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Referrers’ report Sept 2005

By Kerces - 8 September 2005 22

For my penance for making Johnboy sum up our government’s Spring Legislative Program a while back I get to write up the referrers’ report for this month (though it’s probably not a fair exchange since this one is fun…)

So I have dutifully read right through to the end of the report and picked out this month’s gems. Of course, I have probably missed some and not found others to be gems so feel free to have a look and decide for yourselves.

Once again the majority of searches were for variations on The RiotACT, with various permutations of Clea Rose getting a good look in too. Other notable searches were for ChannelVision and Kurt Kennedy and his Best Party of Allah and Zooey Deschanel naked (in various forms) made a comeback.

And then the oddities (in the order I discovered them).

* What is the weather and environment like in parliament house (umm…pretty much the same as the rest of Canberra honey)
* strange people gibberish (not one but four searches for this. Shows what google thinks of us)
* “riotact thumper rabid schools”, “thumper sydney australia” and “F-111 Thumper” — three separate searches. Been auto-googling?
* anu is better than uc (huh! is not!)
* business for sale, john hanna, canberra (a scoop we’ve missed out on?)
* what to do when you hit a dog while driving canberra act
* doogs sex (a couple different searches for this. Anyone care to enlighten me?)
* fake opium (FAKE?)
* The Damn Arms (possibly mishearing Thumper and Mael’s watering hole)
* dj johnboy london (does he have a secret other life?)
* ex girlfriend photos (I picked this one out cos there was a story in the paper today about how as a new form of revenge people have taken to selling photos of their exes on ebay)
* sheep porn (New Zealanders?)
* and last but one of my most favouritists…katy gallagher is evil

What’s Your opinion?

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22 Responses to
Referrers’ report Sept 2005
Samuel Gordon-Stewar 9:08 am 09 Sep 05

Well, I do live under selective rocks…the smooth ones are better as they don’t usually hurt.

Maelinar 8:45 am 09 Sep 05

SGS, you don’t know the significance of camel toe ?

And Rock Salt is a reasonably quality restraunt chain that’s all up the coast

Samuel Gordon-Stewar 7:20 am 09 Sep 05

hmmm, “76. canberra brothel”, I don’t think they were satisfied by RiotACT posts (I could be wrong)
“101. canberra times rebels” I doubt it…
“127. coffee vans” I could use one of those
“149. powered by wordpress leave a comment security” & “93. vandalism riotact” we are keeping WordPress up to date I hope
“184. TV Ad Gender” I didn’t know ads had one???
“186. wooden spoon” Um, what?
“200. rock salt canberra restuarant” Does anybody actually choose a restuarant based on the salt it uses?
“279. what is a camel toe?” I would have thought it was a toe on a camel…maybe it is one of the turnips Stanhope is apparently building (174)
“312. if their is no public housing” then Deb Foskey would be using public trees
“379. crikey rural press” Nope, don’t think they own each other
“410. walking up mount ainslie” Just make sure the green gobbling leg muncher doesn’t pay you a visit and you should be fine.
“430. ex girlfriend photos” perhaps if you tell us her name
“444. Samuel Gordon-Stewart” good…
and yes, like others, I do have to agree with “495. Katy Gallagher Is Evil”

blossy 8:57 pm 08 Sep 05

“loadedog love is better”

Is that why I’ve been getting it wrong to date?

Ari 4:47 pm 08 Sep 05

I hope #455 doesn’t sum up the-riotact.

simto 4:42 pm 08 Sep 05

Trillian in the movie version of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. Not really my kind of thing to see naked, but I’m sure someone would be pleased with it…

Ari 4:38 pm 08 Sep 05

Who the hell is Zooey Deschanel? Is he/she worth looking at naked?

Absent Diane 4:11 pm 08 Sep 05

Parl house tends to be a bit cooler in winter and hotter in summer than the rest of canberra. I take offence to any suggestion that I have been auto-googling 🙂 plainly thats not my style

Spitfire3 3:48 pm 08 Sep 05

“What is the weather and environment like in parliament house”

Well, it’s been a long time since I’ve been IN parliament house. But judging by the office I work in myself, I’d say the weather in there would be about 21 degrees with little to no chance of rain.

(Possible showers though, i guess).

Thumper 2:52 pm 08 Sep 05


“What do drug dealers do?”

Hmmmm…. I’ll have to get back to you on that one….

Thumper 2:50 pm 08 Sep 05

Jon Stanhope building turnips?

Okay, did we miss something here?

LurkerGal 2:48 pm 08 Sep 05

Oh, and I see Absent Diane has been Autogoogling again- but I’m more disturbed that someone looked for pictures of Carnell naked. Please tell me there aren’t any!!!!!

Thumper 2:45 pm 08 Sep 05

“riotact thumper rabid schools”, “thumper sydney australia” and “F-111 Thumper”.

man, is someone trying to google me?

“katy gallagher is evil ” is priceless…..

LurkerGal 2:42 pm 08 Sep 05

Hey! Someone searched for the RSVP lock and key canberra! Hope it was Murray…..

ssanta 2:40 pm 08 Sep 05

I have noticed that ‘tomatillos’ has been appearing in every one of these.

I think my fave would be “freemasons devil”

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