05 May 05

Yes, and on the same day a number of drink drivers were given a mere slap on the wrist for their misdeeds. The magistrate wanted to “send a message to the community.” So much for equality before the media… I mean “law”.

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