Revelations in the Lioulios suicide

johnboy 24 February 2009 70

[First filed: February 23, 2009 @ 16:07]

There’s a short but extremely complicated story on the ABC site about the tragic death of DR. Tania Lioulios after she tried to kill herself in the back of a prison van last July.

    Dr Lioulios had complained to the Medical Board that her lover, psychiatrist Hugh Veness, illegally prescribed a narcotic to her.

    The Medical Board says its legislation prevents it from confirming a complaint has been made.

    Dr Lioulios’ husband Dimitris has tried to contact the Board about the case but has not received a response.

    “I’m still waiting for an answer, I’m still waiting to see what the Medical Board has done about this issue about the prescription of OxyContin by Dr Veness,” he said.

UPDATED: The SMH has picked up the story and obtained comment from Dr. Veness:

    Dr Hugh Veness, of Canberra, yesterday denied to the Herald that he had prescribed excessive quantities of the potentially addictive drug Oxycontin to his former lover, Tania Lioulios. He said Ms Lioulios, who died in police custody last year, had become “extremely disturbed” after he refused to marry her.

He has confirmed an investigation by the board. The article is well worth reading in full.

It’s also worth checking out Dr. Veness’s school re-union profile which is driving a lot of the news on this.

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70 Responses to Revelations in the Lioulios suicide
ppt1ne ppt1ne 10:10 am 17 Aug 12

Big ups to anotherone! Through your determination you have removed a predator, one obviously prone to repeat-offending, from the lives of many vulnerable people. Thank you.

To FedUp, perhaps you will refrain form such hasty and aggressive ‘defences’ in the future. Where there’s smoke, there is fire. Benefit of the doubt should always be afforded to alleged victims.

And to any predator onto whom vulnerable people put their trust:

We’ll get ya 😉

fedup fedup 11:48 am 14 Sep 11

I have seen Dr Veness for many years. If it wasn’t for him I would be dead along time ago. I suggest you read ‘the crucible’ as it contains more of the truth.
This was a political witch hunt and I for one say that due to this miscourage of justice hope they reliese the blood they now wear on their hands.
Dr Veness NEVER presibed me anything he didn’t believe would help. He would always go through the pros and cons and for the weeks after I would have appointments to assess how I was doing.
Every GP and phyc I ever saw had nothing but glowing reports for Dr Veness.
And to ms ‘thanks for mucking up my recovery’ glad you rationalised your desire to have more control

Time Time 2:12 am 08 Sep 11

This post is to thank the people that have contributed to the monster being suspended…”anotherone” you have found some justice…and have SAVED lives…God bless you…we all will be in court to watch his final downfall.

Those wronged, now is the time to report all his crimes to the police…doing so will protect more people.

anotherone anotherone 7:49 pm 19 May 11

Hello. Am very new here. But want to say in relation to the so called ‘doctor’, stay tuned. Im another one. And we go AMA hearing Monday it seems. And no I am not happy either..but at least Im alive. It’s my intention to make sure he never has the chance to do this to another woman ever again. I suffer a mental illness, went to him for help. I know there is a gag order on the media right now in relation to this matter involving me but as far as I know it ends the day of the hearing. Monday. It’s been one and a half years to get to this point.

Diaz Diaz 8:07 pm 21 Aug 10

“urwrong” and “Rochelle” do you really think you know Veness well?

Remember what Tania told the nurse about Veness?

“urwrong”, remember what Tania told you about Veness?

Remember what you know about Veness and have lied to police?

Veness will be brought to court, I can reasure you, his time will come.

I can reasure you as well that those who covered for Veness like you “urwrong” will be brought to court too.

You did not speak out and save Tania’s life…you not only lied you colaborated with Veness.

All who will not come out and tell the truth you can’t fool your mind on the EVIL you have commited on Tania.

Remember or not…………… YOU WILL ALL GO TO HELL.

Woody Mann-Caruso Woody Mann-Caruso 5:59 pm 06 May 10

Zombie thread alert!

Rochelle Rochelle 4:16 pm 06 May 10

How very sad for all concerned. I am so relieved that witches and the like are no longer burned at the stake. I was myself a patient of Dr Veness’ for approx 7 years and I have no hesitation in going into bat for him. I found him not only to be an excellent psychiatrist but also kind, patient and very down-to-earth. His ability to “hear” what I had to say was beyond reproach. I had experienced loss through suicide twice prior to visiting Dr Veness and the number has risen again. From personal experience I can say that it seems to be a natural progression to seek a scape goat because the loss associated with someone taking their own life is just too painful particularly when a satisfactory explaction is not available. I guess what I am trying to say is that someone has to be to blame! By the way what bearing does the number of marriages (Dr Veness’) have on the case? I know some, acturally quite a few, people who have been in mulitiple defacto relationships and have never been married. It seems to me that the age old steriotyping is alive and well along with one or more of the ‘isms’ so please just stop and think before you hang someone out to dry. Every single one of us is not without fault and please help us all if only the perfect/squeaky clean were allowed to work in the medical profession – we wouldn’t have any medical profession!!! Please try to be more kind and not so judgement.

urwrong urwrong 10:59 pm 12 Apr 09

I just read all of the posts relating to this matter. Let me tell you something, i was in the courts, heard all the evidence, also very good friends of both people. The newspapers and abc have exaggerated or made things up relating to this sad tragedy. I was the last person who talked on the phone to Tania, who cared about Tania before she passed.

    Adele Houston Adele Houston 5:56 pm 26 Mar 20

    Hi unwrong. I know this case was put to bed long ago, but it is of great interest to me and I came to the party quite late on it.

    If you ever receive this message I would appreciate you reaching out to me. I have questions about Tania and the Doctor.

    Many thanks

Thumper Thumper 3:07 pm 25 Feb 09


OxyContin is in a group of drugs called narcotic pain relievers. It is similar to morphine

And I could do with some of this at present.

Pommy bastard Pommy bastard 3:05 pm 25 Feb 09


Granny Granny 2:33 pm 25 Feb 09


poptop poptop 2:30 pm 25 Feb 09

Treating doctors should not be boffing their clients, IMHO.

If he was doing the nasty with her, he should not have been prescribing anything, excessive or otherwise!

Furry Jesus Furry Jesus 2:23 pm 25 Feb 09

Falling spiders, wasp circuses – who hasn’t been taking their medication?

sunshine sunshine 9:03 pm 24 Feb 09

monomania said :

This whole situation should be picked up, turned upside down and shaken very hard to see how many spiders fall out.

couldn’t agree more monomania……needs to be shaken VERY hard out in the open.

monomania monomania 8:48 pm 24 Feb 09

This whole situation should be picked up, turned upside down and shaken very hard to see how many spiders fall out.

sunshine sunshine 7:56 pm 24 Feb 09

i’ve heard over the canberra grapevine that the good ole dr veness does have a certain reputation as an easy prescriber of oxy contin etc…
annoys me no end when people blame other’s mental health issues to get out of trouble…..if of course it is true

MWF MWF 7:07 pm 24 Feb 09

dexi said :


OxyContin is in a group of drugs called narcotic pain relievers. It is similar to morphine.

Sounds yummy.

Granny Granny 6:15 pm 24 Feb 09

monomania said :

“… they misbranded and misled physicians and the public ….”

Whopping big multinational drug companies caught lying and cheating??
Who would have thunk it?

The incredible part is the bit where they got caught ….

; )

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