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RiotACT Images of Canberra Calendar for 2007

johnboy 11 December 2006 18

Yes, nobody asked for it but here it is anyway. A PDF calendar for 2007 all ready to print or take down to the printers. [Technical note: You probably do not want to open this monster in your browser, right click on the link and choose “save target as” or “save link” to drag it down to your hard drive before opening it with Acrobat or whatever you use to read pdf files.]

It includes useful information like all the Canberra public holidays, Government school terms, RiotACT’s birthday, and the date of the bicycle bar crawl.

Now, legal(ish) stuff…

â–  If you’ve sent in a picture for Images of Canberra and are unhappy about it being in the calendar email me and I’ll remove it.

â–  If you’re so inclined go right ahead and print as many copies as you like for secret santas, family presents, and the like (sure to be a hit in the Legislative Assembly).

â–  We’re providing the calendar for free and will take action if someone tries to sell it (cost sharing on printing would be fine). Having said that; if any of the local printers want to print it as a freebie with their logo in the whitespace on the cover we’d be happy with it, provided we get a heads-up.

â–  If you decide to try and print it double sided be prepared for some fiddling with collation, don’t blame us if you blow a cartridge of printer ink.

Enjoy, and Merry Christmas!

Got an image in or of Canberra you want to share with the world? Seen the calendar out in the wild? Email it (or about it) to

(Yes I know the image quality would have printed better if I’d kept the originals rather than having to fall back on the web-versions, we live and learn)

The link, for those who missed it the first time, is here:

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18 Responses to RiotACT Images of Canberra Calendar for 2007
Jey Jey 11:37 am 11 Dec 06

“And who knocked the big fountain outside the Canberra Centre over into a leaning tower impersonation?”
That I have to see! Anyone care to snap it and post, before it gets repaired?
Probably already taken away for repairs…

Al Al 11:16 am 11 Dec 06

Looks great JB. Speaking of the randy sheep, what was that group of young folk doing taping a blindfolded guy with their pants around their ankles to each sheep on Thursday evening??
And who knocked the big fountain outside the Canberra Centre over into a leaning tower impersonation?

Ralph Ralph 7:58 am 11 Dec 06


simbo simbo 6:24 pm 10 Dec 06

And yay, the teacup tree made it!

Danman Danman 6:24 pm 10 Dec 06

3 photos – woop woo 😛

Woody Mann-Caruso Woody Mann-Caruso 5:50 pm 10 Dec 06

The magic calendar button in iPhoto!

Wow. I thought iPhoto was just for taking stupid pictures of the cat!

Jey Jey 5:23 pm 10 Dec 06

oooh I’ve downloaded it all now, very very pretty
Hooray for teh sheep! :p

Jey Jey 4:21 pm 10 Dec 06

Maybe Kerces and JB could print me up a copy as a farewell pressie? :p

Jey Jey 4:18 pm 10 Dec 06

Tis pretty
Might hafta print me up a copy once I get settled in Brisbania to remind me of home

KaneO KaneO 10:32 am 10 Dec 06

Excellent work, very nicely done.
One of my photo’s is in there, Thanks for including it.

I have no problem with you using it or distributing it, and your thoughts on implied consent are spot on.

I’ll go one further and say if you wish to sell some calendars to offset the costs of running this site (our playground) I’m fine with that, no attributions or reimbursement required.

Again, top effort.

boomacat boomacat 10:23 am 10 Dec 06

I love the magic calendar button, and similar magic buttons on other software!

Nice work mate, looks ace.

johnboy johnboy 2:14 pm 09 Dec 06

The magic calendar button in iPhoto!

Woody Mann-Caruso Woody Mann-Caruso 2:06 pm 09 Dec 06

What app did you use on the Mac, JB? I thought Pages might be able to do this, but there doesn’t seem to be a calendar template.

(And always easier to seek forgiveness than to ask permission, I say…)

johnboy johnboy 12:50 pm 09 Dec 06

The histories of all the photo’s are in the Images of Canberra category.

Glad you liked it.

Hasdrubahl Hasdrubahl 12:43 pm 09 Dec 06

I appreciate the top right image for April: it reminds me of my glorious Mediterranean origins. I am glad you are thinking of us immigrant peoples. Bottom right for January worries me: is it the last of Caberra’s water supply, or place for sewage processing? And I find no sign of Johnboy birthdate in this calendar. Maybe for 2008 include birthdates for all RiotACT stars?

johnboy johnboy 11:14 am 09 Dec 06

Oh yes, glad you liked the design, the iMac and the photographers did most of the work.

johnboy johnboy 11:13 am 09 Dec 06

With the email addresses our contributors use? I could have spent a year tracking them all down and still not have got it out the door.

I’m happy to go with implied consent of them sending it to me as long as it’s not being exploited for profit.

Sammy Sammy 11:09 am 09 Dec 06

If you’ve sent in a picture for Images of Canberra and are unhappy about it being in the calendar email me and I’ll remove it.

Call me crazy, but wouldn’t a more proactive response have been to contact the photographers before publishing?

This way, you could’ve obtained higher-res copies at the same time.

Nice looking calendar btw, from a designers perspective.

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