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Rally – Thurs Nov 30 2006

By BOM - 27 November 2006 23

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23 Responses to
Rally – Thurs Nov 30 2006
Vic Bitterman 10:02 pm 27 Nov 06

Unions are nothing but legalised sheltered workshops for bludgers and underachievers.

More strength to the new IR laws.

terubo 9:10 pm 27 Nov 06

Too bad you won’t get paid now, Nyssa…

nyssa76 8:36 pm 27 Nov 06

My name was handed to the “boss” as one of a group going on Thursday – without my consent! I don’t believe in strike action – that’s what voting is for.

I am not amused.

I’ll be at work on Thursday – I’ve got reports to write.

equalitarian 8:19 pm 27 Nov 06

BE THERE ! Then beg the question how exploited workers can take a half day off, on a Thursday. Did I get the sack for protesting the agreement we signed, boss?
It’s always worth it, but the truly exploited will be still hammering the rocks in the quarry of life.

Pandy 7:49 pm 27 Nov 06

yeah could johnboy please note that we who access RiotAct from work get noted for high download bandwidth?

cut the photos down in size or cut them out please.

Woody Mann-Caruso 7:33 pm 27 Nov 06

243kb images on the front page make Woody’s dial-up connection cry.

And keep your grubby fucking hands off my AWA, union tossers.

Absent Diane 5:47 pm 27 Nov 06

that should have said thursday not tuesday.. and yes I may well have licked my fingers AND twirled my nipples.

Pandy 5:39 pm 27 Nov 06

Did you lick your fingers and twirl your nipples just then AD?

Absent Diane 5:37 pm 27 Nov 06

they are all hot. i have heard the guy playing bass for them on tuesday has an extrodinary set of man boobs – now that is finger lickin’ hot!!

Pandy 5:06 pm 27 Nov 06

Yeah but the unions would like to see all AWAs eliminated. That would mean a loss in pay for me. No wonder I quit the union.

booka 5:05 pm 27 Nov 06

Exactly. A bit of constructive dialogue on work conditions is fine, but to have no choice is archaic and not on!

Also: the guy in the striped t-shirt is hot.


Thumper 4:19 pm 27 Nov 06


you simply cannot remove the collective bargaining powers from people. It allows exploitation of those who may not be in a situation where they can defend themselves.

AWAs are fine, but don’t make them compulsory. Collective bargaining and AWAs can exist at the same time.

Absent Diane 4:15 pm 27 Nov 06

ever worked private enterprise Pandy?… im not talking mcdonalds/woolies.. real private enterprise.. there are some real egotistical prick employers out there who will stop at nothing to fuck you over.. and not everybody is intelligent enough to out smart their employers, no matter how good at a job they are.

Pandy 3:45 pm 27 Nov 06

stuff ’em.

If you are good enough and in demand then the boss will pay you more. Thats the AWA way.

PigDog 2:36 pm 27 Nov 06

Unions – Still hip!

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