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Richard Mulcahy comes for your pipe and bong

By johnboy - 27 August 2008 111

[First filed: August 21, 2008 @ 09:19]

It is with a great deal of amusement that we note an ABC story in which one Richard Mulcahy MLA, formerly of the Tobacco Institute of Australia, is legislating for a ban on the sale of bongs, ice pipes and other drug paraphernalia:

    “Mr Speaker, this bill will not solve all issues related to illicit drugs in our community not even close,” he said.

    “It will however be a step in the right direction and enshrine in legislation the principle that the ACT does not believe that we should facilitate the use of illegal drugs”

Because if people are smoking this stuff anyway do you want them doing it with well constructed gear? Or something they’ve lashed together out of hoses and tin foil?

UPDATED: ABC radio reports that the Bill was supported by the Liberals but defeated by Labor and the Greens. The online report is now up.

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111 Responses to
Richard Mulcahy comes for your pipe and bong
astrojax 1:17 pm 21 Aug 08

Also, there are other legitimate uses for consumer retail glassware and water pipes.

aah, there’s the rub, see. like, will this affect the sale of hookahs? will it, huh? is that maybe not a contravention of cultural practice? where’s that fuzzy line, mr mulcahy? point, please…

and does anyone else notice the ‘mull’ in his name, carefully hidden by poor spelling??

Skidbladnir 11:56 am 21 Aug 08

“Richard Mulcahy pries icepipe from a cold, dead hand” might be a good headline…

Also, there are other legitimate uses for consumer retail glassware and water pipes.

peterh 11:22 am 21 Aug 08

captainwhorebags said :

Oh great, time to disconnect the garden hose from the tap in the front yard.

+1 for this comment…

RuffnReady 11:13 am 21 Aug 08

Another alcopops solution. Look to the cause, not the symptom, Mr Mulcahy. Hell, bud is no worse than alcohol anyway…

jakez 11:11 am 21 Aug 08

‘The Thing’ kind of reminds me of a sandwich I found in my schoolbag at the end of term one year.

…Now I’m hungry. That’s not a good sign.

New Yeah 11:08 am 21 Aug 08

Doesn’t he know that most younguns start smoking the chronic with something far less elaborate than a bong bought from the local smokes shop? As my learned colleagues here have pointed out, orchy bottles, neighbours’ hoses and other miscellany are the gateway tools that Mr Mulchay (aka Canberra’s biggest square the mo’) needs to worry about.

It’s much easier (and far less heartbreaking) to toss out an gunk-filled orchy bottle when your mum starts getting suss because your clothes don’t actually smell of ‘incense’, than to part with your double barreled chamber of sticky green love.

People are always going to want to blaze up, and be creative about it too. Ban the bong and watch the wasted youth of Canberra come up with new wacky new ways to get high!

Mr Mulchay – you might wear leather patches on a tweed jacket, but you’ve just lost my vote!

Skidbladnir 10:43 am 21 Aug 08

Hi Dick,

Bongs are a simple method of ingesting marijuana and sure, you can also smoke it by rolling your own in Tally-hos or by eating it in food.
Lets assume that your senior advisers or yourself have -never- engaged in the act, despite living in a city with a rather vibrant marijuana economy.
So I forgive your minor oversight.

Users can also ingest methampethamine through more than just an ice pipe, but the pipe is probably the cleanest and safest method.
Needles are another easy method, but might I suggest you go and visit the ACT Histopathology Museum first, to see what the after-effects are, when unskilled hands think they know what they’re doing?
WARNING: The Pathology Museum may be viewed by the general public. However, some people may find it disturbing.[1]

For you, I wholeheartedly recommend a viewing of “The Thing” (Do not click the link if you are of a weak disposition, or those around you are also, possibly NSFW) which a great many Canberra students have seen as part of high school Biology (including I suspect your senior adviser Robert J Ayling), is the perspex-encased hand of a man who chose to inject into an artery instead of a vein.
It was ren dered ischaemic through a blockage of his arterties, by the foreign material included in his drug hit, but had it amputated only after the smell of gangrene became too much for him to bear.

Imagine for a moment more people walking around your electorate with similarly gangrenous limbs.
I will do what your advisers should have done, and would urge to reconsider this policy stance befre going public with it.

Oh no, too late.


A voter in your electorate

[1]: Anyone up for organising a RiotACT field trip, or even a media coverage of Mulcahy’s attendance?

Thumper 10:37 am 21 Aug 08

Hide your hoses and used Orchy bottles..

jakez 10:33 am 21 Aug 08

*Jake senses the opportunity to create a bitter and divisive argument*

Swaggie: Why is it a good idea in theory?

Swaggie 10:18 am 21 Aug 08

The Authorities can only ever do one of two things – either ban it or tax it. But hell yeah good idea in theory but no practical use.

jakez 10:10 am 21 Aug 08

I wonder what Richard Mulcahy’s libertarian staffer and Molonglo running mate Ben O’Neil thinks about this legislation?

p1 9:55 am 21 Aug 08

Is he going to stop Bunnings from selling plumbing suplies and increase the numbers of ACT policing so that they can respond every time someone steals 2 inchs off my garden hose?

Skidbladnir 9:55 am 21 Aug 08

Quick, lets also not provide clean needles, because our ideology is in conflict with practicalilty.

shauno 9:52 am 21 Aug 08

I suggest Richard Mulcahy can take said bongs and shove them up his ass.

captainwhorebags 9:37 am 21 Aug 08

Oh great, time to disconnect the garden hose from the tap in the front yard.

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