Sacred Geometry of Canberra

RiotPost 3 November 2009 11

Found this youtube clip showing some of the design ideas behind Canberra. Its a bit long and slow but some of the information was interesting, and I know how much some people love this stuff.

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      11 Responses to Sacred Geometry of Canberra
      DarkLadyWolfMother DarkLadyWolfMother 12:37 pm 07 Nov 09

      Darn, someone has taken it down before I had a chance to see it. Anyone know if it’s anywhere else?

      luther_bendross luther_bendross 11:48 am 05 Nov 09

      I find sacred geometry a really interesting topic, however this was simply geometry, not the sacred bizzo. We all know that Canberra was planned, prolly using geometry methinks. If I zoom out far enough on any map I could draw lines between two things too.

      Thoroughly Smashed Thoroughly Smashed 10:05 pm 04 Nov 09


      anonymous gungahlian anonymous gungahlian 7:17 pm 04 Nov 09

      Obviously Canberra was designed to look pretty from a bird’s eye view and on maps with perfect geometrical structure, instead of a functioning city.

      I-filed I-filed 6:38 pm 04 Nov 09

      Worth mentioning that early Griffin plans for Canberra had a casino at the foot of Mt Ainslie!

      Gungahlin Al Gungahlin Al 4:13 pm 04 Nov 09

      Gee spooky. Maybe Dan Brown should base his next novel on WBG and Canberra, and the buried grail at the nexus of the cross?

      Some people obviously have too much time on their hands.

      Inappropriate Inappropriate 2:27 pm 04 Nov 09

      Yeah the video was a bit slow, and there wasn’t anything sacred about it. It just points out some of the geometrical design features that went into designing Canberra, such as the obvious isosceles triangles.

      seekay seekay 1:53 pm 04 Nov 09

      Hmm. Must be by a public servant.

      eyeLikeCarrots eyeLikeCarrots 1:32 pm 04 Nov 09

      Can’t see the video here at work. My initial guess would be some sort of Jewish mysticism, Karbahla-ish type of thing ?

      I once read something about the University of Tasmania in Hobart being designed to mirror human centres of thought and spiritual focus ?

      Or is this one some Feng-shu things to ensure that the breath of the Happy Dragon of the North does not feck up the Chi of the Senate ?

      Thumper Thumper 1:27 pm 04 Nov 09

      yes, but it is sacred


      Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 1:09 pm 04 Nov 09

      Is it just me, or was that a bit weird and pointless? Not to mention a bit random, with no real conclusion. In fact the most entertaining part of that clip was the YouTube username.

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