28 April 2022

Senate race heats up: Labor preferences Pocock; Libs no one; Independents disappoint Greens

| Lottie Twyford
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David Pocock

Labor has preferenced independent David Pocock and Kim 4 Canberra ahead of the Greens. Photo: Michelle Kroll.

As the closer-than-usual ACT Senate race heats up, Labor has preferenced independent candidates David Pocock and Kim Rubenstein ahead of the Greens.

The Greens have listed Kim Rubenstein’s party (Kim 4 Canberra) second, Mr Pocock third and the Australian Labor Party fifth.

It’s understood independent candidate Mr Pocock will suggest voter preferences flow to the only other independent.

Beyond this, Professor Rubenstein said she encouraged people to decide themselves who they place on the ballot paper and vote in line with their values.

“If it is because I am an independent, then they should preference David Pocock,” she said.

“If it is because I am a woman, then they should preference the other strong women in the Senate race.”

The Greens are disappointed by this move, arguing it plays into the hands of the incumbent Senator for the ACT, Zed Seselja.

Senator Seselja has also not made any suggestions regarding where voter preferences should go.

Instead, a spokesperson for the Canberra Liberals said Canberrans are being asked to vote ‘1 Liberal’ and then to complete a formal ballot in the order of their choice.

Zed Seselja

Incumbent Senator for the ACT Zed Seselja will not direct voter preferences anywhere. Photo: Thomas Lucraft.

The spokesperson warned against the Greens, however.

“The most dangerous party on the ballot paper at this election is the Greens who have a deliberate policy to put our national security at risk with their policy to cut defence spending in half. Any party or candidate who preferences the Greens is putting our national security at risk,” they said.

Senator Seselja has sought to paint Mr Pocock as an extreme green independent.

“It is not the time to risk handing over power to an extreme Labor-Greens-green independent alliance, and make no mistake, Pocock sits on the Extinction Rebellion end of the extreme greens,” Senator Seselja said earlier this month.

But the ACT Greens are disappointed with the decision of both Mr Pocock and Professor Rubenstein not to encourage voter preferences away from the Canberra Liberals.

Dr Tjanara Goreng Goreng

Greens’ Senate candidate Dr Tjanara Goreng Goreng said voters are encouraged to direct their preferences to independents, progressive minor parties and Labor ahead of the Liberals. Photo: Thomas Lucraft.

A spokesperson for the party said it “boggles the mind that people with that platform would not actively encourage voters away from the incumbent conservative [Senator] Seselja”.

Both independents are running on a platform of climate action and integrity, issues which the Greens’ spokesperson argued Senator Seselja had taken the opposite position on throughout his career.

“This has played right into the Liberals’ strategy. [Senator Seselja] has been deliberately running a misinformation and scare campaign to try and ensure that the independents run an open ticket, as he knows that this is the best way for him to get re-elected.”

Greens’ candidate Dr Tjanara Goreng Goreng said in a statement voters would be encouraged to preference independents, progressive minor parties and Labor ahead of the Liberals.

“The great thing about our electoral system is that voters can allocate preferences on the basis of their values,” she said.

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The latest polling showed this year’s Senate contest was closer than expected, with both the Greens and Mr Pocock recording a strong showing while Senator Seselja failed to return a quota.

Incumbent Labor Senator for the ACT Katy Gallagher looks certain to retain her seat.

The polling was conducted by Climate 200 which has provided seed funding to both independents.

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The greens are a terrible party and have ruined Canberra. The greens used to be a decent party many years ago when their priority was actually the environment. They have now moved into the left wing extremist category and many of us are totally fed up with the greens ‘woke’ agenda (stop telling me what to call people and stop indoctrinating my children).
Pocock is a green and should have run as a greens candidate, not a pretend independent.

Isn’t your whole comment a contradiction then?

If Pocock is actually an environmentalist based candidate and the Greens have moved away from that space, why should Pocock run for the Greens?

It would seem he might have represented where the Greens used to be but no long are.

Please, chewy14, do not introduce logic into the argument – it gets away from the conservative narrative as to why we shouldn’t vote for independent candidates.

The Greens would have a much better chance of securing green votes if they were to preselect serious candidates. Where do they get these people from?

Capital Retro7:48 am 29 Apr 22

Probably the same place as the NSW Liberals get their candidates.

It must be hard to be one of the 30-35% who vote Liberal if it means voting for someone who generates such hostility, doesn’t represent your values, opposes dying with dignity legislation and who is usually only seen at election time. If the big anti-mandate protests are indicative of much wider Lab/Lib/Greens antipathy, then this will be a most interesting election to watch. There could be big regional swings away from the Lab/Libs to the UAP and UAP preferences going back to the Libs. Well-founded wariness of Chinese/Russian antics would also tend to favour the Libs.

Vinson1Bernie1:42 pm 28 Apr 22

So just remind me – Both Senators in each of the the ACT/Northern territory are up for re-election every 3 years whereas in the States , only HALF the senators are up re-election every 3 years so there is always some guarantee of corporate memory in the Senate.

Number every box. Problem solved!

Greens spokesperson’s mind is “boggled”, releasing their party’s dance card is blank and they have no suitors.

Capital Retro9:12 am 28 Apr 22

There is only one independent candidate for the ACT Senate election being LI Fuxin.

All the others including Pocock and Rubenstein have party status.

Pocock and Rubenstein have registered parties because that’s what you need to get an above-the-line listing on the senate ballot paper. Simple as that.

Capital Retro10:25 am 28 Apr 22

I thought a political party was a group of people and “an independent” was one person so it would appear that they are masquerading as parties to bend the rules to gain an advantage then?

prioir to the 2016 election both major parties voted to change the senate ballot system to favour parties. Rubenstein and Pocock, have just done the smart thing and formed a small party of a single representative and a running mate with no chance of being elected. In effect still an independent. They will be the ones making decisions not some back room party deals and politicians trying to get them selves a cabinet position, rather than represent our territory.

For house of rep seats its different as there is no above the line voting.

Capital Retro12:23 pm 28 Apr 22

Sounds like a scam to me but then elections where you don’t have to prove your identity when you vote have no integrity anyhow.

Agree with you Capital. Voters should have to provide ID.

@Capital move to the USA if you want to whinge about “election integrity”, you’ll find more of an audience for your unhinged conspiracies there.

Capital Retro2:56 pm 28 Apr 22

Just about every financial transaction or travel movement in Australia now requires those involved to carry photo ID but voting people into the highest office in the land doesn’t?

That’s a fact Brisal but it’s easier to call me an unhinged conspirator. If I ever move to the USA it will be to get away from self-appointed experts like you.

I’m a damn sight more expert than you, that’s for sure. Because I know the FACTS that voter fraud is infintesimal in this country, and that existing procedures already successfully deal with it when it is attempted. I don’t need to promote unhinged conspiracy theories in order to try and enact a unrequired change that benefits nobody but disadvantages some, and whom no proponents can provide any evidence whatsoever that it is actually required beyond their own unhinged conspiracy beliefs about non-existant fraud.
Yes, it is easy to call you an unhinged conspirator because claiming that elections in Australia don’t have integrity without voter ID is just that, unhinged conspiracy. Even worse, it’s just unhinged conspiracy imported from the USA, it’s not even home-grown unhinged-ness!

Capital Retro7:56 am 29 Apr 22

I have never claimed to be an expert on anything so I concede you have the ascendency on that.

I have been flatteringly called a BS artist several times and I admit to that but sometimes I like to hear an expert BS artist so please post some more comments.

By the way, what are the procedures in place used by polling places to “successfully deal” with attempted voter fraud?

Capital Retro4:19 pm 29 Apr 22

I’ll accept a BS answer.

@Capital Retro They are independent of the big parties, that’s all I need to know. You can play petty semantic games as much as you like – it counts for nought on the day.

Capital Retro6:05 pm 30 Apr 22

No they are not – they are all aligned to Labor and the Greens.

@Capital Retro – I wouldn’t expect you to have looked at Pocock’s and Rubenstein’s websites but perhaps you can enlighten us as to where they say they are aligned to Labor and the Greens. You seem incapable of actually presenting an argument as to why people should vote for your preferred candidate – Zed, instead you argue that we shouldn’t vote for this one or that one. Hardly a vote of confidence for Seselja – when your argument seems to be after I discount everyone else, he’s the only one left.

Capital Retro2:35 pm 01 May 22

Yes, I have perused both those websites. I have even alerted RiotACT to some factual errors on articles they have published about them.

Rather than post my remarks as a comment they edited the articles to be factual and thanked me.

No prizes for guessing who RiotACT are supporting.

Who are these two “independents” preferencing, JS?

You should be a politician, CapitalRetro! You conveniently avoided the big question I asked. Instead of telling us why we shouldn’t vote for particular candidates – which appears to be your constant theme on here, why don’t you educate us as to why we should vote for your candidate – Zed. If he is so good for Canberra then the other candidates become irrelevant. How is your guy going to better represent Canberrans on issues that have been shown, for a majority, to be high on their agenda? He’s already shown he can’t be trusted to follow-up on his word, e.g. in same sex marriage vote – having constantly declared he would honour the majority will, he abstained. So please enlighten me.
As for preferences? I don’t care who anyone preferences, as I control my vote fully and always number below the line in the Senate.

Capital Retro10:53 am 02 May 22

All the candidates supported by Climate 200 are contesting seats only held by coalition members. It is a targeted campaign.

I hope that answers the big question for you – if not let me know and I will spell it out for you.

@CapitalRetro – again you come back with why we shouldn’t vote for other candidates. It’s hardly a glowing endorsement of Zed that you are incapable of articulating why Canberrans should vote for him. You see CR, unlike you, a lot of Canberrans are not rusted on to a particular party – they actually think about their vote and who would best represent them. So, yes, please spell out why Canberrans should vote for Zed.

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