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save the ridge LIVES!

By bonfire 29 April 2005 12

Im not actually a STR zealot, but i might go along just to see how many STR zealots actually still exist. These meetings are usually a lot of fun (to watch).

1 SAVE THE RIDGE’s NEXT MEMBERS MEETING, on Monday 2nd May at 7:30pm in the O’Connor Uniting church hall, corner of Scrivener and Brigalow Streets in O’Connor.

The topic is the Belconnen busway that the Stanhope Government wishes to build through parts of Bruce Ridge (can you believe it?). Guest speaker will be Faye Powell, the Project Director for the Government’s Sustainable Transport Plan. The first stage of this plan involves the Belconnen to Civic busway, projected to cost $85-150 million. Part of the route runs through Bruce Ridge to Canberra Stadium. If the busway goes ahead as planned it will result in the loss of more bushland for a road.

The Government recently awarded a $570,000 contract to Brown Consulting and Purdon Associates who will each bring a representative to the meeting. Their jobs are to assess the environmental, heritage, economic, social and operational aspects of the plan. Brown Consulting has been involved in work on Gungahlin Drive Extension, the ACT Prison project and the Fairbairn Avenue project (Chronicle April 19 p3). If you would like to express your anger and dismay at the proposal that another road should go through Canberra Nature Park then PLEASE COME ALONG!

2 STR WALK ON THE RIDGE to look at regrowth, Saturday 7th May 11am.

Meet on the cycle path behind the CIT parking lot on Purdie Street (informal walk, duration about 1 hour).

It is over a year now that the first trees were bulldozed in Canberra Nature Park for the Gungahlin Drive Extension. STR¹s legal action has meant that the contracts to build the GDE are on hold. In the meantime, the bush is regenerating. This walk will take you to two sites to examine the regrowth. We will invite the media for a photo opportunity so everyone knows the bush can regenerate IF THE GDE IS NEVER BUILT!

Please come along to these events and support STR!

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save the ridge LIVES!
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bonfire 4:43 pm 29 Apr 05

if the gummint really cared about future road congestion it would invest in light rail to alleviate the need for future gde’s being contemplated.

make public transport user friendly and the public will use it.

continue with buses as the sole public transport solution and you throw good money after bad.

even actions own figures show that no more than 10% will ever ride buses. they get to the 30% ‘sustainable transport’target by throwing in furphys like 10% people riding their bikes and 10% walking to work.

this aint downtown munich so i doubt those figures are achievable.

GuruJ 3:38 pm 29 Apr 05

The busway isn’t to meet capacity now, it’s for 20-30 years in the future.

Would you rather wait until road congestion *did* cause a problem before we built the busway? I can see all the complaints now: “Why didn’t the government do something earlier??”

Well, this time they did. Aren’t we lucky?

Growling Ferret 1:29 pm 29 Apr 05

Aranda and O’Connor deserved to burn down more than Weston Creek and Kambah… Stupid NIMBY wankers. As an O’connor resident friend of mine said, GDE is the best firebreak anyone could ever ask for!

Samuel Gordon-Stewart 1:19 pm 29 Apr 05

The GDE is needed, it is just a pity that STR feel a need to waste taxpayers money to try to stop something they will never be able to stop.

The belconnen busway is a waste of money, I have been on plenty of intertwon buses at peak hour and have never had a delay. Belconnen Way is pretty good, the only real problems occur when there is an accident.


Vader 1:11 pm 29 Apr 05

The GDE needs to be built, but I’m not sure the same thing can be said of the proposed Belconnen Busway.

bonfire 12:17 pm 29 Apr 05

everybody except for 12 people in aranda know that GDE needs to be built.

LurkerGal 12:14 pm 29 Apr 05

Hey fair go! I like dandelion coffee, AND I think the GDE needs to happen!

Indi 12:11 pm 29 Apr 05

Will they be serving nibblies – deep-fried legless lizards?

I’m no fan of the proposed mule track for the busaway, but the GDE is just something that has to happen.

Why not focus on protecting other tracts of nature reserves, sometimes a road just has to be built…

Thumper 12:01 pm 29 Apr 05

Got to give them one thing, they don’t give up….

RandomGit 11:58 am 29 Apr 05

Go along and heckle these selfish morons? No thanks.

Ralph 11:50 am 29 Apr 05

Enjoy the dandelion coffee.

atnas 11:49 am 29 Apr 05


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