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Road Resurfacing

By Flo 13 January 2009 29

There seems to be a lot of resurfacing work which is good however I am a bit disappointed with the result. Where our surfaces used to be quite smooth and quiet  they have been replaced with a coarser gravel mix, leaving quite a lot of loose stones and more importantly it has increased road noise 100%.

This is especially annoying when your house (as mine is) has a major highway on one side and a major suburban road at the rear. We did initially complain and were told that the base would settle and the noise would reduce. It’s been over 6 months and there is no difference I even have to ensure that my kitchen door and window is closed when talking on the telephone for goodness sake!

They are still using the same surfacing material all over the capital (I have the tar marks on the car to prove it). I don’t expect the road to be resurfaced (even though that would be great) but I feel that a survey should be conducted to see how other residents feel and find out if the new surface is really that much cheaper in the long run (I say cheaper because that’s the only reason I can see that this material would be used) and is it worth aggravating residents.

I did bring it up with our local member and prospective members at the last election along with a couple of other points, they listened and said they’d look into if they got elected but no joy yet.

[ED – I recently congratulated a friend in Cook on the new gravel road which had replaced his tarmac.]

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Road Resurfacing
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Jere13 9:43 am 12 Oct 13

Urgh. Just noticed the spray seal in Kingston. I actually think the surfacing is getting worse since this thread started. No other state seems to have seal as coarse or as loud as ours. Why are we putting up with this?

Looking at the recently announced resurfacing schedule, I’m sure the new car we just picked up will soon be sporting some new stone chips. We really do have the worst roads in the country.

Jere13 5:09 pm 20 May 13

You should check out the number they have done in Phillip. There are stones everywhere and it was months since they finished.

Surely the car dealerships are using whatever powers they have in the community to complain. All their new stock must be getting scratched up by it, not to mention the “cheese grater” effect the blue metal stones have on tyres.

Aeek 10:45 pm 23 Apr 13

dungfungus said :

Zed would not have let this happen.

Vision of Zed smeared across all the ACT roads to provide a smooth surface.

Kramer 10:16 pm 23 Apr 13

Wow – this is a bit of a grave dig… I believe we had a local election since this was originally posted!

dungfungus 9:54 pm 23 Apr 13

Zed would not have let this happen.

wildturkeycanoe 9:05 pm 23 Apr 13

I would have a guess that all the random bits of re-surfacing is TAMS reacting to every little pothole that gets reported. What, with all the support and direction of complaints to the :fix my street” website here on RA, I’m not surprised the Government has got cheaper quality and faster repairs to keep pace with all the extra work orders. Quit your complaining and there won’t be so many poorly repaired roads.

54-11 6:25 pm 23 Apr 13

Jeez, Jere, you got a chip on your shoulder or something?

magiccar9 4:11 pm 23 Apr 13

Jere13 said :

Perhaps if more people wrote we might see some change.

I strongly doubt that. Her head is so far up her own butt she wouldn’t know left from right. The pollies sit on their high horses while the rest of us suffer with their actions.

Jere13 3:51 pm 23 Apr 13

I have done the same and wrote to the Chief Minister.

Her reply basically was unopolegetic and just said spray/chip seal was more economical and asphalt is only reserved for “very highly trafficed areas”, intersections and round abouts. She failed to address my concerns over the noise, damage to cars, increaced tyre wear, and asthetics.

Perhaps if more people wrote we might see some change.

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