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Restaurant review – Babars on Bunda Street

By johnboy 8 January 2009 51

Lunch in Civic today was at Babars. I used to be a big fan of the place when it was the nearest bar to Electric Shadows back in the day.

At 12.15pm it certainly wasn’t over crowded and we were able to get a great shaded table on Bunda Street with wonderful views of the passing citizenry. They had hordes of staff on for the level of trade.

It was nice that we had menus within minutes of sitting down. Thirty seconds later being asked if we’d made a selection from the big menu was more problematic.

We thought ordering a a couple of beers while we decided would work but sadly the beers hadn’t arrived when the waiter came back for a second go.

Which is where we hit a snag, our waiter’s english really wasn’t up to the job. When you have to point to the club sandwich on the menu, to get across that’s what you want, there’s a problem.

The drinks did arrive eventually though and the food, in its turn, was pretty good.

Jazz was thrilled when the prawns in his linguini arrived without their tails, tailed prawns being something of a bugbear for him. He also said the chilli was making his head itch, apparently a good thing.

My club sandwich was pretty good, the turkey and bacon feeling like they came from an animal and not from a factory. It was tall, but not unmanageable and the cranberry sauce and aioli applied strongly, but not overwhelming.

All up not a bad lunch, in fact pretty good. But for the money (~$20ea with a beer) the service really needs to improve. Fluent English really is essential for front of house work at a cosmopolitan cafe/restaurant.

What’s Your opinion?

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Restaurant review – Babars on Bunda Street
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Smackbang 12:38 am 10 Jan 09

The inside of this cafe is so brightly lit,a nd so intensely white. It’d be like eating inside a refrigerator when the light is stuck on.

TheScientist 11:48 am 09 Jan 09

i can recommend the open spiced lamb “souvlaki”

service wasn’t the best last time i went there, but the price and the meal more than made up for it!

best lamb i’d had in a while that cost less than $20

Kramer 11:36 am 09 Jan 09

Went there last week for dinner and the service was AWFUL! It was a little bust but we got a seat no problems, but then it took so long to get menus that we just snatched a couple off the front bench. Then it took about another 20 minutes to get someone to take our order!! It was impossible to get a second drink with my dinner (let alone coffees after dinner), so we just paid and went somewhere else.

M Rose 9:43 am 09 Jan 09

Never get the Pumpkin Risotto there. I think Babars in town is better at lunch than it is at dinner. It’s never really that good in Woden. That Club Sandwich looks delicious.

poptop 7:53 am 09 Jan 09

There was and is a Babar down near the Cinemas on Bradley St.

There was and now isn’t a Babar amongst the pavement food strip along Corinna Street.

The Bradley street one I quite like. The one on Corinna street was truly dreadful the one time I ate there.

Pandy 7:16 am 09 Jan 09

2 Babars in Woden?!!!!

Is the original Babars still open?

poptop 12:24 am 09 Jan 09

Not a fan of the toothpick in the sammich.

Babars appear to have broken the rule that there must be either toothpicks through or parsley on top of club sammiches. They add colour and neither are eaten.

20 bucks with a beer, eh? I’d want a bigger plate, toothpicks and parsley.

Curly parsley.

johnboy 12:02 am 09 Jan 09

It’s the perogative of having to mediate 10 childish spats a day.

Back OT I was a teensy bit disappointed by the absence of toothpicks.

poptop 11:59 pm 08 Jan 09

johnboy said :

If a majority of parliamentarians want to alter standing orders to pray to Mecca at appropriate intervals that’s their business.

Heading way offtopic here though. Let’s confine discussion to the restaurant and the review?

HUMPH on taking last comments and redirecting! I disagree; they are supposed to be there representing their constituents not doing whatever strikes their fancy to do. Prayers of any sort have no place in our secular parliament.

I think Babar Cafe and Bar need to get larger plates for the sammich and chips – plating experts agree that white space is quite the thing nowadays. Kudos to them for not using those toothpicks with the cellophane frills on the club sammich though.

There used be two Babars in Woden. The extremely horrid one has now gone thank goodness, replaced I think by an ordinary sort of Vietnamese place.

Holden Caulfield 11:37 pm 08 Jan 09

I went to the Babars at Woden once, about 18 months ago. It was shit.

I’ll never step into another Babars ever again. Plus, their logo is rubbish.

johnboy 11:25 pm 08 Jan 09

poptop said :

Yah and we aren’t supposed to have a state religion either but they recite the Lord’s Prayer in the Parliament.

What a silly country we are!

If a majority of parliamentarians want to alter standing orders to pray to Mecca at appropriate intervals that’s their business.

Heading way offtopic here though. Let’s confine discussion to the restaurant and the review?

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