Reality TV in reality – RSPCA Animal Rescue

weeziepops 22 April 2009 60

RSPCA Animal Rescue (Tuesday nights on Prime) is a great way to raise awareness about animal welfare but I do wonder if people realise how different the situation in the ACT is to that of NSW.

Obviously, NSW is a much bigger organisation which deals with a larger population. It has more money, more staff, better facilities and (sadly) more animals in need. The ability for NSW RSPCA to respond to issues, as are shown on RSPCA Animal Rescue, may give Canberrans a false impression that the Canberra branch of RSPCA is also able to make house calls to collect strays or rescue trapped animals.

My understanding is that they just don’t have the resources to do this. They have two (I think) inspectors servicing the whole region and no staff who are dedicated to “rescue” missions (again, as far as I know) – expectations that RSPCA ACT can undertake the intensive “call out” work that is shown on RSPCA Animal Rescue are unlikely to be realistic.

It also made me wonder what options there are for the community if and when RSPCA ACT cannot help someone in need of assistance.

I know Canberra Connect is referred to as the font of all wisdom, but in reality what are the options, as an example, for a person who finds a cat (not necessarily their own) stuck in a wall? If a pensioner goes into hospital and has no friends or family and the RSPCA has no room to board their beloved pet, who can they go to for help?

Is the awareness raising benefit of nationally broadcast shows like RSPCA Animal Rescue such that it outweighs any additional pressure placed on smaller branches of the RSPCA as a result? Probably. But it would be interesting to see how many people watching the show go on to donate to their local RSPCA.

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60 Responses to Reality TV in reality – RSPCA Animal Rescue
justbands justbands 3:54 pm 23 Apr 09

> Maybe if you got a bit of pussy you wouldn’t mind cats so much.

I’m a very, very happily married man thanks Holden. 🙂

Skidd Marx Skidd Marx 3:42 pm 23 Apr 09

I love animals but I really hate that show. I find it patronising.

Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 3:20 pm 23 Apr 09

justbands said :

I could have posted all the pro-cat replies myself. It’s always exactly the same arguments…. “Not my Tiddums”, “Not a problem in surburbia”, “Humans are worse”, “Dogs kill too”, “Blah blah blah”.

Maybe if you got a bit of pussy you wouldn’t mind cats so much.

threepaws threepaws 3:12 pm 23 Apr 09

I hope that the ‘arrangement’ is that they have a duty of care to relieve an animal of its suffering!

SheepGroper SheepGroper 12:37 pm 23 Apr 09

When I picked up a magpie that someone had hit with a car and left by the side of the road the local vet killed him for free. The poor guy had a smashed pelvis and was dragging himself away from the meat ants with his wings so it wasn’t too difficult to catch him. When I offered to pay the vet said they had some kind of arrangement about treating native animals, they’re the ones in Phillip. This was some years ago, things may have changed since.

weeziepops weeziepops 11:16 am 23 Apr 09

#45 – I am sure the quality of service is excellent but seriously doubt it meets the real demand for help in the area of wildlife care and rehabilitation. It would be interesting to know how wildlife care is funded in the ACT as opposed to other States. I imagine the reliance on volunteers is intense, too. As the Bush Capital, more money needs to be directed to this vital function.

FC FC 10:11 am 23 Apr 09

deezagood said :

Fair call FC. Please just ignore my comment; I’m a bit obsessed with plaguarism at the moment!!

Not at all! now I feel bad that people might think I was trying to take credit for such a funny little piece of writing! (not my intention)

deezagood deezagood 10:09 am 23 Apr 09

Fair call FC. Please just ignore my comment; I’m a bit obsessed with plaguarism at the moment!!

FC FC 10:01 am 23 Apr 09

deezagood said :

FC – @#28; naughty of you not to note this this is not your own piece of creative writing!

I didn’t really think about it to be honest. I guess I thought many people would have read that piece before (circulating the email many times)

deezagood deezagood 9:55 am 23 Apr 09

FC – @#28; naughty of you not to note this this is not your own piece of creative writing!

justbands justbands 9:55 am 23 Apr 09

> Especially when big business and big projects are allowed to go ahead and destroy huge amounts of bush/forest area and destroy millions of native animals homes and habitat.

& on that one…we agree. 🙂

FC FC 9:54 am 23 Apr 09

I don’t think that that is too much to ask of cats (cat owners) either.

But it seems that a lot of the restrictions on humans are very tokenistic.Especially when big business and big projects are allowed to go ahead and destroy huge amounts of bush/forest area and destroy millions of native animals homes and habitat.
Money always seems to be a bigger priority unfortunatly.

justbands justbands 9:48 am 23 Apr 09

Of course humans are the worst..I won’t argue against that. That’s why we impose rules & regluations on humans when it comes to protecting the environment….no littering here, no fires there, no vehicles in this area, no access to that area, no shooting here, no fishing there, etc. It’s not too much to ask that cats (& really, cat owners) should live by rules too….confinement to houses/yards, not being out at night/early evening & morning, being desexed, eradication of ferals, etc.

FC FC 9:34 am 23 Apr 09

I understand perfectly well what you are saying but I still disagree.
I think that BOTH are issues of concern and both lifes should be valued.

and just a bit of food for thought:

Rightly or wrongly, environmental groups and councils have increasingly called for the confinement of cats to prevent their predation on birds and other wildlife. Cats do impact on wildlife, like humans they kill to eat, but there has been a great deal of misinformation and propaganda about the true harm they cause. This debate has become so heated at times, fueled by a minority of vocal cat haters who often have the ear of government, that people have lost sight of the fact that it is humans themselves who are the real culprits. Massive, ongoing and largely irreversible damage to the environment by human activity is the main reason for the loss of wildlife, the impact of cats being infinitesimal in comparison. In fact if given a choice, cats do what they have done for millennia, which is to prey mainly on rodents and rabbits, the so-called pest species that humans have spent millions trying to control. “

justbands justbands 9:22 am 23 Apr 09

> By that rationalization your life is then inherently less valuable than, say, the life of a Yanomami person?

If I (& those like me) & the Yanomami lived in the same area & were being actively hunted & killed by an effecient, ruthless predator…then yes, the Yanomami persons life really is more valuable than my own. I reckon I’d even throw myself in front of said predator to save the last of the Yanomami if it came to that.

> Who is to judge what makes on animals life more important than anothers?

When it is the survival of the species under threat, surely you can concede that the life of the last of its kind is more precious to protect than the life of say, a cow, which is one of hundreds of millions the world over?

> And on a side note, I am sure that far more cows are murdered by humans on a daily basis than native wildlife are murdered by cats.

We breed cows for food (breeding animals for food is another debate altogether). Some of these native species are under direct threat of extinction. It’s a massive difference.

threepaws threepaws 8:40 am 23 Apr 09

The RSPCA has an excellent wildlife service, with carers across Canberra. The after hours number is 0413 495 031.

As I understand, any wildlife carer with a licence in the ACT is not legally allowed to care for roos or snakes, that falls to TAMS.

ant ant 12:57 am 23 Apr 09

So why does a crappy little town like Qbn (and surrounds) have such a good service, and ACT has not such a service?

jake555 jake555 11:08 pm 22 Apr 09

The wildcare service in Queanbeyan is only for animals in NSW though. You have to call ACT rangers for roos and snakes in Canberra

ant ant 9:53 pm 22 Apr 09

Qbn has an excellent Wildcare service. They have a 24 hour phone, and advertise their number and tell people to put it in their phones. It sure works, injured roadside roos are phoned in within minutes. Around Xmas I had a brown snake trapped in netting under the house, and it wouldn’t die. So I rang Wildcare and they had a bloke round in 30 minutes who got it out and went off with it. Thing with Wildcare is, they have a really active group of volunteers.

sunshine sunshine 9:23 pm 22 Apr 09

#28 – best thing i’ve read in a while – thanks for the laugh

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