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SGS looking for love.

johnboy 16 February 2006 27

Many RA readers have a perverse interest in the doings of Samuel Gordon-Stewart (it may well be worth forming a support group).

If so you might be interested to see that Caz over on TSSH has had mail from Sam (or someone claiming to be him) advising that he’s looking for love on RSVP.

C’mon ladies, how can you resist?

(BTW the “John” referred to is the creepy b1b5, not yours truly)

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27 Responses to SGS looking for love.
LurkerGal LurkerGal 4:21 pm 19 Feb 06

Bonfire: Break out the champagne, we agree on something! This just goes beyond nasty.

bonfire bonfire 12:20 pm 17 Feb 06

that was just cruel and i think in the interests of fairness we should just lay off the kid.

let him blog away, let him make mistakes, but why do we at riotact need to join in making fun of the kid.

i have always hated bullys and this is just bullying in another sphere.

we dont need to join in the chorus of people making fun of him because he is different.

erewego erewego 12:16 pm 17 Feb 06

24 comments already for Sam
he really is the hot stuff on riotact
I wonder if he will lose all his powers of dorkness if someone shags him?
I think its wrong to find out.

Jey Jey 9:23 am 17 Feb 06

oh thanks JB I thought it may be because they’re not as enviromentally safe as they claim to be or something

Mr Annon Mr Annon 8:54 am 17 Feb 06

The ad’s been pulled … damn, I knew a few shielas that wanted to get on board that ride …

johnboy johnboy 8:44 am 17 Feb 06

Sam’s a bus Snob Jey.

Apparently in the sad small little world of bus-spotters the green busses just don’t cut the mustard.

barking toad barking toad 7:43 am 17 Feb 06

nothing as exotic as that jb – just clumsy keying

Jey Jey 6:47 pm 16 Feb 06

What does Sam have against ‘Green buses’ (see the Bunnings/Belconnen post)?

johnboy johnboy 5:34 pm 16 Feb 06

thumb typing?

some sort of mobile internet device?

barking toad barking toad 5:05 pm 16 Feb 06

que? pls explain

johnboy johnboy 5:03 pm 16 Feb 06

on a p990 BT?

barking toad barking toad 4:46 pm 16 Feb 06

…someone taking the piss….

typing with thumbs!

barking toad barking toad 4:44 pm 16 Feb 06

Surely this some taking the piss

I mean Sammy’s a dorkie nerd etc and may lack some exposure to the real world but is he really dumb enough to advertise on TSSH by alerting Caz?

It doesn’t matter I suppose – he might get lucky regardless and get a hit. If only it could be videoed and posted on the net – would be beautiful.

johnboy johnboy 4:29 pm 16 Feb 06

actually i’ve duped heatseeker’s link back into the story.

Kerces Kerces 4:03 pm 16 Feb 06

Alternatively, use the link heatseeker provided or just run a search on the RSVP site for biglinuxfan

b2 b2 3:15 pm 16 Feb 06

in the interest of public education, I have joined to allow everybody access!

username: linuxlover
password: linux1

enjoy guys

Heavs Heavs 2:53 pm 16 Feb 06

Anyone have a password to RSVP I can use? I’m blocked from viewing now

kimba kimba 2:43 pm 16 Feb 06

if i was a chick i’d shag him.

andy andy 2:03 pm 16 Feb 06

oh god.
I just had a look at his blog. I want my 3 minutes back.
It sounds like he really exists in a thrilling world.. visits to the ATM ? visits to bunnings? A photo of belcompton roads? I got bored just after he got to the bit about the ute.

the RSVP is funny as though.

Absent Diane Absent Diane 12:08 pm 16 Feb 06

haha bullshit it was well meaning…just more harrasment…

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