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Red Light Cameras

By Aurelius 21 February 2008 31

I know there is a bit of an anti-camera sentiment amongst Rioters, and so I offer this story.
I recently received a traffic infringement notice for “proceed when traffic arrow red”. It said that just after midnight on January 28 (note: public holiday = double demerit points) I went thru a red arrow at a traffic light.

Ordinarily, I would have just paid it, since I know I sometimes skate close to the line and it’s entirely possible I might have done what was alleged. But I remembered this particular trip. I had a friend staying for the long weekend and late at night, we went out to hunt for a snack. This friend is someone who never does anything wrong – I’m sure you know the type. And I’m pretty confident that if I’d run a red light, if I’d even cut it fine, Eric would have said something. I don’t remember it being a topic for discussion while we toured the ACT looking for hot dogs, so I was pretty confident a mistake was made.

I have just now seen the photos.

They show my car stopped at the lights, with the brake lights on. The car stopped a short amount beyond the first white line, but not excessively. The car is a Barina and the front wheel is sitting almost on the line.

They also show the date and time incorrect (and given the issue of double demerits, the date is a very relevant detail) with both the original infringement and my own recollection.
I am obviously going to contest this infringement. And I would encourage you all to do so too, if you receive such a letter. It just concerns me that a lot of people would just pay without questioning. Everyone I have asked thus far has said they would pay without requesting the photo.

What’s Your opinion?

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Red Light Cameras
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Blackwidda 8:59 am 21 Apr 08

In NSW they take a photo of you crossing the white line and then subsequent photos to make sure you have actually crossed into the intersection. If you have just pulled up over the white line and not poroceeded into the intersection you don’t get fined. This is clearly why we need uniform road rules that are the same in all states and teritories. If you haven’tcoissed over the white line and are sitting ther with your brakes on you are not intending to proceed against a red arrow, regardles if you have 2 wheels over the line or not. The dictinoary ahs a quite different explanation for what the trem proceed means.

griersy81 5:43 pm 27 Mar 08

Dear V8 Berlina with a three tier spoiler,

I recently went through a red light camera intersection and the light was still amber after I crossed the white stop line.
It was late afternoon and the sun was shinning in all its glory and as I couldnt clearly see the traffic lights, I realised half way through the intersection that the lights were indeed amber. By the time the lights went red, my back tyres were just coming out of the intersection.
I have been informed that these cameras do activate even if the light is amber.

I am usually a pretty safe driver and always stop for a red light. I do recall a car behind me that also went through the intersection although I am just a bit worried that these particular set of lights may have activated and taken a pic on amber…


“Berlina, where the logic ends is simple – when does someone’s behaviour constitute a danger to the public?”

Um, crossing that white line does constitute a danger to the public. Pedestrian are meant to have clear passage infront of that white line. By going past it, you risk striking pedestrians if they stupidly start crossing without looking) and you cause them to have to move around your vehicle. So even if you don’t drive right through the intersection, a hazard to the public is created by entering the intersection past the white line.

NSW RTA recommends you stay about 0.5m behind the line and vehicles behind you should be far enough back so they can see your rear tyres to reduce risk or rear end pile ups.

AJW = Amber Jane/Joan Weston.

Yeah, the one that ran a red light while running from the cops and ended up killing a person.

shauno 6:03 pm 21 Feb 08

What a crock of shit

fight it in court

barney 5:30 pm 21 Feb 08

Gorilla Dog’s for PM!!!

West_Kambah_4eva 5:28 pm 21 Feb 08

IT’S “GRILLA DOGS” YOU HEATHENS!!!! Yes, it was a play on Gorilla and Griller, making “Grilla”.

Aurelius 5:20 pm 21 Feb 08

Berlina, where the logic ends is simple – when does someone’s behaviour constitute a danger to the public?
Rules are there for the guidance of the wise, and the obedience of the stupid.

Who’s AJW?

barney 5:10 pm 21 Feb 08

I want to know more about the future of Gorilla Dog’s!

the danger with your logic is where does it end? Ok, a few cm is ok, then a few more and a few more. The white line is the white line. A court may decide to ignore the fine, and in light of the inaccurate date may throw out the offense, but the inaccurate date aside, will still see an infringement has occurred even if its minor and an honest mistake.
I do agree though, unfair in light of all the sh*t AJW gets away with.

Mælinar 4:30 pm 21 Feb 08

So on the AJW scale, you actually stopped for the red light, albeit you missed by a few cm. You are facing a fine.

AJW didn’t stop for the red light, hit a few things, several other factors, and got off.

I don’t think you’ll have a problem if you take it to court for some reason.

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