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Restaurant Review: Breakfast at Hudsons of Dickson

By johnboy - 20 October 2008 92

[First filed: October 19, 2008 @ 12:51]

Cafe corner in the Dickson shops is a busy place of a weekend morning. You don’t really choose which of the cafes you eat at, rather taking wherever there’s a spare table with shade.

This means that the cafe which makes the most money is the one which can churn the customers fastest.

We took a seat at Hudsons and enjoyed the talented buskers, playing perhaps a touch too loud.

Ordering at the counter got us a number on a stick and in the time it took to buy a newspaper our drinks had arrived with the food not far behind.

Tasteless tomatoes. Ropey scrambled eggs. The bacon was OK.

My date’s pumpkin fritters caused her to remark that perhaps pumpkin is not suitable for frittering, although it reportedly tasted fine and the hollandaise sauce was particularly good.

While we were eating our empty glasses were whisked away time is money after all.

The atmosphere is great, but in my opinion there are better breakfasts to be had for the money elsewhere.

What’s Your opinion?

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92 Responses to
Restaurant Review: Breakfast at Hudsons of Dickson
flying doormat 6:48 pm 19 Oct 08

Danman knows his shit when it comes to food – makes a wicked turkish delight

dingo84 6:39 pm 19 Oct 08

haha sounds all so rich and indulgent.. yum

VicePope 6:15 pm 19 Oct 08

Frittering pumpkin – but of course. It’s a standout in the Indian veg fritters dish …. whatever it’s called. Make sure you slice fairly thinly and steam/soften a bit first. Pea flour. Deep fry. Yoghurt and mint.

Made an eggy thing this morning, heavy on fungus. Mushrooms and blue cheese inside and a light slurp of truffle oil. Yum.

dingo84 5:39 pm 19 Oct 08

My house mates does some weird thing with seeded mustard… Although Jas I like the sounds of what you are suggesting.. All that double cream and milk business sounds like the reason why people are getting fat and the Canberra gyms do such a good trade lol

Hooray for high protein meals

The Jas 5:25 pm 19 Oct 08

The best scrambled eggs actually require no milk, cream or whisking at all. Simply crack the eggs in to a medium/high heat pan (with a tablespoon of butter not oil) and use a spatula to move the eggs around slowly, season with salt and pepper at the start and just continue to move the eggs around with the spatula, no beating or anything. The natural movement of the eggs will scramble them and mix the yolk and white up together in a marbled, tasty delight. Serve with whatever the hell you want or by themselves. Basta!

dingo84 5:18 pm 19 Oct 08

caramel slice can be so hit and miss 😛 Glad to know there is somewhere doing it decently

b2 5:07 pm 19 Oct 08

The Hudsons at the Botanic gardens is different to the one in Dickson. They used to be owned by the same person, but the on in Dickson is in different hands.

I’ll put in a good word for their caramel slice though.

Danman 5:01 pm 19 Oct 08

<— Qualified chef – Sick of people fcuking up fundamentals

LlamaFrog 4:37 pm 19 Oct 08

I am over having to order at the counter, especially in popular cafes where leaving your table to order loses you the table.

dingo84 3:39 pm 19 Oct 08

Such the cooking expert 😉

I do hate seeing a decent big brekkie stuffed up… So many hang overs have been fixed by a big brekkie at a good little hide away cafe

Danman 3:30 pm 19 Oct 08

Pumpkin could fritter quite well, just as well as potato one would expect – because potato and pumpkin are just as soft as each other when fully cooked.

If I was to make a pumpkin fritter, I would par cook chunks of pumpkin (Very important to only par cook), run them through a grater, as some egg, a little plain flower, salt pepper, then mix.

Form into fritters on the hotplate/frying pan.

Should come out firm but crunchy…

Maybe they attempted fully cooking the pumpkin first.

If you do this with pumpkin or potatoes, all you’ll get is moosh cakes.

Granny 2:54 pm 19 Oct 08

I reckon I could fritter me up a punkin somehows.

; )

Bells 2:48 pm 19 Oct 08

Oh that’s a shame. They must have gone down hill. We used them for our wedding reception at the Botanic Gardens and the food was excellent. Might skip them for breakfast though.

I can’t imagine pumpkin frittering well (is frittering even a word? It should be). Too soggy, I would imagine.

Ari 2:28 pm 19 Oct 08

Given the tone of JB’s review – I would certainly expect him to see spit in his eggs if ever dines there again.

Danman 2:25 pm 19 Oct 08

scrambled eggs are an art.

Because they are high protein, if you cook them too fast, the protein shrinks too quickly and you get rubber eggs with that lovely yellow liquid that they swim in.

Scrambled eggs should be cooked slowly over low heat, beaten (With double cream) initially so that there is still flecks of unblended white in it, and when you fork the eggs apart, there should be sections off egg that have a glossy coating resembling the consistency of baby spit (Thats how I was taught)

Tomatoes however, being tasteless, perhaps they should change suppliers, or buy non hydro crap.

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