Recycled water for Gunghalin Drive extension

IBN News 5 November 2006 11

Jon Stanhope has quietly announced the Gunghalin Drive extension will soon be using free recycled water, with ACTEW to build an access point at the Lower Molonglo Water Quality Control Centre.

IBN News has the story in its Sunday edition.

The government will be able to use the recycled water for various projects.

Private companies will also be able to use the water by arrangement with ACTEW.

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11 Responses to Recycled water for Gunghalin Drive extension
JC JC 7:55 pm 06 Nov 06

KaneO, the report says nothing about them taking more out of the system, it is saying they will take it from recylced sources and not our potable water sources. It is all about changing the source not the amount used.

Al Al 2:09 pm 06 Nov 06

I blame George Gregan!

Danman Danman 11:41 am 06 Nov 06

Im sure DJ would still be alive if Canberra had more water mining facilities :S

Mr Evil Mr Evil 11:25 am 06 Nov 06

I blame the Police for this state of affairs!

Danman Danman 10:56 am 06 Nov 06

woah – what happened there…

Danman Danman 10:55 am 06 Nov 06

There has been a facility on the yowani end of southwell park for years. Its a water mining facility.
It recovers water from sewerage waste mains and uses it to irrigate the whole southwell park complex. More about this can be read ->here

The ACT guvmint should quote the success of this venture and expland to include more locations for this kind of facility.

Avacry Avacry 9:45 am 06 Nov 06

Water is water. The water were drinking now would probably have been pissed out by a dinosaur millions of years ago. The sooner we get over the taboo fact that recycled water is hardly different to any other water, the sooner we solve some of our fresh water issues.

smokey2 smokey2 8:01 am 06 Nov 06

Is this class A recycled water?
Not enough detail in the release to ascertain how clean it is.

KaneO KaneO 6:24 am 06 Nov 06

They are sucking more water out of the system. THe media release says so in a roundabout way.
Go for a walk down that river and see what a sorry state it’s in already, and not the historical flow marks up the banks. Many native fish species require seasonal flows and surges to set breeding conditions, not to mention the silt buildup that never gets cleared thanks to the Googong and Scrivener flow restriction devices.
There’s a few pools and stretches there that have some natives hanging on, but the majority of the fish biomass is now mud marlin.

JC JC 10:11 pm 05 Nov 06

Gaelhope, what are you on about? There is no suggestion that there is a plan to suck MORE water out of the system, it would seem the plan is to use recylced water rather than dam water. There can be no doubt that water is needed downstream too, but what would you rather, people using water straight out of the dam or recycled water?

The amount of recylced water used would be small as a percentage of what will still go down the Molongo. I reckon all these water tanks going up in peoples yards will be what eventually has the biggest effect downstream.

gaelhope gaelhope 2:59 pm 05 Nov 06

so we’re thinking it’s okay to suck more water out of the system – recycled water that would have been returned to the river (and all living things downstream). Oh yay, Jon Stanhope. You just don’t get it, do ya.

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