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RiotACT 5th Birthday celebrations

By Jazz - 21 November 2005 31

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away (the living room of JB’s parents house about 5 years ago) a bunch of guys with not much else to do and a passing interest in IT dreamed up a website where we could grandstand to our hearts content about issues affecting us as Canberrans.

Several of those intrepid souls have fallen by the wayside and those stalwart few who remain have matured in to sometimes upstanding members of the Canberra community with valued opinions, and at other times drunkards riding bikes around North Canberra pubs. Suffice to say we’ve had a great time doing it, and really appreciate those of you who have tuned in to read about it and share your own pearls of wisdom.

In recognition of 5 years or RiotACT’s existance we’re holding a birthday bash this coming saturday at one of those very same North Canberra Pubs that we love. Those of you who feel well enough to join us for a drink are all more that welcome to do so and will catch us at :

All Bar Nun from 5pm onwards, Saturday 26 November.

Presents are optional.

What’s Your opinion?

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31 Responses to
RiotACT 5th Birthday celebrations
Thumper 5:08 pm 21 Nov 05

Didn’t plan that very well geoffco….

Samuel Gordon-Stewar 4:49 pm 21 Nov 05

Indeed I am bonfire, but I’m much more partial to a cup of coffee.

Blossy 4:30 pm 21 Nov 05

congrats in advance Geoffco!

bonfire 4:26 pm 21 Nov 05

SGS are you old enough to imbibe ? I would have thought you would take every opportunity to avoid further ‘glassing’.

i suggest that some form of group id be used. fer instance – one of those bicycle flags or everyone wearing red etc.

Geoffco 4:24 pm 21 Nov 05

Finally, a RiotACT event I can make it along to! Oh hang on… I’m getting married that day. Doh! Next time for sure 🙂

Blossy 4:13 pm 21 Nov 05

no fairy bread??

*blossy sticks out her lower lip*

Jazz 3:56 pm 21 Nov 05

no fairy bread or pass the parcel blamemonkey. you will have to settle for pass the jug and beer battered chips

Kerces 3:44 pm 21 Nov 05

Man here I was thinking it was going to be on Sunday…tis 21st season you know!

However I think I can make it for a while but early.

Blamemonkey 3:43 pm 21 Nov 05

Will there be fairy bread and pass the parcel like any good five year olds birthday bash??

ssanta 3:32 pm 21 Nov 05

That depends if I do my washing bloss…

Blossy 3:31 pm 21 Nov 05

are you going to wear your checked shirt ssanta?

ssanta 3:20 pm 21 Nov 05

do we need to bring bikes?

Nik_the_Pig 3:10 pm 21 Nov 05

I very much doubt there is any chance that we wont still be there for hours and hour and hours

terubo 3:03 pm 21 Nov 05

…and for those of us, like Thumper and me, who occasionally get roped into a cricket match, 5.00 is mighty early. Hope you’ll all be around come 8.00? And how do we recognise you? JB facemasks, or checked shirts?

Samuel Gordon-Stewar 2:56 pm 21 Nov 05

Hmmm, Saturday, always a tough day for me to go anywhere, it is the busier day of my weekend. I might be there, no guarantees though.

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